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Nepal Recreation is here with the best deal of 6 Nights 7 Days Nepal Tour Package. A package that takes you to some of the best places in Nepal to explore culturally, adventurously, and naturally. Basically, Nepal is known for those three things; unique art & culture possessed by the heritages, the adventures that this country hosts, and natural beauty exposed by it. This 6 Nights 7 Days Nepal Tour Package lets you taste every bit of Nepal’s offerings to the visitors. And no other package grasps Nepal than this 6 Nights and 7 Days Nepal escape. So why not hop to Nepal for having an eventful and worthy week of your life.

In a matter of 6 days and 7 days, you’ll arrive in Nepal to fulfill your travel longing by Nepal tour before making a return to home after a wonderful week. You’ll land at the most boisterous and lively city of Nepal, Kathmandu. Tour of the entire capital city of Nepal i.e. Kathmandu will be held on the very next day of your arrival. In that time period, you’ll come across all of the major sightseeings of Kathmandu City which are world-famous in art and culture beauty. Thereafter, you’ll leave Kathmandu for an adventurous outing of rafting on the Trishuli River. The water of speedy Trishuli River is renowned for the adventurous rafting and kayaking experience.

After the adventurous time at Trishuli Riverside then comes the Jungle Safari of Chitwan National Park. A full day around this national park is scheduled to give you the look of Nepal’s enriched & rare wildlife and lush vegetation. When it comes to the wildlife show in Nepal, Chitwan National Park is the first choice. You’ll have an amazing day by nature and its wild offsprings

So, yes above all, 6 Nights 7 Days Nepal Tour Package is the finest way for using your one week off from the busy life. You’ll be glad at the end of the tour for making this tour happen. Up to this is a brief overview of this week-long Nepal Tour but we have other things to read for you about this trip. The highlights, best times, detailed itinerary, and major attractions of this tour are written below. Have an informative read.

Major Highlights of 6 Nights 7 Days Nepal Tour Package

  • One full day dedicated to the cultural tour of Kathmandu City.
  • Sightseeing of the UNESCO World Heritage sites like Pashupatinath Temple, Swayambhunath Stupa, Basantapur Durbar Square, and several more.
  • Watch the amazing cultural and artistic display of the century-old temples and stupas.
  • Hit the busy and most lively streets of Kathmandu.
  • Enjoy the scenic bus drive throughout the tour itinerary.
  • Adventurous Rafting on the Trishuli River and overnight at the riverside.
  • Jungle safari and wildlife exploration at Chitwan National Park and night stay near the woods.

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Detailed Itinerary of 6 Nights 7 Days Nepal Tour Package

<strong>Altitude: </strong>1400m, Kathmandu

Clearly, Nepal’s journey of yours with us starts right away after your arrival in Kathmandu. Our representatives will be there already at the airport to pick you up. You’ll get a warm welcome from our team upon your arrival at Kathmandu airport.

Then, you’ll move towards the hotel for rest and refreshment after the long flight from back home. Our team will be with you until your check-in into the hotel completes.

As this is the arrival day so you will not do anything today except staying at the hotel. But if you want to head out then you can go around the city’s hangout places for some food and drinks. <strong>Thamel </strong>and Kingsway are the two best places in Kathmandu for spending time with your tour partners.

From this day onwards, you’ll start the tour of Nepal by heading out for the tour of Kathmandu. You’ll be accompanied by one of our expert guides on this entire Kathmandu city tour day. Tour of Kathmandu is a must thing for a Nepal visitor. The reason is there are <strong>seven UNESCO World Heritage sites </strong>in Kathmandu. So, on this day your tour will be around those heritage sites to know about the Nepali culture and architecture.

Pashupatinath Temple, the most sacred temple of Hindu is the best place to start the day tour. You’ll wander around this temple to have a learning and explorative time. This temple gives how Nepalese people act culturally and religiously in a short time. After the religious exploration, you’ll move towards the Kathmandu/Basantapur Durbar Square. This durbar square is a tourist favorite as there are several nicely built temples and old buildings from the ancient ages. There are two durbar squares in Kathmandu i.e. <a href="https://nepalrecreation.com/trip/1-day-patan-and-bhaktapur-tour/">Patan and Bhaktapur Durbar squares</a> which are yet similar yet different than the Kathmandu Durbar Square. You’ll wander around those places too on this day.

Moving from there, you’ll reach for the Bouddhanath Stupa and Swayambhunath Stupa which are world heritage sites too. These two stupas are the Buddhists most important sites of Nepal. It is a blissful experience to revolve around these stupas playing prayer wheels. Thereafter, if there is still time, you’ll get guided around the other places of Kathmandu too. And around nightfall, you’ll arrive back at the hotel.

