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Chitwan is a place where you should go if you are here in Nepal and you love being around the woods. The second-largest city of Nepal, Chitwan, has been a prime destination for wanderers for some time now. Most of the people lure here to explore and experience the Chitwan National Park, the first national park of the country, which is enriched with diverse flora and fauna. It’s not that the park is the only escape in Chitwan, there are several others but the park ranks itself above others.

You can visit the famous Narayani Riverside to do canoeing and boat rides or just to spend a nice evening by the bank of the river. Likewise, you can track the famous lake of the region, Bish Hajari Taal(Twenty thousand lake). However, the best part about Chitwan is its raw natural beauty and the things that you get to around there. The Jungle Safari is the most famous thing to do inside the park. Besides that, you can hike through the woods, watch birds murmuring and chanting, the animals living recklessly, and many more. Therefore, Chitwan can be a great treat for yourself and your close ones.

You might be thinking, How to reach there?

There are multiple ways but one of the best ways is via car hire from Kathmandu to Chitwan. It is a hassle less way to reach Chitwan from Kathmandu. All you need to do is to hire a car and there you are on the way to Chitwan.

The article below will tell you all about the Car Hire Kathmandu to Chitwan and Chitwan itself.

Tips for Car hire Kathmandu to Chitwan

  • Book in advance to inspect the car and its performance.
  • Probe the thoroughly as per your need and the type of trip.
  • If you don’t feel confident about the roads of Nepal then hire a local experienced driver.
  • Get all of the food, drinks, and snacks for the drive hours from Kathmandu.
  • Unload cash from ATMs in Kathmandu to avoid a shortage of cash in the trip.
  • The road is bumpy sometimes, therefore, go for comfortable cars.

About Chitwan

Chitwan is one of the major tourist destinations in Nepal. One of 77 districts of Nepal, the district lies at the lower plainlands of the country with an altitude of around 100m t0 815m. With only 155 KM from Kathmandu, the place is quickly accessible through both roadways and airways. It takes a drive of 4 to 5 hours to reach this place if you do a car hire from Kathmandu to Chitwan. Due to the short drive distance, the place has been an ultimate place for tourists touring Nepal.

The place has an excellent prospect for wildlife tourism. Chitwan National Park, the first national park of Nepal, is from this place only. You can tell it is a wonderland for nature and animal lovers. According to the records, the park has been home to 600 faunas, 50 mammals, 526 birds. Whether you know it or not, the park is a living place for some critically endangered animals also. One Horned Rhinoceros and the Bengal Tiger are one of them and are the most popular watches of the park. Everyone wishes to see these animals.

Moreover, there are plenty of places you can go around Chitwan and Chitwan National Park. The lake called Ten Thousands Lake(Bis Hazari Taal) is a place to go to enjoy bird watching. It is a lake made with several small water portions and that is how it got its name. Likewise, there is an Elephant Breeding Centre and a Crocodile Breeding Centre as well for visit. Of course, you can go around the jungle via jeep, Elephant or by foot also. One thing is sure that you will jump in the joy of nature at its best.

Also, Chitwan is a place where the Tharus, one of the ethnic groups in Nepal, live in. The tour of their villages is entirely worthy to know their way of living. Those people welcome their visitors by offering cultural shows and dances. You’ll have a moment to remember after the whole day in the woods. If you want to explore the city life, you can trace the urban side of Chitwan. There you can find some goods stops like Narayani River Side to spend a while. All in all, Chitwan is a special place which can keep you totally occupied.

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Service includes

  • Private Air Condition car with experienced drive.
  • Fuel and road permit.
  • Insurance for travel member and driver.
  • Mineral water and news paper.

Service excludes

  • Personal expenses.
  • Lunch and all kind of drinks.

Frequently asked questions for Car Hire Kathmandu to Chitwan

What types of cars do I get for renting in Nepal?

You can book wide ranges of models from different car brands. Sedan, SUV, VAN, Jeep, and Van are the categories of the car models. Likewise, the car brands Toyota, Skoda, Mahindra, Honda, TATA, Hyundai, Suzuki, etc.

How old are the cars?

The cars for renting purposes are not older than 5 years. Security is a major concern of ours that is why we only have fresh and quality cars.

Do you guys provide any other services other than car rentals?

We, Nepal Recreation, do not only provide car rental services but others too. You can remember us for Luxury tours, day tours, helicopter tours, multi-day tours in Nepal. We are an experienced team of tour arrangers who can deliver what you are looking for.

Can I hire a car for a long duration also?

Yes, you can hire for as much duration you like. You just have to pay the amount for the total duration of the rental.

Can I cross borders in a rental car?

A big no, you cannot do that unless you have the authorities and papers to do so. If you don’t possess any of those then you will not be allowed to cross the borders.

When to pay for the car rental?

Once you pay some money in advance as a deposit, you can pay the rest of the amount upon the completion of the trip. However, the conditions can alter as per the policies of the company.

Things to do in Chitwan

Jeep Safari

Bardia Jungle Safari 3 nights 4 days

This is the first thing you should probably do on a Chitwan trip. There are jeep safaris running through the dense woods of Chitwan National Park which can take you way deep in the park. It is the best and quickest way to do a tour of the jungle and see the ranges of flora and fauna of the park. You will enjoy the jeep safari thoroughly from the back seat of the jeep. Your safari driver will stop at several important places in the park to show you around. You just have to open your eyes and camera to capture the shots of the animals.

