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There are only a few places in the world that can actually heal you spiritually and mentally if you wander along. Lumbini, the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautama Buddha, is one of those places to go for curing. Every month a number of people from across the world land in Nepal, just to visit and see Lumbini. They believe this place has something to do with mental spirituality. Indeed, this place has those peaceful vibes all the time. The whole place looks like a home of gods with many Buddhist temples, monasteries, Chorten, and gompas. This place is the ultimate place for every Buddhist pilgrimage. The non-Buddhist should also do this trip to explore the land which gave birth to a person who enlightened the whole world.

To get this rewarding trip complete, you need to make it to Lumbini which is approximately 259 KM away from Kathmandu. Currently, there is no other international airport other than Kathmandu Airport in Nepal. This means you have to start from Kathmandu only. When you start from Kathmandu, you have several ways to reach Lumbini: via airlines, via local bus, or via car hire. Yet, the best way to reach Lumbini is Car Hire, we will tell you why.

If you go with airlines, your Lumbini trip will be reduced by 1 or 2 days. You probably would want to lengthen the trip like this so no airlines. Next, the local bus travel in Nepal is hassle-full and troubling, you would not want this also. But, if you do Car Hire Kathmandu to Lumbini, you’ll have a long and exciting jeep ride through the hills of Nepal to Lumbini. Plus, there will be no hassles when you have hired a car for you and your companions.

There are lots of perks for Car Hire Kathmandu to Lumbini. You should probably do a car hire trip to Lumbini than others. But before that, read this article which is all about Car Hire Kathmandu to Lumbini. Let’s get into it!

Tips for Car Hire Kathmandu to Lumbini

  • Book a car as per your need and comfort.
  • Don’t go for luxury cars instead of economy cars.
  • Do advance booking and inspect the car and car’s performance properly.
  • Hire a local and experienced driver for your trip, if you are not okay with the roads.
  • Look for the space you will require throughout the trip and book a car accordingly.
  • Don’t waste much time by pausing at every stop, take rests when it is compulsory.
  • Get all of the essentials while in Kathmandu including money, you’ll not get everything once you leave Kathmandu.
  • The road is serpentine and has small bumps and pits, be careful of that.
  • People or animals can cross the road at any time, so make sure your eyes are wide open all the time.

About Lumbini

As said earlier, Lumbini is the birthplace of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. It is believed that he was born around 563 BCE in Lumbini and led himself across Asia to teach spirituality after getting enlightenment. As of his birth, this place got the attention of the entire world. Thousands of visitors come to see this place every year, noticeably people from all religions. This place has so much historical evidence and remains of old times that it is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Maya Devi Temple, an exact place where Buddha was believed to be born is the major highlight of Lumbini. There is also a pillar constructed by the ancient Indian Emperor, Ashoka. This pillar is strong evidence that depicts Buddha was born in this very place. Then there is a pond by the Maya Devi Temple. If you head inside of Maya Devi Temple, you’ll see the debris of the old building from the age of the Buddha. A single second around Maya Temple feels so special, you’ll just love being here.

Moreover, there are plenty of other places in Lumbini other than Maya Temple. The place is designed in a way to impress its visitor. There is this Lumbini Canal which runs inside the Lumbini pilgrimage area. At the center or the canal, there is a never-dying flame which denotes the world to never stop practicing peace. Leaving the flame, you have places like World Peace Pagoda, Myanmar Golden Temple, China Temple, Lumbini Museum, and other temples built by various nations like Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Germany, Mongolia, etc. The place is a great escape if you love architecture. You’ll see temples and monuments built in the traditional architecture of various countries.

Things to do in Lumbini

Maya Devi Temple

A Lumbini Trip can never be completed without visiting Maya Devi Temple. It is a square temple with a small stupa on top of it. The temple is peacefully located at the center of a green park. As you move inside the temple, you’ll be shocked to see the remains of the ancient building. The same place is the place where Buddha was born exactly around 623 B.C. Later the outermost building was built to keep those heritages safe and intact. Touring inside the temple is like going back to the past. Come out of the Maya Devi Temple, you’ll see a small pond in front, the Ashoka pillar, a bodhi tree, and a whole grass park around. It is so peaceful around this place that you will only hear prayers and birds chirping.

World Peace Pagoda

Among numerous monuments inside the Lumbini Masterplan area, World Peace Pagoda is a popular mention. Located in the northern end, the stupa was built by Buddhists from Japan to give a message to sustain peace around the world. The pagoda is whitish and looks amazing from both close and far range. Plus, the area around is turned into a greenish park. You’ll find a peaceful environment around this pagoda. By the place, you can also see Sarus Cranes who are endemic to the area.

This way, the place is another important part of Lumbini visit.

Explore the traditional monasteries

Maya Devi Temple and World Peace Pagoda are not the only places to visit in the Lumbini heritage area. It takes a whole day or so to tour all of the monuments inside Lumbini. Various countries have built monasteries, gompas, shrines, and temples in their own traditional styles in Lumbini. All of these architectural sites are equally worth visiting. China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, France and Germany, and some other countries have their symbol built here in Lumbini. You’ll experience the architecture of each country.

Try the Indian Cuisine

The Lumbini area which sits close to India has lots of street shops, lodges, and restaurants serving Indian Cuisine. The cuisine which is one of the popular in the world is worth tasting. You’ll taste two varieties of cuisines on one plate, Nepal and Indian. Who knows the next meal you eat here in Lumbini can be your new favorite.

