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Ulleri is a small remote village on the way to Annapurna Base Camp. It’s on the outskirt of Pokhara near Ghorepani in north-central Nepal. This spectacular village is nestled high on a hill surrounded by lofty mountains and green forests.

Travelers often use this village as a pit stop to rest and refresh after the long steep scale of stone stairs. Sitting in the village, they enjoy a warm meal and a breathtaking view of snowy mountain ranges, including the Annapurna massif.

But, before it all, they have to travel to Ulleri from Pokhara, which can be done differently. However, the best way to get to the village is a jeep ride as it’s quite fun and adventurous. It’s also the most affordable option for comfort and a pleasant experience they’ll get on the journey.

Most travelers prefer renting a private Pokhara to Ulleri Jeep Ride as they are affordable, convenient, and easy to travel. Unlike public vehicles, they are fast and don’t wait for anyone, making travel safer and more reliable. On average, the jeep takes 40 minutes to drive from Pokhara to Hile, after which visitors must walk uphill.

They’ll climb more than 4000 steps before turning to the village, which is exhausting and tiresome. They even have to walk the rugged trails on the way up Ulleri. But, once they ascend the hill, travelers will have a great time watching the magnificent views.

They’ll see the lush green hills, towering mountains, and deep gorges from the hilltop. Visitors will also meet the locals, mostly Poon Magar and Gurung. They have been preserving the old traditions and culture.

Ulleri has an intriguing view as well to offer the visitors. On the trip, they can relish the magnificent scenery of high mountains, sweeping hills, and beautiful valleys. Overall, it’ll be a great experience for travelers, especially on the journey to the village.

To make travel easy, we at Nepal Recreation Tours and vehicles are willing to help you. It’s easy to rent a jeep with Nepal Recreation Tour as you can visit our website or contact any of our staff, and they’ll arrange the ride. You can pick the jeep of your choice and even select the time of the visit.

Why take Pokhara to Ulleri Jeep?

1. Magnificent Views

One of the many facets of taking a jeep ride from Pokhara to Ulleri is the scenic view that appears along the journey. Visitors can see farms, fields, villages, and small towns on the way to Ulleri, making the trip adventurous. As the route winds above the gorge, you can snap a lovely view of several mountain peaks, including Annapurna South, Hiunchuli, and Gangapurna.

2. Quick and Easy travel

Renting a private Pokhara to Ulleri Jeep Ride allows you to travel to any off-road destination easily. Unlike public transport, dealing with rocky terrains makes your ride quiet and easy. The four-wheel drives provide more safety and security, even on the worst trails, given their improved traction. Their ability to drive over the rocks and boulders will quickly get you through the unpaved roads of Ulleri. It’ll also help you navigate the narrow lanes on the highway with several twists and turns.

3. Convenience

One of the many perks of renting a Pokhara to Ulleri Jeep is comfort and convenience. You can travel with ease without any disruption from your fellow passengers. Moreover, the four-wheel drive offers excellent service, including comprehensive and comfy seats with lovely interiors. Their short wheelbase can get you past rugged terrain or jagged boulders without getting stuck.

4. Easy booking

The most remarkable thing about renting a Pokhara to Ulleri Jeep is that you don’t have to visit the rental company alone. You can book the jeep online any day and pay using a credit card. This will save you much time and make renting a car easier. You may also like:

Factors to be considered during Pokhara to Ulleri Jeep

1. Road Conditions

The roads in remote hilly areas of Nepal are rugged, and so is it in Ulleri. The trails going all the way up the village are terrible. They are rough and filled with rocks and boulders, making the ride long and stressful. Hence, four-wheel drives are the best and ultimate option in this regard. They are incredibly versatile and challenging, with great off-road capability, making the jeep a better choice. It provides better control of the poor road conditions of Nepal and makes travel safe and pleasant.

2. Size and Storage Capacity

When renting a jeep, you need to take into account of the size and storage capacity of the jeep. If traveling in a group, choose a wagon accommodating all your belongings. Most jeeps are designed for two-doors and four-doors. While the latter offers space for four to six passengers, the two-door jeep can carry only up to four. They have plenty of room to keep your luggage, but the four-door wheel drive is the right option if you need larger spaces.

3. Budget

Renting a jeep may seem right as it gives you more freedom and comfort. But, it can also be expensive and cost you a lot. So, before you hire any of the brand jeep or SUV, make sure whether or not it fulfills your need. You might also want to book the jeep in advance to minimize the cost by avoiding extra charges. Nepal Recreation can help you get better deals for the best brand jeep.

4. Inspect the Jeep

Inspect the jeep entirely before taking it on a drive. Ensure the wagon is operating and in great condition or else get the company to fix it. If there are any scuffs or dents on the jeep, report it immediately, or you might be held accountable for the damage already done. Don’t forget to look at the interiors and other parts of the wagon before signing the contract. See also:

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Pokhara to Ulleri Jeep