Nepal Family Tour From Bangladesh

The highlight of the Nepal Family Tour From Bangladesh

  • Arrival At Tribhuvan International Airport
  • Sunrise and Sunset Views from Nagarkot
  • Viewing the scenery of the Himalayas, including Langtang Ri, Shishapangma, Makalu, Mount Everest, Gaurishankar, Ganesh Himal, and many more.
  • Paragliding at Pokhara
  • Boating in Phewa Lake
  • Exploring beautiful Chandragiri Hills and its religious values
  • Visiting Swayambhunath (Monkey Temple)
  • Exploring LOD (Lord of Drinks) Club and enjoy the live music and dance party
  • Visit Narayanhiti Palace and explore the ancient artifacts and belongings of the Shah Kings.


As we all know, Nepal’s tourism prospects do not need any explanation. Thousands of visitors who chose Nepal as their travel destination answered all the questions regarding its prospects all around. From cultural and religious tours to luxury and educational ones, Nepal is the perfect place to spend your family vacation or any holiday.

If you are from Bangladesh and want to explore this beautiful country, it’s bingo. As Nepal and Bangladesh have many things in common, from the diverse cultural backgrounds to the religious significance inside both countries, you can delve and groom into the Nepalese environment so well and comfortably. Nepal Family Tour from Bangladesh is designed for you to cherish all the beauties of Nepal, from culture, language, people, environment, and natural resources that come with great adventure and thrill.

Your itinerary will include the main cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Bhaktapur, and others that cover many beautiful destinations. It will come as a great act of courage to relinquish what the nation has offered to us. So before booking a Nepal Family Tour from Bangladesh, here are some things you should know and consider. Have a look!!



Location: Kathmandu | Nagarkot

Kathmandu Altitude: 1,400 Meters

Nagarkot Altitude: 2,175 Meters

Activity: Drive | Sightseeing

Accommodation: Hotel

On the first day of your Nepal Family Tour from Bangladesh, you will kick off your journey from Bangladesh to Nepal. You will catch a flight from your country to the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. Our agent will be waiting for you at the Airport, where you can be involved in a meet and greet after your arrival. Then you will be given instructions and details of the tours and destinations you will visit throughout your journey.

From Kathmandu, you will directly head towards the beautiful location of Nagarkot. You will take a ride from the Airport and then make your stop in Bhaktapur, where you will get involved in sightseeing activities. Several places can lure you to Bhaktapur. Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Siddha Pokhari, Bojhe Pokhari, Kamal Pokhari, Bhoot Pokhari, and the local Newari community are some of the destinations you can visit. Bhaktapur Durbar Square is rich in ancient arts and culture - it was once the palace of the Malla Kings of Bhaktapur. You can get detailed insights into the culture, historical artifacts, antiques, and belongings of the Kings in this place.

Similarly, Siddha Pokhari, Bojhe Pokhari, Kamal Pokhari, and Bhoot Pokhari are perfect for visiting with your family. They are chilling and have a soothing environment. In recent times, these places have become popular as romantic destinations.

From Bhaktapur, you will catch a road from Chyamasingh and head uphill in your vehicle. After around an hour, you will reach your ultimate destination of the day, Nagarkot. If you have time, you can still get involved in sightseeing the sunset views from there. Nagarkot, situated at an altitude of 2,175 Meters above sea level, gives a detailed picture of the long mountain ranges of the Himalayas in the north. From the peak of Langtang Ri to Sishapangma and from Mount Everest and Makalu to Lhotse and Gaurishankar, you can experience the soothing and mystic scenes of the beautiful snow-capped mountain peaks.

Tonight, you will stay at a hotel with sophisticated services, including an attached bathroom, hot showers, 24/7 electricity and Wi-Fi, restaurants, spacious bedrooms, and many other amenities.

