Nepal Highlight Luxury Tour

8 Days

No place in the world hauls the mind of travelers as much as Nepal does. It’s because the country has the most happening places with splendor and beauty to escape. It’s cram-full of natural wonders that never fail to get noticed-be it nationwide or a global arena.

The list for Nepal’s wondrous places and amazing destinations is unceasing. Starting from the subtle beauty of the Himalayan landscapes to the magnificent snow-peaks and gorges, there’s so much to soak.

And with an ongoing motion to proliferate Nepal’s tourism, the country has placed a great many adventurous sites. It prods an armchair traveler who’ve been long craving to make a trip to the country.

Easily the people of Nepal also have a handout to lure tourists to come over the country. Locals here shower guests with a huge lot of warmth and fondness that’s so hard to abhor.

In fact, they make the travelers feel like home and they them-self part of the family. Whether it’s finding a dwelling in the mountains of Nepal or enjoying the buzz of Kathmandu there is a room for everyone seeking ways to stay refreshed.

Hence, with our package of 8 Days Nepal Highlight Luxury Tour, we offer you the best service. It is to surprise you with affluence accommodation and elite sites to visit in Nepal.


Before your flight lands at Tribhuvan International Airport, our representative will be waiting for you at the arrival. Don’t fret whether you’d recognize these officials or not as they will be holding your nameplate. So, there won’t be any issue finding the host.

Being excited to welcome you for long, they’ll give you a warm hug and try to build an amicable environment. After then, they’ll resettle you in a 5-star accommodation where their staff is anxious to welcome you.

To give you some privacy, we’ll go along with you till the room and let you relax then. We’re sure the simplicity and elegance of the hotel room will have you get by the new environment.

As soon the dinner is ready to serve you’ll receive a call from the hotel staff. So just freshen up and pop up at the dinner table.

But if you aren’t in a frame of mind to enjoy the company of unco, then rather put an order to the room. The hotel will provide you with either of the services that you’ll enjoy the most. Go to bed as early as possible since we’ll have a long day tomorrow.

Dwelling at a ritzy hotel all day long is best but hovering over the sky above Everest is unrivaled. Hence, for the second day of your trip to Nepal, we lay you in the most adventurous experience to ever envisage.

Early morning, we’ll pick you up from your hotel and assimilate till you board in the helicopter. At any minute, you’ll be flying over the sky in Kathmandu and to Lukla airport.

Despite having traveled private, you’ll get a company of Nepal’s snow peaks and landscape throughout. Till the time your charter winds up at Lukla, you can go on little sightseeing or break into a tea-house nearby.

As soon the flight continues, you’ll reach the mountains and plateaus in the Himalaya. This whole time, you’ll be overlooking the spectacular landscapes and wilderness of the region.

For a pleasing distraction, you get to witness the stunning valleys of Namche Bazaar and Tengboche. If the sky remains clear all through the time then you’ll be able to spot Sagarmatha National Park.

With this, you can have a peek of various wild animals, rare species of birds and vegetation to be ever seen. On your stop at the Everest Base Camp, you’ll be given your time to discover the obscured places.

On the trip front, you’ll be able to sightsee Mt. Everest includes Cho Oyu, Lhotse, and even Gokyo lake. It’s time to head back to Kathmandu so get all your stuff. On the way home, you’ll get downtime at Syangboche where you can get breakfast.

After arriving at Kathmandu, we’ll drive you to Bhaktapur as you still have a whole day left. you’ll instantly rush to Bhaktapur Durbar Square as it’s the most popular site of all.

It won’t be too long when you’ll find an imprint of Malla King inside the durbar square. Every corner and the interiors of it will have you see a true masterpiece of art, statues, and temple.

After the tour of the Bhaktapur Durbar Square, we’ll transfer you back to the hotel. After such a long day, we’re sure you need some good rest. Hence, call it for the night as soon as you have your dinner.

Our 8 Days Nepal Highlight Luxury Tour will see you touring Kathmandu city on the third day of the trip. The city tour starts with you having your morning breakfast at the hotel as it will keep you sporty all day.

Of course, we’ll be there to pick you up from the hotel. drive you to Pashupatinath Temple from there. Because you’ll be visiting the temple early in the morning, discerning the rituals performed by Hindus will come as no surprise.

After walking through the temple and extricating its history and art, we’ll drive towards Boudhanath. About 30 minutes later, you’ll be gazing at the monumental Boudhanath Stupa.

The place carries religious importance for Buddhists. Hence, they come to the monastery as often as possible to preach. Every now and then, you’ll hear Buddhist monks chanting and playing the instruments.

Soon after your short trip of Kathmandu city is over, we’ll fly you to Pokhara. Blessed with natural beauty and splendid landscapes, Pokhara is truly a heaven on earth.

It unfolds the world’s most beautiful sites including glorious Phewa Lake and Taal Barahi Temple. Yet, the highlight of the place has to be the dazzling view of Machhapuchhre.

Since it’s impossible to explore that many imposing places in such a short time, we’ll leave it for the day. As the arrangements have already been made for you at a 5-star hotel, you better get some rest.

The day starts with you waking up before dawn as you have a rising sun to catch. You’ll soon leave the hotel and dash towards Sarangkot.

A hotspot for paragliding, Sarangkot is an extraordinary place out of all the sites in Pokhara. Its grandeur utters with the travelers being able to view Annapurna Conservation Area.

Sarankot lies at an elevation of 1600 meters and has the best sunset and sunrise view.

Pokhara has bursting adventures to try which includes paragliding Bungee jumping, hiking, and even zipline. With so many things in the list to do, you’ll definitely have a hard time choosing any one of them.

If you want a soothing retreat then why not try walking the shores of Phewa Lake. Pokhara comes with ample trekking trails-both short and long. Hence, you can have either option but remember you still have a lot more to explore ahead.