Elephant Safari

If you don’t prefer a jeep ride into the jungle, you can hop on an elephant’s back and do the jungle ride. It is another best thing to do while in Chitwan. The stakeholders of the park run these Elephant rides. The animals used in this safari are professionally trained and so are the riders. However, the elephants do not run as fast as cars but they can offer you the best part of the jungle. You will be on the top of an elephant and there will be animals roaming around. Isn’t it exciting?

Hike through woods

You are quite lucky to have well enough feet, cause many people do not have. Those lucky feet can be used to trace the ways in the lush greenery of the Chitwan National Park. In this way, you will be encountering floras and faunas of the park pretty closely. The naturalist of the park will guide you safely through the park. Hiking is the best way to inspect the beauty around, you can pause for a while if you want to.

Bird watching

Where there are woods, there are birds. Chitwan National Park is a shelter for many species of local and migrant birds. If you have a good binocular then you can sight at exotic birds from Siberia or may even far from there. As much as 543 species live and fly around the trees of the park. Where will be better than here for bird watching, you ponder and we will wait for a while.

Village tour and Cultural program

Tharu, one of the tribes in Nepal, lives by the boundary of the park. The villages of the Tharu community are the go-to places besides the woods of the Chitwan National Park. It will be a cultural tour where you’ll know the living style of the people. It is a great treat for yourself after coming straight out of the jungle. These people have the most welcoming heart and they host cultural dances of theirs to entertain the visitors.

Elephant Bathing

We forget to mention this thing earlier but will not miss it here. As you will be doing an Elephant back safari inside Chitwan National Park. There is this most exciting thing to do; Elephant Bathing. The elephant will shower water through its trunk on you and you’ll be washed off the smell of the jungle. These well-trained elephants will definitely make your every moment something special.

Elephant and Crocodile Breeding Center

If you are really into animals, you got options to visit the breeding centers of elephants and crocodiles. These breeding centers have been running for maintaining the ecosystem of these animals in the park. The visit to the place will provide you with much closer contact with the animals. Go there and click enough photos

Bis Hazari(20 Thousand Lake Tour)

There is also a lake named Bis Hazari Lake that is very famous for birdwatching. The lake is one of the favorite places to spend time around. This lake looks like a lake made of numerous small lakes, that is how it got its name like that. Every year a number of migratory birds reach here and live nearby here for some time. That is how this place is a must for watching those birds. The view of the lake amid the woods is scenic in itself.

How to reach Chitwan from Kathmandu?

The journey of Car Hire Kathmandu to Chitwan is a car drive of around 4 to 5 hours. It starts once you hop in the car in Kathmandu. Then the car leads through the scenic Prithivi highway to complete the distance of 175km. The distance will not be a problem as you will see the picturesque landscape views through the windows. Your car will proceed further via a serpentine road.

Along the way, you’ll see many Nepali markets and villages on the far hills. Trishuli River, the river known best for rafting, will be your companion half of the way. As of the scenic drive time, you’ll not even feel exhausted and you’ll have reached Chitwan already to start adventures there.

Where to rent a car for Chitwan?

Kathmandu to chitwan jeep rental

There are plenty of car rentals around Kathmandu and that can be confusing. We, Nepal Recreation, are an experienced group in this game and can offer you the best deal. We have a reasonable Car Hire Kathmandu to Chitwan package for you. The car rental process will be a hassle-free process, that is for sure.

To start with, you’ll get plenty of car models to choose from for your Chitwan Trip. We have been running car rental services around Nepal with models like Toyota, Skoda, Ford, Kia, and others too. The seats of the rental cars are well maintained, hygienic, and hence comfortable. Plus, you’ll get a highly experienced driver to drive your car if you want to have one. Or you just can ride the adventurous roads of Nepal by yourself. The only thing you will need is the car.

For that, All you need to do is to send us an inquiry or call us. The Chitwan adventure will start with excitement through our car rental service.

Things to consider while Hiring a Car

Hiring a car can be a little bit out of the plan if you don’t consider some important things. For your help and convenience, we have listed a few things that you should consider while any car rental:

Car’s Mileage

Fuel costs some bucks come out of your pocket. That is why you should consider the mileage performance of your rental car. If the car is sure to give mileage, you’ll save some bucks. Or else, you will pay some money that could be saved. It is your choice, whether you want to save some or waste some. However, we suggest you to hire a car that gives good mileage and save some money to spend elsewhere on the trip.

Good drivability

The car must have some good drivability features above all. Firstly, check for the automatic transmission in the car you are hiring. The automatic cars are safer and smoother than the manual ones. For the roads like in Nepal, automatic cars give better performances. Moreover, the engine condition of the car should be well enough for the long drive to Chitwan.

Storage space

You surely have something like a bag or more to take along with you on the Chitwan trip. If your luggage is big and requires space to store then pick the cars that can get you enough storage room.


Don’t forget to look for comfort in cars. The journey to Chitwan will be at least 4 to 5 hours long and you should feel comfortable while in the car. Therefore, opt for a car that will be quite comfortable for you and your family.

Other checklists

Your security is a major concern. That is why you should check all of the important things in a car for you. For example, headlights, indicators, tire conditions are the major checks before hiring a car. Likewise, you should be sure of the braking of the car also. In simple, ask the car rental service a car that can give a hassle-free and safe drive.

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