After the explorative day at Kathmandu, now it is time for some water adventure. For that, you will leave for Trishuli River which is only <strong>3 to 4 hours’ </strong>drive away from Kathmandu. You’ll hop into a bus/jeep ride to Trishuli River which is quite a scenic drive. Along the way, you will get to see beautiful hills, roadside, and far settlements and small and big rivers.

Upon your reach at Trishuli River rafting spot, you’ll place your belongings at the River Fun Beach Resort which will be the overnight resort for tonight. Then you’ll head towards the riverside where your rafting starts. Before you jump into the rafting boat, you will get a guide and instructions from the rafting experts. And then begins the heart-racing water time as you will play rafting on the fast-flowing Trishuli river. According to the itinerary, your rafting time will be around 4 hours. Once you get enough of rafting, you’ll head towards the resort for doing some other stuff.

Firstly, you’ll get delicious lunch at the resort before touring around the nearby village. There are some villages around the Trishuli river where you can perform short hikes or if you know how to angle fish then you do fishing there in the river. Trishuli River is also famous for fishing. And this is how the 3rd day of this tour is also an eventful day where you get to do several adventurous things.

<strong>Drive Duration:</strong> 2 Hours

<strong>Altitude: </strong>415m, Chitwan

On the 4th day of the 6 Nights 7 Days Tour Package, you will leave the last night’s resort to move towards the other city of Nepal, Chitwan. Before that, you’ll enjoy some morning time around the Trishuli River after breakfast. As Chitwan is only <strong>2 hours </strong>away from the River Fun Beach Resort, you’ll do some yesterdays not done sightseeing around the Narayani. The landscape around the river in Narayani is vigilant to watch.

Then you’ll finally leave the resort for Chitwan and on that stretch, you will join the 2 hours jeep/Bus drive over the Prithivi Highway. Chitwan is the lowland area of Nepal which is hotter than the higher part. Once you reach Chitwan, you will spend rest time at your hotel in Chitwan to re-energize your body for tomorrow’s Chitwan National Park visit.

The 5th day of this tour is fully allotted to explore the Chitwan National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site listed protected area. It is Nepal’s oldest national park and home of <strong>700 wildlife species</strong> and lush vegetation. The one visiting this national park gets to see some of endangered species like <strong>One Horned Rhino</strong> and <strong>Bengal Tiger</strong>. Thousands of people come around the year to Chitwan National Park to explore the rare and lively wildlife via jeep safari.

Other than wildlife, there are some other doable things in the Chitwan National Park area. You can tour around <strong>Sauraha </strong>where you can find many lodges, a Tharu Museum, a Night Tower, International Elephant Polo Ground, A Elephant Breeding Center etc. This all happens near the small town of Chitwan Sauraha. There is Devghat- The Hindu Pilgrimage site where you can get peaceful vibes. Moreover, you can explore the <strong>Tharu communities</strong> and their culture who are the indigenous tribe of this place. So, this day of Chitwan National Park tour is a worthwhile day of the entire trek. And at nightfall, you will have so many things to recall on the bed after dinner at the hotel.

<strong>Drive Duration: </strong>5 Hours

<strong>Altitude: </strong>1400m, Kathmandu

Until this day, almost all of the major highlights of the 6 Nights 7 Days Tour Package would have covered. This day is about making the return to Kathmandu from Chitwan via jeep/bus. The drive is around <strong>5 to 6 hours </strong>long via Prithivi Highway. So, you will join the ride after breakfast at the hotel. Or else you can take a quick flight to Kathmandu from Chitwan which takes only <strong>15 minutes</strong> to happen. It's your call on how to reach Kathmandu as both of the ways are good in their own ways.

Upon reaching Kathmandu, you will get transferred to your hotel for the rest and refreshment after the long drive. Having enough rest, you can start the Kathmandu exploration right where you have left last time. Go for some other happening places for a hangout, or movie or shopping. Also, if you are a foodhic, you go around the streets for the local and international food hunts. Making yourself occupied until the dark by doing stuff around the Kathmandu city, you’ll return back to your hotel for the overnight rest. And this is how your journey with us on this 6 Nights 7 Days Nepal tour Package will end. However, our official goodbye to you will be tomorrow on your departure day.

And here is the end of a 7 days long Nepal tour with us. You’ll join a farewell breakfast at the hotel before heading towards the Airport. Thereafter, our crew will provide you a hotel transfer to the airport. Farewell and see you next time.

