Honey Hunting Tour in Nepal

Life becomes an adventurous journey if a new thing is done every new day. And, the Honey hunting tour is one of the totally new things that you should try at least once in a lifetime. People across the world are not very much into this adventurous game of honey hunting. But time will make this adventure a supreme thrilling adventure in very soon time.

Honey Hunting in Nepal is an old game that has been done by the people of the Lamjung region of Nepal. Gurungs are the locals of Lamjung best known for their master honey hunting skills. This tribal and living practice has turned into an adventure activity now. Although the main point of this adventure is to extract honey from the beehives.

This game has a lot to offer particularly adventure and scenery. As you have known that this tour takes place in the hilly areas around the hilly and mountain region of Nepal. So, when you are around the rugged hills of Nepal, you can expect a lot of adventure and beautiful things to happen.

So, what happens in the Honey Hunting Tour in Nepal is that you embark on the places where hives are along with honey hunters. Then after trekking through the jungle you reach the bottom of honey hives containing hills. The hives are around the cliffs at the height of 200m so the hunters climb up to the hives with the help of strong weaved ropes.

Then starts the honey extracting process where you will see the honey hunters working adventurously in a team. You’ll spend around there watching the locals ruling the game. But waiting is quite worthy as you get to see a never seen activity and later you get to taste a never tasted organic wild honey. Then you make a safe return after having enough taste of the local life.

This was a brief gist of what it’s like to do the Honey Hunting Tour in Nepal. If you are further interested, the detailed information about this tour is detailed below.

Highlights of Honey Hunting Tour in Nepal

  • Experience one of the adventurous honey hunts in the world that happens in Lamjung of Nepal.
  • Learn life’s insights from the honey hunters.
  • Explore the excellent culture and lifestyle of Gurungs.
  • Be a team member of honey hunters.
  • Come across many rivers, streams, and a few waterfalls.
  • Traverse and trek through the remote yet scenic countryside of Nepal.
  • Get a chance to taste the honey out of a wild hive.
  • Optional city tour of Kathmandu to observe the world heritage sites.

Detailed Itinerary of Honey Hunting Tour in Nepal

<strong>Altitude Gain: </strong>1400m, Kathmandu

Your aircraft will make a landing at the Kathmandu Airport when our representatives will already be there to pick up. After you do all the necessary things at the airport, our members will make sure you have seen them. Then after you are received, you’ll head towards your hotel.

You’ll surely want to stay at the hotel for a much-needed rest after the tiring flight. You’ll have enough time at the hotel for rest and refreshment. Later around the evening, you can go for a city walk towards the most lively places of Kathmandu. And then, overnight at Kathmandu.

<strong>Altitude Gain: </strong>930m, Nadi

<strong>Drive Hours: </strong>7 Hours

The very next day after your arrival, you’ll join a bus to escape Kathmandu for Nadi where the actual adventure starts. This will happen after breakfast at your hotel. As soon as you leave crowded <a href="https://nepalrecreation.com/trip/1-day-kathmandu-tour/">Kathmandu</a>, the views will start to turn around. The highway you’ll be riding through lets you enjoy the beautiful hills and rivers along the ride hours. <strong>Trishuli River,</strong> a famous river for white water rafting will share the highway half the way. Then after a <strong>drive of 7 hours</strong>, you’ll arrive at Nadi where your night stay will be arranged.
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<strong>Altitude Gain: </strong>1800m, Ludi

<strong>Trekking Hours: </strong>4 Hours

Now on the third day of the Honey Hunting Tour in Nepal, you’ll sign off from Nadi village to move ahead on the trail to Ludi. After breakfast is done, you’ll trek for the first time on this trip. The walk will be pleasant as you will be in the rural part of Nepal far from the sound and pollution. At first, you'll stretch up to Thulbesi which is a <strong>Gurung settlement</strong> and arrives only after an uphill trek of <strong>45 minutes </strong>from Nadi.

After a small rest at that village, you’ll push your body towards Sarabesi Village and then Tarchok village. It all will be an uphill and moderately strenuous trek until Tarchok village. The trail starts to become a bit easy from here and after a <strong>1-hour </strong>easy ascent, you’ll reach the overnight destination, Ludi(1800m). You’ll do some rest at your lodge of Ludi. Thereafter, you’ll interact with the honey hunter team that you are traveling with tomorrow for the honey quest. Later around the evening, you will be welcomed to a cultural dance performed by the (Gurungs)locals to make sure your eventful stay at their locality

And here comes the most exciting day of the Lamjung Honey Hunting Tour in Nepal. It’s a honey hunting day when you’ll reach out for the <strong>honey hives cliffs</strong>. So before you go, honey hunters will have a traditional prayer and worship for a successful and safe honey hunt. Then you’ll follow the footprints of the honey hunters through the wild jungles. It's a trek of <strong>3 to 4 hours</strong> to reach the place where honey bees have created their hives.

As you will reach there, you’ll see many honey bees and their hives placed at the cliffs of the <strong>200 to 300m high rocks</strong>. The place is called Dahare Bhir(Cliff) which is a famous living place of the world’s largest honey bees, <strong>Apis laboriosa</strong>, or <strong>Himalayan Giant Honey bee</strong>. Then the honey hunter team will make arrangements to get near the clinging honey hives. They usually use bamboo made ropes and ladders to climb up to the hives.

It is quite an adventurous and thrilling thing to watch the locals risking their life for the honey. The collected honey is then kept into the various bamboo baskets before pouring it into the containers. Locals will offer you the collected honey to taste and you can also ask for some amount of honey for your home. However, you will have to pay for the honey, if you are asking for a bit much. Then after the eventful day time, you’ll trace back to the Ludi village for overnight rest.

<strong>Altitude Gain: </strong>823m, Beshisahar

<strong>Trekking Hours:</strong> 5 Hours

As your goal to see the honey hunters extracting honey hives has completed. It's time to make a return so you’ll follow the trail to Besisahar from where you have to take the bus for Kathmandu. It will be a trek of roughly <strong>5 hours</strong> <strong>to reach Besisahar</strong> but the scenery served out in those hours is simply best. You’ll trek gently through many settlements through the green hills. Then like 5 hours happens, you’ll be at Besisahar where you have to spend a night.
<h3>Day 06: Drive to Kathmandu to Besisahar</h3>
<strong>Driving Hours: </strong>7 hours

As you will wake up on the last day of the tour, you’ll start to pack your back for the Kathmandu return. But firstly, you’ll enjoy breakfast in no rush. After all the things are done, you’ll join the bus which will take you to Kathmandu within <strong>7 hours</strong>. The bus hours will offer relaxing views of rivers, hills, and settlements around the hills. And, then you’ll finally arrive in Kathmandu and our team will drop you at your hotel for the rest.

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Honey Hunting Tour in Nepal