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Want to take a short jeep tour to the beautiful Manang region of Nepal? Read on for a complete description of Besisahar to Manang jeep cost, itinerary, and other details.

Manang is a scenic village in the incredible Himalayan landscapes of western Nepal. This outstanding rural region with spectacular scenic beauty is quite popular among travelers. Moreover, The unique cultural landmarks of this village attract visitors from all over the world. Many heritage and traditions are of great cultural significance.

You can arrive at Manang after a short drive from Besisahar on a highway road. While you can travel this route by various means, a stunning jeep ride is your best option. A 4wd Jeep drive can tackle rugged road conditions in remote parts of the country. There is a larger space, and you can travel with your family and friends comfortably.

Moreover, you can observe breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains along the journey. There is also an opportunity for a cultural exploration of settlements along the journey. While trekking this same route will take you a couple of days, this jeep drive takes only 5-6 hours to complete. Therefore, a jeep drive to Manang is a safe and comfortable journey to this beautiful region.

Our Besisahar to Manang jeep cost is reasonable and budget-friendly. Read further for complete information about this trip and other details.

Major Highlights of Trip

  • An incredible journey covering Besisahar to Manang distance on a jeep
  • Observing scenic highway settlements of the region
  • Majestic vista of snow-capped mountains of the Himalayan range.
  • Cultural exploration of the local ethnic Gurung, Tamang, and Magar community
  • Observing scenic green hills, fast-flowing rivers, terrace farms, and other natural landmarks
  • Budget-friendly Besisahar to Manang jeep cost
  • Warm welcome and hospitality of local people
  • Observing various flora and fauna of the region


Service includes

  • Private Jeep with driver.
  • Mineral water.
  • Road Tax and necessary official expenses.

Service excludes

  • Personal expenses.
  • Lunch and all kind of drinks.
  • Entry permit for Annapurna Conservation which is require for all travellers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why take Besisahar to Manang jeep ride?

Jeep travel is a great way to travel from Besisahar to Manang. It is pretty safe and comfortable in a jeep as you need to traverse rugged and remote regions. Since road conditions are not that great, a jeep will provide you with a much comfortable option.

Can you book in advance?

Yes, you can book your trip in advance. For that, you need to pay some fees in advance, and when you complete this trip, you can pay the rest of the amount. However, most jeep hire services are prepaid as it is a short-duration trip.

When is the best time for this jeep tour?

The best time for this Besisahar to Manang is Autumn and Spring. These seasons provide you with the region’s best views and stable weather conditions ideal for traveling in the area.

What does the Besisahar to Manang jeep cost?

The Besisahar to Manang jeep cost is around NRP 5000/US$45 per person. However, the price also depends upon the jeep type and route. If you can negotiate well, you can also get the total cost reduced by a significant amount.

Can you cancel your booking?

Yes, you can cancel your booking, and you will need to pay 10% of the total fee if you cancel ahead of this trip. However, if you cancel on the same day, you will have to pay 40%. However, these conditions depend upon the terms and conditions of the rental companies.

Manang: An Overview

Manang is a beautiful settlement situated in the Marshyangdi River valley of western Nepal. It lies to the north of the Annapurna mountain range, and a beautiful river flows to the east of this village. Thorong La pass (5,416-m/ 17,769 ft) that lies to the west of this village settlement leads to the Muktinath shrine. And as you move further, you will arrive at the Gandaki River valley.

The Chulu East peak (6,584 m/ 21,601 ft) in the north looks incredibly beautiful. Manang is an ideal acclimatization place for those trekkers and climbers making their way in the Annapurna region. Thorong La pass is the next point on this route. The northern slope village allows it to get maximum sunlight and a little snow cover in the Winter.

There are many cultivation fields in the form of terrace farming on the north slope. Motorable roads have reached this village where many goods get transported. They get transported through jeeps, mules, or traditional porters. There is also a small airport 2.5 km (1.6 mi) east of the town built-in 1985.

Annapurna Conservation Area trail provides various benefits to the villagers. You can also find a medical center for high-altitude sickness and other altitude-related problems. There are agricultural lands and yak herdings in this valley as well. A 4wd Jeep is ideal for traveling in and around the region.

It can accommodate 6-7 people at once. An experienced driver will make you feel comfortable and take you on a scenic drive around the area. They also know about various parts along trails so that you can have a great experience overall. These Jeeps are of a different variety, and you can choose any one of them based on your requirements.

Why Should You Take Besisahar to Manang Jeep Ride?

The short duration of travel

This jeep drive is a short duration tour that allows people to travel quickly. Trekking these routes would take a lot of days and increase their itinerary by a significant amount. Therefore, traveling Besisahar to Manang distance in a jeep is a great travel option.

Breathtaking mountain views

The Himalayas is one of the most beautiful parts of this journey. The travelers can observe the magical views of other beautiful landmarks of this region. The scenic beauty of gorgeous sun rays falling upon silver mountains is an experience of a lifetime. Therefore, this factor makes this Besisahar to Manang jeep enchanting for any traveler. Moreover, you can also observe serene waterfalls and rivers along the journey.

Cultural exploration

Nepal is a beautiful country with many diverse cultures. There are various landmarks that you can observe, along with the unique tradition and heritage. This beautiful tour allows you to observe the beautiful, spellbinding cultural settlements. There are many temples and monasteries in the region as well.