Location: Chandragiri | Pokhara

Chandragiri Altitude: 2551 Meters

Pokhara Altitude: 822 Meters

Activity: Sightseeing

Accommodation: Hotel

After you wrap up your activities in Nagarkot, you will embark on your journey to Pokhara the next day. You will take a ride from Nagarkot and then reach Thankot and make your stop. You will start your trip to Chandragiri Hills by cable car. It will take around 10 minutes to reach the top of the Chandragiri Hills, where you can experience the cultural and religious significance of the Hindu Temple located there.

Chandragiri is also a perfect viewpoint to view the mystic mountain ranges in the north. History mentions that before the Unification of Nepal, King Prithvi Narayan Shah of Gorkha saw the beautiful Kathmandu Valley from Chandragiri Hills. His desire to unify the valley to Gorkha popped up. That led to the grand campaign of the Unification of Nepal in the 18th century.

After completing your activities in Chandragiri, you will continue your journey to Pokhara by bus. It takes around 6 hours from there to reach this beautiful city. Before reaching the town, you will pass through the green forest and terraced fields of the Dhading and Tanahun districts. Similarly, the rivers of Marsyangdi and Trishuli will soothe your journey along the way.

Location: Pokhara

Pokhara Altitude: 822 Meters

Activity: Paragliding | Boating | Trekking

Accommodation: Hotel

You will be involved in several activities on the third day of your Nepal Family Tour from Bangladesh. You will start your journey by trekking to Sarangkot Hill at 1600 meters above sea level and then get involved in the adventurous activity of Paragliding. Listen to your pilot's instructions so it will become more convenient to make your flight enjoyable and comfortable.

Sarangkot is also a perfect viewpoint to view Pokhara city and the peaks like Machhapuchhre, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Manaslu, and many more.

Once you complete your paragliding campaign, you will reach Phewa Lake for boating. It takes only around some charges to boat around the lake. You can also visit the Tal Barahi Temple on an island between the Phewa Lake.

After boating, you will return to your reserved hotel, where you will enjoy your stay with your family, having cherished some luxurious services.

Location: Kathmandu

Kathmandu Altitude: 1400 Meters

Activity: Drive | Sightseeing

Accommodation: Hotel

On the fourth day of your Nepal Family Tour from Bangladesh, you will return to Kathmandu from Pokhara and reach Nepal's capital after around 6 to 7 hours of driving. On the way, you will take a sightseeing tour of Swayambhunath Temple, also known as the Monkey Temple.

Swayambhunath is one of the best pilgrimages for both Hindu and Buddhist devotees. It is located on a hilltop, and you can reach there by climbing up the steep stairs. You can see hundreds of mischievous and playful monkeys around the temple. Besides the main temple, you can also visit monasteries and chortens that are affluent in prayer flags, wheels, and statues of Lord Buddha.

After you finish your visit to the Monkey Temple, you will return to your reserved hotel in Kathmandu and rest. In the evening, you can join the LOD Club (Lord of Drinks) with your family to enjoy the vibrant lifestyle of people. The live music, spacious halls, and quick and hospitable services are some of the best features of this club. It is located in Thamel, and you can get an entry by obtaining a ticket.

Location: Kathmandu

Kathmandu Altitude: 1400 Meters

Activity: Sightseeing | Farewell

Accommodation: Hotel

Day five is the last day of the Nepal Family Tour from Bangladesh. You will start your journey early in the morning after having breakfast at your hotel. Then you will join the sightseeing party at Narayanhiti Palace.

Narayanhiti Palace was once the palace of the former Shah Kings, who ruled the Kingdom of Nepal for around 250 years. You can view the ancient arts, artifacts, antiques, personal belongings of the Kings and Queens, Royal Dining, Royal Bedrooms, and many others inside this beautiful Palace-turned-Museum.

After your sightseeing activity completes, you will drive back to Tribhuvan Airport and then take a flight with your family to Bangladesh.

Cost Includes

  • All necessary transports by private vehicles.
  • Kathmandu city tour with professional Guide.
  • Two nights three star standard Hotel on twin sharing with breakfast.
  • Official tax and other expenses.
  • Farewell dinner.

