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Chitwan National Park Jungle Safari: There was no hype of Jungle Safaris in Nepal, the only things that visitors like to do here were treks and mountain expeditions. But with time jungle safari starts to get attention from the wanderers. All thanks to the Chitwan National Park, the oldest national park of the country for letting the world know Nepal does have the wilderness to explore. Now tourists seem to believe that Nepal is also about jungle safaris other than just trekking and mountains.

In that case, Chitwan National Park Jungle Safari is the first thing on the mind of wild lovers. The park’s short distance from the capital also has aided so much to make the park a hit jungle safari. But, you cannot ignore the prospects of this protected site. To tell you that the park is also enlisted in the world heritage sites. With accreditation from UNESCO, Chitwan has been Nepal’s best place for wildlife exploration and proving the mention thoroughly.

The wild area is full of lush vegetation flourishing through 70% of the park. And those shades of woods are a living place for as many as hundreds of the birds and animals. It’s sure that a person visiting the national park will have so much to watch and explore.

For some good time now, Chitwan National Park has turned to be the most desired tourist destination in Nepal. People from various countries and as well as locals love to spend some days around the utmost nature of the park. There on the trip, people get to perform various activities like Jeep Safari, Elephant Safari and Bath, Bird watching, Canoe riding, Jungle walks, and near village tours. These are some of the major doings of Chitwan Jungle Safari. You’ll have unlimited jungle fun on the trip, that is for sure!

Are you looking for the wildest and worthful jungle safari in Nepal? You can experience both at the same time on the Chitwan Jungle Safari 2 nights 3 days. All you need to do is to book the trip with us. Check all the necessary details of the trip down below from here.

Highlights of Chitwan National Park Jungle Safari

  • Enter the oldest national park in Nepal and experience abundant vegetation and wildlife.
  • Get a wonderful chance to sight at Royal Bengal Tiger and One-Horned Rhinoceros.
  • Drive deeper into the wild of the park via Jeep safari.
  • Perform the most popular Elephant Safari cum Bath.
  • Indulge in acts like Bird watching, jungle walks, canoe riding, etc.
  • Explore the nearly settled Tharu communities and watch their cultural showdowns.

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Detailed Itinerary of Chitwan Jungle Safari 2 nights 3 Days

The quest of Chitwan Jungle Safari starts when you’ll prepare for escaping <a href="">Kathmandu</a>. There are two possible ways to reach Chitwan: airway and roadway. As you know, the flight will be quicker and convenient than the latter. But still, it’s your call on which to choose. Via roadway, it will be a <strong>3 to 4 hours drive </strong>from Kathmandu to Chitwan and through flight, it’s just 20 to 25 minutes.

After reaching Chitwan, firstly, you’ll check-in into the hotel to get refreshed. And then, you’ll head outside to utilize the rest of the day. The first thing you will do today is the national park’s center office visit. This visit will make you aware of various information about the park. For today, you’ll not get into the woods but to the local villages to explore their culture and lives. The locals, Tharus, are so welcoming that they arrange cultural dances for their visitors. And, finally, you’ll head back to your hotel for the night rest after enjoying the times with the locals.

This is the day when you get to celebrate the abundant wildness of Chitwan National Park Jungle Safari. You’ll start the day with a warm breakfast. Then having breakfast done, you’ll begin to head into the jungle deeper and deeper. As there is a range of activities to do, you’ll start with a <strong>Canoe ride over the Rapti River</strong>. This particular ride will make you aware of the various lives of the jungle. Birds can be seen flying around the river and forest and crocodiles and alligators in the bank of the river. It will be a moment to pause upon.

Then leaving the canoe, you’ll reach out for an elephant ride(alternative-jeep ride ) which is the best part of the trip. It will be an elephant safari at first through the jungle to see various wildlife like deer, leopard, One-Horned Rhinoceros, Royal Bengal Tiger, and many more. Then the ride will be more special when you’ll attend an elephant bath where you’ll be on the back of an elephant and it will throw water on you with its long nose. This particular happening will remain in your memories for some good time that is for sure.

Having a lot of things done, you’ll come out of the jungle to watch Tharu cultural dance for the second time. The dance will surely help you to end the day nicely. After the dance, you’ll end up for dinner before sleeping.

As you wake up on the 3rd day of the Chitwan National Park Jungle Safari itinerary, you’ll make preparations to return to Kathmandu. But before your departure for the capital, you’ll make an entry to the<strong> Elephant Breeding Centre</strong> of the park. There you’ll meet several famous elephants of Nepal to click photos with them. You’ll also learn more about the entire breeding process. Thereafter having spent 2 nights and 3 days in Chitwan, you’ll make a return to Kathmandu. And after the return, your Chitwan National Park Jungle Safari itinerary ends here.

Service includes

  • Kathmandu to Chitwan and return Kathmandu by Tourist Bus.
  • All meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) during tour.
  • All Jungle activities with Guide.
  • National park fee.
  • Three star category accommodation for 2 night.