Do Cycling

Lumbini is a great place for cycling in Nepal. As the area of Lumbini is a bit bigger, you may get tired of moving from one monastery to another. Plus, you can go out of the heritage area to the local villages to know about the local culture and lifestyle. No matter which sort of exploration you want to do in Lumbini, cycling is a must. The charges of cycling are reasonable and the track is also straight, so why not cycling.

Visit the museum

You can opt for some museum time in Lumbini also. The Lumbini is located just at the entrance of the Lumbini heritage area. This site has been showcasing old and rare objects to the visitors. It will surely be a worthwhile time inside the museum when you will see coins, manuscripts, metal sculptures, and various other classical collections under one roof. Therefore, don’t forget to find this place.


The place from where the definition of peace and spirituality started with the birth of Buddha, you could surely find a corner to meditate there. Needless to say, Lumbini is a place to learn about meditation and yoga. The Buddhist monks who are very good at spiritual process and meditation can certainly teach you some mantras of effective meditation.

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Service includes

  • Private Car with A/C.
  • Experience driver and his salary.
  • Full insurance for traveler.
  • News Paper and mineral water.

Service excludes

  • Personal expenses during tour.
  • Lunch on the way to Lumbini.
  • All kind of soft drinks.

Frequently Asked Questions for Car Hire Kathmandu to Lumbini

What types of cars do I get for renting in Nepal?

You can hire models like Seda, VAN, JEEP, SUV, and 4WD of Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Ford, Skoda, and several other companies. However, you will not find luxury cars like in your home but workable and comfortable cars are easily gettable from us.

How old are the cars?

We only have cars and vehicles that are not older than 5 years for car rentals. Customer safety and service are our major concerns, so don’t worry about the car’s condition.

Do you guys provide any other services other than car rentals?

A resounding yes, We, Nepal Creation are into the game of tour guiding around Nepal. You can also remember us for day tours, helicopter tours, multi-day Nepal tour, and other tour assistance in Nepal. The car rental is not the limit for our services.

Can I hire a car for a long duration also?

Yeah, sure, you can take a car on rent for as much as you want. You just have to inform us about the car rental duration and pay the cost, that is all.

Can I cross borders in a rental car?

You could surely think of crossing borders when India is so close to Nepal. But you cannot just take your car into India without any authority and permit. We can assist you in getting you a permit to enter India also. Or we can arrange an Indian vehicle if you wish to go to India.

When to pay for the car rental?

You can do the payment in installments i.e. advance payment at first and leftover payment upon the completion of the trip.

Why should I hire a local driver when I can drive myself?

We highly suggest to our customers to get a local and highly experienced driver for the road trips in Nepal. They are the ones who are pretty much known about the roads of Nepal. They are also aware of local’s and animals’ habit of crossing the road surprisingly. It is always difficult to drive in new conditions and countries, as the rules are different in each country.

How to reach Lumbini from Kathmandu

The pursuit of Lumbini from Kathmandu is 6 to 7 hours. In that time period, you’ll cover approximately 259 KM to see yourself at Lumbini. It will be a roadway drive on the Prithivi Highway and then to East-West Highway which connects Kathmandu to the Terai. En route to Lumbini, you’ll enjoy a picturesque drive through the hilly highway which has numerous turns. The Trishuli River which is one of the best rivers for rafting will guide you to Chitwan. And from Chitwan, your car will ride over the East-West Highway until it reaches Lumbini road. The drive through hills will come to an end once you reach the Lumbini area.

Where to rent a car for Lumbini?

Deciding over where to rent a car for the Lumbini tour is your call. As you will have lots of car rental to choose from in Kathmandu, this can be a tricky decision. Dont worry much when a genuine and quality service providing car rental like us is at your service. You just tell us what sort of vehicle you need, the vehicle will appear for you.

When you are with us, you can choose a vehicle across the popular names in the Market. We have been letting people hire cars from Toyota, Skoda, Kia, Ford, Tata, Mahindra, and several others. You get all kinds of models here, a hatchback, an SUV, a 4wd, or a sedan. All of the vehicles are well maintained and serviced regularly, so there is no doubt about the conditions of the cars. Likewise, the seats are pretty comfortably installed to allow the seat holders a hassle less experience.

If you are not ready for the roads of Nepal, we can also arrange highly experienced drivers to drive you to Lumbini. All you need to do is to remember us.

Things to look at while hiring a car

Car’s Fuel Economy

Of course, you would want a car that gives economic performance. Therefore, go for a car that is very good at mileage. You’ll save some money this way and can use that money to buy or spare something else. If you don’t care about the economy and are into the high performing cars then it is your option. We always suggest our customers go for fuel-efficient cars.

Good Drivability

Is your car equipped with all of the features that can aid in good drivability. The cars which have automatic transmission are better in drivability. They are destined to give a smoother and safer performance. For the roads like in Nepal, an automatic transmission is better than manuals.


Without being comfortable, you cannot drive a car properly. Hence, don’t forget to check either the car is comfortable enough or not. Doing that you will not face discomforts while on the road to Lumbini.

Storage Space

Once you have a place to fit in a car, you should also look for a good space for your bags and stuff. Not all of the cars have enough storage space. In this part be smart and look for the spaces for your storage.


Will the car you are hiring is good enough to give the expected performance. There can always be some problems with a nice-looking car also. The horn may not be working or the headlights or other things. Or maybe the engine can be in an unsafe condition. Look at all of the edges and corners of the car you are hiring for Lumbini. It is a long ride of 259 KM in both ways.

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