Cost Excludes

  • Lunch and Dinner in Kathmandu.
  • Personal expenses.
  • All kind of soft and hard drinks.
  • Extra activities like Mountain Flight, Helicopter Tour and others.

How To Take Nepal Family Tour From Bangladesh?

Nepal is not only a place to climb mountains or go trekking. It is also a destination where you can go for educational tours, cultural and religious trips, and luxury tours. Family vacations have also been very popular in Nepal as they offer several destinations for your partner and children. So if you want to go for a beautiful Nepal Family Tour from Bangladesh, there are certain things and processes to apply. Here are some tips that might be helpful for you to plan the Nepal Family Tour from Bangladesh:

Plan Your Itinerary Properly

You have to be sure of the destinations in Nepal you will visit during this trip. Decide on the places you expect to visit in Nepal and make plans for your trip’s total duration. Similarly, include the activities you want to do with your family members; it will help you to plan accordingly.

Obtain A Passport

You cannot travel internationally without a passport, so first, you must obtain a passport to be eligible for this trip. If you do not have a passport yet, you must apply for one and ensure it has at least six months of validity from your travel date.

Apply For A Visa

After obtaining a passport, you must apply for a visa, allowing you to travel internationally. You must ensure that you trust the visa services and do not get into hassles. You can apply for a visa from the Nepalese embassy in Bangladesh – the embassy will provide you with the required visa before your travel. Besides that, some of the things that you will need are a passport, passport-size photographs, and a visa fee.

Book Your Flights

Once you obtain your passport and visa, booking your flight to Nepal from Bangladesh is time. You can find several operators and airlines that serve you with regular flights from Bangladesh to Nepal. Ensure you follow all the procedures and requirements to book your flights – you might need several identifications, fees, and testimonials, so it’s better to pack your documents.

Book Accommodation

When you arrive in Nepal, you must stay safe and comfortable. So it’s better to book your accommodation facilities before you plan the trip. You can find several hotels, restaurants, and guesthouses with services from essential to sophisticated amenities. The services of attached bathrooms, hot showers, electricity, and internet services are some of the basic amenities you can find in these places. Book your accommodation in advance to avoid any last-minute hassles.

Arrange For Transportation

You must manage all the basic plans before starting your Nepal Family Tour From Bangladesh. And transportation is the one where you should keep your focus. When you arrive in Nepal from Bangladesh, you can find several forms of transportation, including privately rented vehicles, public buses, and flights. These services come with varied fees and costs, so better research well and find the best deals to have hassle-free transportation in Nepal.

Pack Accordingly

You might have already known Nepal has a diverse climate with several weather conditions and temperatures. During your trip, you can experience cool temperatures around Pokhara and Nagarkot, but the climate might be a little hotter in Kathmandu and Chitwan than in other places. So you must pack accordingly – essential items like clothes, shoes, first-aid kits, sunscreen, and insect repellent should be inside your backpack before starting the Nepal Family Tour from Bangladesh.

Best Time To Go For Nepal Family Tour From Bangladesh

Autumn and Spring Seasons are considered the best time for Nepal Family Tour from Bangladesh. Here are the reasons why they are regarded as excellent times to travel:

Autumn (September to November):

  • Clear skies with fewer clouds
  • Moderate temperatures and low humidity.
  • Perfect views for trekking, sightseeing, and outdoor activities.
  • The festivals of Dashain and Tihar fall during this time.

Spring (March to May):

  • Mild and pleasant temperature with clear skies and blooming flowers.
  • Best for having views of natural beauty, including the rhododendron forests and the snow-capped Himalayas.
  • Trekking, wildlife tours, and cultural activities.

You can also take on the Nepal Family Tour from Bangladesh during the off-season. The off-season trips are budget-friendly; however, if you look from the safety point of view, they cannot be good. Heavy rainfall and natural calamities like landslides and floods can hinder your tour during the monsoon season. And during the winter, cold temperatures, snowfall, and short days can impact your trip to Nepal.

