Nepal Tour In January

Mardi Himal Trek

The Nepal Tour in January is a joy with overwhelming views, chalk-white hills, and glistening snow peaks. The month celebrates winter with frigid weather, frozen lakes, and quiet forest that’s rarely traversed by people.

Below the cold mountains is a fairytale setting with small houses covered in snow, charming views of fjords and cliffs. The fresh smell of snow and pine forest keeps the trekker awake no matter how long and exhausting the travel is.

Everest Base Camp is one of the best spots you can be in January ensuing silky white snow peaks, quaint villages of Sherpa community and icy-cold rivers. Wandering through the forest with frost leaves may sound inhospitable but it’s actually heartwarming if you went out putting on the winter woolies.

The High Camp on the way to Mardi Himal is another magical place to be during the Nepal tour in January. On a wide meadow under the roof of your tent, you can watch the sky full of stars. It’s so quiet there that you can even hear the sound of breeze clear and loud.

Travelers can smell the cold in cities as well with sporadic hailstorms and mist. But, not to worry as you can count on your winter jackets and fleece sweaters to combat the crisp weather.

Nepal tour in January will provide you with heart warming views of unspoiled mountains, sweeping landscapes, and green hills. Gently trickling rivers on the side of the road, lush farmland, and magnetic view of sunrise throughout the day makes the trek even more pleasing.

Highlights of Nepal Tour in January

  • Enjoy beautiful snowfall at places like Pulchowki, Nagarkot, and Chandragiri Hills
  • Explore the unique culture and tradition followed by people of different caste and ethnicity
  • Pristine view of mountains as well as forested riverbed and diverse wildlife
  • Desert landscapes and towering rocks of different color
  • Lush vegetation including subtropical sal forest, endemic plants, and birch
  • Breathtaking sunrise and sunset view from different viewpoints
  • Delicious puddings and hot soup while traveling cities and

Weather and Temperature during Nepal tour in January

Skeptic one might say January isn’t welcoming with harsh weather at both valleys and mountains in Nepal. But that’s just a piece of gossip as we know how desperate the month is to host visitors from all over the world.

With picture-perfect landscapes, well-preserved historical centers, and UNESCO heritage sites, you have plenty of things to do in January. Unlike a polar region or arctic, the weather is not so cold in Nepal except in the mountains.

As with most cities, the weather in Kathmandu is mild with the lowest temperature measuring 3 Degree Celsius. In the fine southern plain, the temperature is around 15 Degree Celsius with most of the days warm and sunny. But at the onset of dusk, the weather starts to cool and night becomes pleasantly cold even at lowland.

You’ll perhaps sweat while walking the flat ground in mid-day as temperature soars. Dust and fog do obstruct the visibility, making the trip unpleasant and nasty at times. Unlike lowland, weather in Himalaya embraces cold with most of the villages and ridge tucked in snow.

Nights and mornings are bitter with the temperature dropping below -17 Degree Celsius at night. Days are far warmer as compared to mornings with the temperature reaching up to 4 Degree Celsius.

Difficulties of Nepal tour in January

Nepal tour in January is not plain sailing with cold-weather waiting to challenge visitors and push trekkers to their limit. As the coldest month of the year, it faces acute weather with heavy snowfall at places in high altitude.

Cities like Kathmandu too can’t escape the cold climate with temperatures falling as low as 3 Degree Celsius at night. On the bright side, days are relatively warmer and much pleasant in town, receiving the average sunshine of up to 7.2 hours a day.

The month hits the trekker hard with the freezing climate at upper hills and Himalaya. It makes the body freeze and numbs the senses with cold. The snow-covered trail keeps failing the hiker and has them slip over and again. It’s why climbers use crampons to get the grip while walking on a snowy trail.

The cold weather also increases the likeliness of trekkers suffering from bronchitis and pneumonia. When exposed to extreme cold, people ache from hypothermia, severe respiratory illness, and even snow blindness which is a great challenge.

Places to visit during Nepal tour in January

It’s better now than never so this January don’t miss the Nepal tour as it has got bits of everything and for everyone. The country has ample places that keeps travelers warm and delighted even in winter. Some of the places to visit during the Nepal tour in January are.