Service excludes

  • All kind of soft and hard drinks.
  • Extra activities which are not mention in program.
  • Extra night (accommodation) hotel.
<h2>Best time for Chitwan Jungle Safari</h2> To decide the right time for Chitwan National Park Jungle Safari is the easiest yet so confusing thing. The Park is located in the lowlands of Nepal which are low altitude areas(60m to 300m). The park is located in such a place wherein monsoon makes the region extremely wet and cold in the winter. So you have to be sure about which season is best to avoid the wettest, hottest and coldest days of the year. For that, Autumn and Spring are the right time for this adventure or any other in Nepal. Autumn(September to November) brings clear and bluish skies, mild temperature, and amazing horizon views. However, <a href="">September</a> receives light rainfall because of the aftermath of the monsoon. But, October and November are incomparable when you’ll have a bright day to enjoy the wildlife. Similarly, Spring which starts from March and remains until May is another rightful time for Chitwan jungle safari. The weather and temperature are almost identical to Autumn. Only the greenest color of vegetation makes difference. If you wish to improve your eye sights, Spring-the season of greenery would be better. On the contrary, Monsoon the most and Winter are the low times for the expedition. But remember, you can do the jungle safaris any time of a year you want. As we are talking about the best times, so Monsoon and Winter may sound unappealing here. Monsoon-the seasons of rainfall bring water loaded clouds around and make the area all wet and muddy. However, the views after rainfall are good to watch. The weather remains wet throughout June to mid-September. Lastly, Winter, which is the coldest season of all even in the low areas, remains from December to February. These months are easily doable with the right clothes on but the low visibility makes it a wrong time for a jungle tour. It is fog all around and you cannot even see animals in the peak hours of the day. Therefore, if you are asking us the best times only then it would be Autumn and Spring. You have known the reason why they are the best and why the remaining are not the ones. But it’s all your call to make the trip happen. So make sure you choose the accurate time for this wildest ride. <h2>Activities to do in Chitwan Jungle Safari</h2> <h3>Elephant Back Safari Cum Bathing</h3> This is one of the best things by far to do in Chitwan National Park Jungle Safari. It’s an activity to ride the jungle on the Elephant’s back. The ride is totally safe as there will be a professional rider and a trained elephant for this act. You’ll get to the core areas of the jungle where the most of the animals roam around. The more exciting part about this act is you’ll be showered by the elephant at last. Just imagine how exciting it would be. <h3>Jeep Safari</h3> Jeep safaris are also available for you if you love such activities. A jeep will take you very deep into the jungle to make you see and explore the vegetation and wildlife. However, it’s an alternative for those who are not comfortable with elephant rides. Choosing this over elephant ride takes you to many places in a short time. <h3>Jungle Walk</h3> How can jungle walks be left behind especially when it’s in Chitwan national park. Though the act is time consuming, you’ll explore every inch of wildlife and view around your sight. Don't worry about wild animals, you’ll be accompanied by the naturalist of the park. Jungle walks let you enjoy the birds' watch better than anything else. <h3>Elephant Breeding Centre</h3> A visit to the Elephant Breeding centre of the park is a must thing to do in a Chitwan jungle Safari itinerary. The centre is solely for one reason, that is to increase the numbers of Elephants who are already enroute to vanish. Visiting the breeding centre will let you know more about the giant species. <h3>Canoe ride</h3> Chitwan National Park visit is never complete without canoe ride. There is Narayani river amid the woods where you can take a water ride to explore the birds and aquatic animals living near there. Make sure you book your seat on the wooden canoe. <h3>Village tour</h3> Though the trip is a natural escape, you can still add some village tour to make the trip more happening. The locals have lived very near the woods of the park since ages. You’ll tour through the near villages like Sauraha and Meghali. You’ll learn more about their intact lifestyle from the modern world. For making your village visit more memorable, the locals arrange cultural performances as a welcoming act. <h3>Bish Hajar (20 Thousand) Lake Tour</h3> Bish Hajar i.e. 20 thousand Lake is another attraction near the park that you can pay a visit to. The lake is named so because it contains a number of small and big lakes. It is a perfect destination to enjoy the lake view along with bird, reptile and mammal watching. Mammals like one-horned rhinos come to this place for water and varieties of birds for fish and all. Isn’t it a great place to be around? Surely, it is. <h2>About Chitwan National Park</h2> It’s the oldest national park of Nepal established in 1973 to promote the safeguard and preserve the natural diversity. Now the <strong>952.63 square km wide </strong>protected area is also a UNESCO world heritage site. The park is stretched over 4 districts: Nawalpur, Chitwan, Parsa, and Makawanpur. Its altitude ranges from 100m in the southern terai to 815m in inner terai lowlands. Long back from nowadays, it used to be a destination for monarchy’s hunting expedition. Now the park has turned into a safe place for many wildlives. The park has been a living area for many endangered and common species of birds, reptiles, and mammals. More than<strong> 543 bird species </strong>can be watched in the park. Likewise, <strong>68 mammals species </strong>including Rhinoceros(One-Horned), Royal Bengal Tiger, Sloth Bear, Wild Elephant live here. Amphibians like fish, gharials, crocodiles, and starred tortoise also come into the fauna families of the park. All these animals live among the favourable diverse and dense vegetation of the park. The park is occupied with <strong>70% of Himalayan subtropical forest </strong>where the main names are Sal and Chir pine. The rest of the vegetation is dotted with the tall and picturesque grasslands. All in all, the park is enriched with everything that a wild area has to be with.

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