You can learn about the incredible beauty of the region as you can interact with local people. Highway settlements in the area will provide you with cultural aspects of the region. The unique culture gives travelers a unique perspective of the region. There are many temples and religious monasteries in the region as well.

Where To Hire A Jeep?

There are many places to hire a jeep to cover Besisahar to Manang distance in a short duration. You can also book in advance in Kathmandu to get the best bargain deals for jeep hire. There are different brands of jeep you can take this tour. Besisahar to Manang Jeep cost is reasonable for all travelers.

Moreover, these jeep rental services provide a professional driver with years of experience. Driving in remote and rugged terrains of Nepal is quite a challenge even for experienced drivers. The Besisahar to Manang jeep cost depends on the jeep type and route as well.

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Best Time For The Besisahar to Manang Jeep Tour

Jeep drive from Besisahar to Manang is an ideal short-duration trip. You can travel around the Himalayan region on this excellent jeep trip all round the year. However, Autumn and Spring are the best times to travel on this jeep tour.

Autumn is the travel peak season as it brings stable weather conditions and moderate temperatures. The daytime temperatures during Autumn can range anywhere between 14 to 16 C. There are vast blue skies with majestic views of snow-capped mountains. You can also observe other diverse natural vista of the region.

Spring is a scenic time as there are beautiful weather conditions. The environment remains colorful due to wildflowers blooming all over the hills. Moreover, the daytime temperatures range from 18 to 6 C. The travelers can enjoy their journey in a tranquil atmosphere in Spring.

Summer-Monsoon and Winter are off-seasons for traveling around Nepal. There are chances of heavy snowfall in Winter. Whereas summer-monsoon can bring landslides and avalanches, making it quite challenging. There are heavy rainfalls in most parts of the country in the summer monsoon.

The winters are freezing, with temperatures dropping around -8°C in the nighttime. Hence, these factors make these seasons unfavorable for traveling around Nepal. However, with proper preparation, you can take this tour any time of year.

Guidelines For Besisahar to Manang Jeep Tour

Book in advance

Booking your trip in advance is essential as it helps you get the best services at a bargain cost. There are various jeep services that you can find in Besisahar. You can contact them to book your trip in advance.

If you plan your trip last minute, you will face trouble as you might find it challenging to find these jeep drives. You can do this at least a week before this trip. It also allows you to check the condition of the vehicle and change it if needed.

Mobile/Online Banking or Credit Card

Mobile/Online Banking or Credit Card is a more accessible alternative to cash. It is much quicker and safer than using cash. Hence, you can use these payment measures while taking this Besisahar to Manang Jeep cost.

Rental terms and conditions

You should also read about various terms and conditions about this jeep ride. Different rental companies provide you with the required facilities of fuel as well. However, some jeep companies charge you an extra amount for the same. Hence, reading these terms and conditions becomes essential.

Factors To Consider for Besisahar to Manang Jeep Tour

There are various factors to consider for your jeep rides. The jeep’s condition is one of them, along with storage space and passenger accommodation. This jeep drive will pass through incredible natural and cultural landscapes.

Moreover, you should also consider fuel economy, mileage, cost, and others factors. Read on for more information on this topic.


One of the essential factors that you should consider is the Besisahar to Manang jeep cost. The jeep type and duration are significant factors that determine the price of your jeep drive. You can also get the best deals if you look for different options providing this service.

Road condition

This jeep adventure is excellent for those travelers who love to trek in rugged and remote terrains of the region. However, road conditions in these remote hilly regions are not the best, and you will have to travel on gravel roads in some sections of this trip. Hence, you should consider these factors before taking this journey on a jeep.

Two-way traffic is also a challenge as roads are pretty narrow in these regions. Heavy vehicles are not ideal in these conditions. Hence, there are small jeeps with 4×4 wheelers. There are smooth rides and help you to avoid overcrowding. Therefore, you should consider road conditions before traveling from Besisahar to Manang in a jeep.

Storage space

The storage space is an essential factor that you should consider to store all your travel luggage and other items. The jeep must have extra space for enough air and should allow comfortable and safe travel.

Jeep condition

The jeep condition is significant because you don’t want to drive on a low condition vehicle that will get broken down in the middle. Therefore you should always check for your vehicle condition before the trip. You can inspect scratches and dents on the jeep before making your way.

Looking for any signs of damage and other functionality is essential because they provide you with an overall idea of the jeep. This will also help you avoid any loss in case of any damage to the jeep.


The safety features of this jeep are probably an essential part of any travel journey. You should not overlook this factor as it is pretty vital, especially if you are traveling in rugged and remote terrains. It should perform well in all safety measures before taking this journey of covering Besisahar to Manang distance on a jeep.

Besisahar to Manang Jeep Cost

This incredible trip is ideal for all travelers who want to take this journey to the beautiful village settlement of Manang. On average, Besisahar to Manang jeep costs around NRP 5000/US$45 per person. However, the price is negotiable and depends on the jeep type and your negotiation effort. A jeep dedicated to transporting tourists is expensive compared to the one carrying supplies.

Final Say

Manang is a beautiful village settlement in the northwestern part of Nepal. The jeep drive is the best way to travel from Besisahar to Manang on rough and remote gravel roads. You will have a safe travel journey while observing beautiful snow-capped mountains.

Moreover, these jeeps tours are available at a reasonable price. We hope you learned about this incredible jeep tour in detail through this article. Contact us for more information about this Besisahar to Manang jeep cost, itinerary, and other details. Book your trip now!

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