Service includes

  • All necessary transports by private vehicles.
  • Kathmandu city tour with professional Guide.
  • Three nights three star standard Hotel on twin sharing with breakfast.
  • Three hour rafting with river guide and lunch.
  • One night resort stay in Trisuli River with breakfast.
  • Two night 3 days jungle trip in Chitwan (Lunch, dinner, breakfast, jungle activities, nature guide and resort)
  • Official tax and other expenses.
  • Farewell dinner.

Service excludes

  • Lunch and Dinner in Kathmandu.
  • Dinner in Trisuli Riverside stay day.
  • Personal expenses.
  • All kind of soft and hard drinks.
  • Extra activities like Mountain Flight, Helicopter Tour and others.

Major Attractions of 6 Nights 7 Days Nepal Tour Package

Kathmandu City

Kathmandu is where your 6 Nights 7 Days Nepal Tour Package starts after your arrival. Nepal has only one international airport and that is in its capital city Kathmandu. This city is also known as the city of Temples which is undoubtedly true as there are thousands of temples in Kathmandu. A wanderer can walk through ancient and artistic temples, stupas, monuments in Kathmandu.

Seven UNESCO listed culture heritage sites and belong to Kathmandu. Those seven sites are Pashupatinath Temple- the most sacred temple of Hindu, Swaymbunath Stupa and Bouddhanath Stupa- the two important sites for Buddhism, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square and Bhaktapur Durbar Square- the three ancient King’s Place squares.

Each of those sites is renowned for the cultural, religious, and architecture show. In between there, you’ll get to best Pagoda style temples and stupas, the ones you have never seen before. This is why a tour of Kathmandu city is a sure shot to do while in Nepal. Plus, it’s the most happening place of Nepal and you can get most of your wants fulfilled here. There are some best places in Kathmandu to stroll around for food and shopping ventures.

Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park is Nepal’s oldest national park and most popular too. This protected area lies in the southern part of Nepal stretched over the Inner Terai lowlands of Nepal. It is also one of the world heritage sites of Nepal. This protected area is a home of more than 700 species including the mighty Bengal Tiger and One-horned Rhino. Moreover, you can watch different species of birds, reptiles, mammals, and amphibians.

The jeep safari is available which means you can tour around this big national park enjoying the jungle and wildlife. For your information, there is an elephant breeding center and Elephant Polo Ground too near the Chitwan National Park. And, Sauraha, a center of Chitwan, is dotted with many standard resorts and lodges. You can have a quality time thereafter the jungle safari. If you love woods and wildlife more than rest then Chitwan National Park tour should be on your itinerary. Cultural exploration is also available during your tour of Chitwan National Park, the Tharu locals perform their authentic dances to make their visitor’s entertainment.

Trishuli Rafting

Trishuli River is the best ground for rafting in Nepal. About 3 to 4 hours drive away from Kathmandu, the thundering water of Trishuli comes second to no other rivers for rafting. Trishuli’s rafting length is around 15 to 60 km. The white water of Trishuli River surely satisfies hunger of water adventure. If you want to go solo, you can also go for Kayaking also. Rafter on the Trishuli River will have an adventurous experience for a lifetime.

Not only that, but the scenery around the river is also quite pretty and enjoyable. Plus, there are settlements near the river which you can explore after rafting is done. If you also like fishing then it’s easily possible for some angling adventure as you can hook big catches from this river. So, yes, Trishuli rafting not only opens doors for rafting but other stuff as well.

Best time for 6 Nights 7 Days Nepal Tour Package

Out of four seasons the two(Autumn and Spring) are classified as the peak seasons and the other two( Monsoon and Winter) as the low or off-seasons. Autumn starts from September and stays until November. This season is called a peak season because of its stable weather conditions. The temperature is mild and there are no chances of rainfall. As you have to do rafting and jungle safaris, the rainfall arouses problems. So, seasons like Autumn are the best time for any kind of adventure or tour in Nepal.

Spring is another peak and the best time for this tour. March, April, and May are the three months of Spring. The conditions during these months are also in favor of travelers and that is why it is peak time. The weather is clear and stable plus the vegetation has added colors during Spring. When you are doing the jungle safari, the greenery of Spring will add more colors to your tour. Thus, Autumn and Spring are the two best times for the 6 Nights 7 Days Tour Package.

However, you can do this Nepal tour during the Winter season but you have to come with warm clothes to avoid the cold. Other than cold, you can do this tour easily in Winter but this will not be as best as the Autumn and Spring. Lastly, Monsoon season is the off-time of all as this is the season of rainfall. As you have to do rafting on this package, so rafting in the flooded river is very risky. Hence, the Monsoon season is not the best time for this outing.

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