1. Everest Base Camp Trek with Helicopter

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

January may not be a favorite trekking season of all but that doesn’t mean Everest Base Camp Trek with Helicopter is not doable. With the right preparation and equipment, anyone can scale up the massif or at least to the base camp which sits at an elevation of 5,364 meters.

Walking the long-distance trail is indeed not easy in January with winter at its peak. But the incredible panorama, sweeping cold rivers, and villages with warm hospitality will make the expedition an eternal bliss.

Adventure aficionado can make the most of the trek by climbing a frozen waterfall and skiing glaciated terrains. People also play with snowflakes, make snowballs, and build a hut during the tour in January.

You may not get a clear view of Mount Everest in the mornings due to mist but days are clean and unclogged with the spectacular vista. Following an extreme cold atmosphere, most people are chasing after their heart and sitting near a fire to keep themselves warm.

On return, travelers can watch the stunning landforms, rushing waterfall, and streams releasing aqueous vapor from the flight. They can even gaze at the glistening mountains including Ama Dablam and Nuptse while dining at beautiful Syangboche.

2. Kathmandu City Tour

1 Day Kathmandu Tour

Be it a first timer or frequent, no traveler can miss visiting Kathmandu city during their Nepal tour in January. Unlike the frigid winter of arctic or snowy Europe, the weather is tremendously satisfying here in winter.

Temperature occasionally falls below 0 Degree Celsius, causing the weather to be warm during the day. The town looks superb in winter, for sure, with bright sunny days and no snowfall. However, at times, you’ll get to witness the hailstone stacked on the well-pitched road of Kathmandu.

Seeing the chaotic streets with people in colorful knitted clothes, ancient temples, and historic sites will fill anyone’s heart with infinite joy. The city’s crammed with historic sites like Patan Durbar Square and National Museum that showcase the work of art.

Given the cold weather, most people don’t ramble around the streets, leading to a clean and dust-free environment. There are cultural events and live music shows happening around the city which you can enjoy at any moment.

3. Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park is always a good idea to make a trip. But in January, it’s even better with cool and temperate weather. Unlike sweaty summer, it’s lovely to walk the lowland and explore protected areas with full winter vibes.

Travelers can always visit Chitwan National Park and sight the unique wildlife although some animals could have gone into hibernation. No need for wanderers to walk the frosty meadow as the park offers jungle safari and even drive around the park on jeep.

You can even take a walk to the nearby village inhabited by the Tharu community. They have a rich cultural history and decades-long tradition followed for generations. The old museum in the village has looked after the customs and values of the people there.

4. Nagarkot


Of course, the tourer visits Nagarkot every once in a while during their Nepal visit. But January brings something different and special with it that even frequent visitors are clueless about. As winter is supposed to be, the weather is cold in the village resting at 2,175 meters height.

Yet, the scenery is absolutely incredible with a 180-degree view of unblemished Annapurna massif, Mahalangur range and Langtang buried under snow. You can forever watch the vibrant valley and terrace farm from the rim that looks nothing but stunning.

The hotel at the cliff provides a breathtaking view of sunrise and sunset on any clear day. Explorers can stroll the picturesque walking trail, visit nearby villages and climb the Nagarkot view tour to watch the Kathmandu valley.

There are many lavish hotels and restaurants in Nagarkot that offer the country’s finest suites to avoid freezing cold. They have got an artfully designed interior with a flickering fireplace where you can pull the chair and enjoy the warmth. With so much to observe and traverse, Nagarkot makes a perfect Nepal tour in January.

5. Bandipur


Bandipur overflows with charm and magnetic backdrop during January, thanks to the hilltop view, wild forest, and colorful mud house. The village is so stunning that you can spend the entire day traversing and still not get tired of.

The crowd is noticeably thin during January so you can explore the town without any disruption. Travelers must walk the timeworn street to taste the flavor of ancient Newari culture and beautiful history.

Locals here are so genial and compassionate that it takes no time for a stranger to mix regardless of linguistic barrier. Visiting the sacred caves, religious shrines, and historic mountain villages never gets old.