Vehicles And Transportation Facilities

Private Vehicles

You can rent private vehicles such as vans, jeeps, and cars for your transportation facility during the Nepal Family Tour from Bangladesh. This medium will allow you flexibility and convenience in traveling from one destination to the other. Similarly, they are customizable and time-saving. Depending on your preference, you can also have a rental driver or take a self-ride.


Taxis are one of Nepal’s most accessible and common means of transportation. Since either seasonal or pitched roads access most tourist destinations in Nepal, you can visit via taxis – this is also time-saving and offers a comforting experience.

Local Buses

If you are looking for budget-friendly transportation, local buses are the cheapest means in Nepal. You need to acknowledge the transportation route, and then you can start your journey. But remember this, traveling in buses can be uncomfortable since they can be overpacked.

Tourist Buses

Tourist buses are one of the safest and most convenient means of transportation during your stay in Nepal. Traveling on a tourist bus can be comfortable if you are on a long-distance trip, for example, from Kathmandu to Pokhara. They also provide several facilities like air-conditioning and Wi-Fi systems – your transportation fees can vary depending upon the destination routes.

Domestic Flights

You can also get services for domestic flights in Nepal. If your destination is Pokhara, Lumbini, or Chitwan, you can book your flight from Kathmandu and directly land at the airports near your destinations. It is a time-saving and safe means of travel; however, it can be expensive and cause delays and cancellations because of bad weather conditions.

Cost Required For Nepal Family Tour From Bangladesh

Nepal Family Tour from Bangladesh has several options in terms of cost and fees. You can choose either the luxury or the budget-friendly packages during the trip.

The cost of the tour can vary depending on the time of the year you are traveling, the size of your family, total activities, and itineraries. But if you are looking for budget travel, it might cost around $800 to $1000, excluding the visa fees. Similarly, if you want a luxury tour during this trip, ensure you have allocated more than $2000.

The average hotel accommodation fee will cost you anywhere from $5 to $100, depending on the choice of your stay and preference of services. Similarly, the food services will cost you between $3 to $5/10 per meal. Besides that, you must allocate enough money to buy permits to visit places like Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Paragliding fees, and many others. Also, don’t forget to attach the cost of transportation and entry fee for LOD Club.

Food Services

Nepal is a multicultural and multi-ethnic nation, which means you can have varied food and cuisines. During your Nepal Family Tour from Bangladesh, you can experience traditional food to modern cuisines.

Some essential traditional Nepalese cuisines include Dal, Bhaat, Dhindo, Gundruk, Aachar (pickles), and ghee. Besides that, there are several other cultural cuisines from around the country. For example, visiting the Valley of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Patan, you can taste local Newari food, including Bara, Chatamari, Khaja Set, Sekuwa, Choila, Kachila, and local wine. Similarly, if you visit the deep Terai region, you can get roti, dal, pickle, and other local dishes.

Besides the traditional cuisines, you can also enjoy modern dishes such as momos, pizza, burgers, and other Western food services in major cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini, and others.

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Going on a Nepal Family Tour from Bangladesh can be exciting and thrilling. Since both countries have some common culture and religion, you may find similar vibes and environments during your trip. Not only will you enjoy the journey with your family members, but also this package creates a beautiful memory that includes your experience from the inner Terai region to the northern Himalayan touch.

And if you are thinking about quality time with your family, what can be a better destination than Nepal?

Its cultural background, natural sceneries, and religious plus spiritual significance will accompany you to make your tour better and worthy. So what are you waiting for? Contact us for your next tour to this beautiful country – we can assist you in booking and making the most out of the Nepal Family Tour from Bangladesh.

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Nepal Family Tour From Bangladesh
  • Public/Private Vehicle
  • 2 - 20 Pax Max
  • Spring and Autumn
  • Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu
  • 2551 Meters Chandragiri
  • 5 Days