Well, it seems like we’ve nearly come to the end of our incredible trip to Pokhara. But before leaving this magnificent city, you’ll once onlook Pokhara’s cult beauty, Phewa Lake.

Truly, nothing in the city gives as much pleasure as exploring this serene lake. Pokhara’s major tourist attraction Phewa Lake is where most travelers seek adventures.

During the peak travel period, the lake remains crowded with people from nearby and far off. Being no exception, we too will make a stop by the lake where you can enjoy your time paddling the boat in the lake.

You can row the boat until reaching the magnificent Tal Barahi Temple that lies in the center of the lake. It’s a two-storeyed Pagoda temple where Hindus worship goddess Durga.

High time we leave the city now and head towards Chitwan. Else, we’ll never be able to make the trip to this delightful city. After driving for about 6 hours, you’ll arrive at Chitwan where we’ll transfer you to a 5-star resort.

The accommodation amenity had been made in advance so that you don’t put up with trouble. You better get a good rest after making it to the resort and thereafter join us for dinner. Sleep well as it will be a tiring day tomorrow.

On the fifth day of our 8 Days Nepal Highlight Luxury Tour package, you have a full jungle recreation with BLD. We’ll start the trip early in the morning, soon after you have your breakfast.

From here, you’ll dash towards Sauraha to enjoy a bath with the elephants in their lake. It’s a unique experience where you’ll get a ride back of the elephants and even romp with them.

From cuddling to washing and feeding, you’ll be taking good care of these beasts all morning. As soon as you get over the personal care, we’ll drive across the Rapti River for jeep safari.

The trail will take you through a steppe grassland followed by dense forest brimming with Sal trees. Driving further, you’ll cross the Reu river in Chitwan National Park to witness Nepal’s amazing wildlife.

As the park is home to manifold wild animals and birds, you’ll get to explore all of it. To sightsee Gharials, you’ll be taking a drive to Khoria Mohan at Narayani river bank. On your stay at Chitwan, you can enjoy the evening perceiving traditional events of the Tharu community.

For an alternative, you can take a tour of the local village and interact with the people there. With this, you’ll be able to get insight into the traditions, moral values and culture of the people. Don’t go too far as you also have to return to the resort and pack your stuff for the next day.

After an overwhelming night at Chitwan, it’s time to head back to Kathmandu. We’ll start the trip shortly after having the morning breakfast at the resort.

After driving for 2-3 hours from Chitwan, you’ll pull off at Trishuli for arousing river rafting. With the river flowing hastily, Trishul makes a perfect spot for both avid rafters and newbies.

You’ll be rafting at Trishuli for almost 3 hours and then we’ll drive to Kathmandu. Upon reaching the city, you’ll be relocated to your hotel.

Because it’s your last day in Nepal, the hotel staff will have arranged a feast for you. It’s laid as a token of appreciation for your stay in the hotel. After having the farewell dinner, it’s best you go to bed and call it a day.

It’s desolating but time to bid goodbye now. Nonetheless, you can still make the best out of your last few hours of stay in Nepal.

Doing shopping would be most appropriate for all options in such short notice of time. You can visit local shops or even go shopping at malls and get yourself a souvenir. This will help you trace the memories and recollect all the adventures done during the Nepal trip.

When it’s time, we’ll get you from the hotel and drive you to the airport. You’ll always have one official of ours helping you with all the procedures before the flight.

We thank you for having our 8 Days Nepal Highlight Luxury Tour and living the moment. Till the time you make a plan to visit Nepal once again, we’ll stay positive with the hope to meet again.

Service includes

  • • Airport Pick up and Drop by private vehicles.
  • • Welcome Dinner.
  • • Three night Luxury Hotel (Five Star) in Kathmandu with Breakfast.
  • • Kathmandu and Bhaktapur visit by private vehicles with Tour Guide.
  • • All necessary entry fees during Tour.
  • • Everest Base Camp landing Helicopter Tour on sharing basis.
  • • Flight to Pokhara by plane.
  • • Two night Luxury Hotel (Five Star) in Pokhara with Breakfast.
  • • Pokhara Tour with private vehicles.
  • • One hour boating on Phewa Lake.
  • • Chitwan drive by private vehicles.
  • • Two night Luxury Hotel (Resort) in Chitwan with Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
  • • All Jungle activities like Elephant Safari, Elephant Breeding, Bird Watching, Canoe Trip, Jungle Walk and many more other activities with Guide.
  • • Chitwan to Kathmandu by Private vehicles.

Service excludes

  • All your Lunch and Dinner in Kathmandu and Pokhara except Welcome and farewell dinner.
  • Your personal expenses.
  • All kind of Hard and soft drinks.
  • Private Helicopter to Everest Base Camp. (If you required private Helicopter).
  • Extra activities are required which is not mention in itinerary.

Why have an 8 Days Nepal Highlight Luxury Tour?

Be it for pleasure or business purpose, travelers now seek their comfort. And that’s what has their interest-in the most. They’ll no way make a tradeoff when it comes to their lifestyle especially when it comes to accommodation.

Thankfully, our 8 Days Nepal Highlight Luxury Tour is baggage of luxury to awe one. We’ve picked the best batch of resorts and hotels for travelers making a trip to Nepal.

Those who yell for regal amenity, you’re never going to get disappointed with our facilities. From a 5-star dwelling service in Kathmandu to Chitwan’s handpicked resorts, we make the best arrangements for you.

The forefront of the trip will still be all the adventures you’ll live through during your stay in Nepal. Our package of 8 Days Nepal Highlight Luxury tour is a mix of travel and opulence.

It’ll see you traveling through the wildlands and remote areas of Nepal and yet have a luxurious lifestyle.

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