Bandipur also has authentic Nepali designed hotels and lodges where one can warm up. Walk the hillock and you’ll be rewarded with a perfect sunset view and well-organized flock of birds.

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6. Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek


Ghorepani Poon Hill is the most idyllic short trek with impressive settings, unspoiled mountain view, and countryside houses. Given its easy accessibility and short walk, the trek has become a favorite of every hiker who’ve got a limited time in Nepal.

The trip is an epitome of Nepalese mountain hike but with a lesser walking trail that passes traditional Nepali villages. Local culture of the Gurung community is pretty evident on the way that meanders up many stairs and through rhododendron forests, before reaching an altitude of 3,210 meters.

The view from Poon Hill is absolutely surreal with Annapurna range and Machhapuchhre right in front of eyes. Climb the hill station before dawn and stay till dusk to watch the silent sunrise and sunset that disappears in the cloud

The well-marked trek route of Ghorepani Poon Hill is easily accessible from Pokhara which is almost 200.9 km away from Kathmandu. Upon reaching the lakeside, you must take a drive of around 1.5 hours and 3-4 days long trek.

7. Mustang

mustang tour in january

No expedition in Nepal is complete without a visit to Mustang even better if the trip is in January. The winter is seemingly brilliant in bringing the best out of Mustang whether it’s the glistening Dhaulagiri on the other side of Annapurna massif or diverse landscapes.

Located about 206 km away from Kathmandu, Mustang straddles in the Himalayas and stretches towards north up to the Tibetan plateau. The village is quite popular with winter visitors as it provides a cozy experience even in the bitter month.

From lower Mustang to upper, there are plenty of attractions to see. You can explore the ancient royal palace at Lo Manthang, visit Tibetan monasteries and a museum with a collection of traditional art and crafts. And not to forget the holy shrine for Budhhists and Hindu pilgrims, Muktinath Temple is also a major attraction of Mustang.

Walking the forbidden kingdom and its abandoned villages is slightly tough especially when you have to overcome both rugged trails and cold. But the reward is worth as you get to witness the mud brick walls and rock cliffs.

8. Mardi Himal Base Camp Trek

Mardi Himal Trek

The Nepal Tour in January is all about marking winter, enjoying bonfire, and running the trails to stay warm. And what better place than Mardi Himal Base Camp to do so as it has got both short trails and spectacular views. Unlike autumn, the weather is not so pleasant at the base camp in morning but the day beams light.

It provides an incredible view of Mardi Himal alongside Machhapuchhre and Hiunchuli. The lush-green forested hills on the backdrop is quite as lovely with larch, birch and hemlock. Walk the woodland in day and you have a good chance to come across wild animals like

Mardi Himal Base Camp stands at the east of Annapurna circuit at an elevation of 4,500 meters. Traveler’s can easily get an access to the camp by driving up to Kande, then clamber the trail for 5-6 days, before arriving at the base camp.

9. Chisapani Trek

CHisapani Trek

A Nepal tour in January without Chisapani Trek is a big loss for any traveler. For those who’re unaware, it’s a classic hike with epic views of cascading waterfalls, small streams and mountains.

With no rush to beat the crowd in January, travelers will have enough time to explore the valley and local villages at their own pace. The place has also got green pastures for lazy afternoon strolls but you can also use it for morning walk and workout.

Chisapani is so close from Kathmandu that you can make it to the village in about an hour. Those who have visited Nepal for a short time but dream to glare at the shimmering peaks above 7,000 meters will have the fantasy fulfilled through this trek.

10. Kakani

Kakani Tour in January

Another destination you should be spending the winter in Nepal is Kakani as the place is real heaven. Kakani is an absolute beauty with visionary snow-capped mountain views, rolling hills, and stunning landforms.

The view from the top in January is unprecedented and some of the best you could’ve experienced during the stay in Nepal. It’s as peaceful as it gets in the ridge with mesmeric views of terrace farm, gushing river down the valley, and cold breeze.

Kakani lies roughly 23 km far from Kathmandu City and demands a ride via Trishuli Highway. Driving along the route to this beautiful village, you’ll come across strawberry farms and a cheese factory.

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