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Jeep Drive for Arughat takes you to a beautiful settlement in the Gorkha District in Gandaki Province. This lovely village remains in the incredible hilly region in the remote landscapes of the country. The region’s rich and diverse natural and cultural heritage is enchanting for all travelers.

The unique northern Himalayan view from the village is the prime attraction of this village. There are incredible touristic views from the various points of the town that will make your trip worthwhile. There are other rich and diverse flora and fauna in the region.

The village is also the starting point of the various treks and trips in the region. This mainly includes the Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley trek. You can observe the region’s beautiful landscape while arriving at your destination. Many trekkers and tourists arrive at this destination to begin their journey in the blissful foothills of the Himalayas.

While there are various ways to arrive at the destination, a stunning jeep drive is probably the best way to come to the region. This extraordinary journey on a jeep is a great experience. The route of this jeep drive passes through the rugged terrains of the region, which is quite enchanting. The landscapes that take you to this beautiful destination pass through the incredible Himalayan region.

The beautiful trails of this trip take around 5-6 hrs from Pokhara. This Jeep Hire For Arughat from Nepal Recreation Tour and Vehicle is a fantastic, reasonably priced service. This natural vista passing through incredible landscapes is the trip’s prime attraction. Read on for more information about this trip.


Day 1 :

Early morning in your Kathmandu Hotel have breakfast then start journey to Arughat which take around 5 to 6 hours including Lunch break and some photoshoot.
The jeep will very comfortable and experienced driver.

Cost includes

  • Kathmandu to Arughat private Jeep have 4W.
  • An experienced driver with his expenses.
  • Full insurance for all member.
  • Mineral water.

Cost Excludes

  • Personal expenses.
  • Lunch and snacks.
How long jeep ride Kathmanu to Arughat ?

The timing depends on our guest request how they like to spend on the way. Normally 5 to 6 hours including lunch break. Its means 6 hours to reach Arughat from Kathmandu.

Will jeep have insurance ?

Yes, there is insurance for all members.

Pokhara to Arughat Jeep – The Route

The jeep drive passes through the settlements of Lekhnath and Shukla Gandaki as you start your journey from Pokhara. From there, you will pass through the territory of Byas and Aanbu Khaireni to finally arrive at Gorkha. After resting and exploring Gorkha Bazaar, we will continue to Arughat.

Many diverse trails and natural landmarks can be observed along the route, making the trip unforgettable. The tour passes through waterfalls, narrow cliffs, hills, and highways. After traveling for 6-7 hours, you will finally arrive at the destination of Arughat.

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Why Take Pokhara to Muktinath Jeep?

Short tour

This jeep drive to Arughat is a short and quick tour. It only takes you around 5-6 hours to complete this journey. However, the journey will take more than 2-3 days if you decide to trek. Hence, you can arrive at Arughat from the jeep and start your trekking journey in the Manalsu and the Tsum valley regions. Therefore, the jeep drive to Arughat is your ideal option.

Incredible vista

The jeep drive to Arughat provides an outstanding vista of the entire region. These incredible journeys pass through some of the most challenging landscapes of the area. The views of the highways and the narrow cliffs are pretty enchanting.

There are various incredible routes and exploration opportunities on this tour. The natural diversities and local settlements of the region are fascinating. The unique perspective of the entire hilly landscape makes this trip worthwhile.

Safety and comfort

The incredible jeep tour will also provide a safe and comfortable time. There is ample legroom space for you to tackle along the trail. The generous space will allow you to keep all your stuff with ease. You will have a safe and comfortable place for this tour.

Factors To Consider For Jeep Drive to Arughat

You should consider various aspects before the jeep drive to Arughat. They are as follows:

Overall Cost

The trip’s overall cost is essential to consider before the Jeep Drive for Arughat. Various jeep fares that you can encounter while looking for this jeep tour. However, you should always consult various resources to get the exact prices. Hence, you will not get a bad deal for this short-duration tour. We at Nepal Recreation Tour offer you this tour at a bargain price.

Road condition

The road condition of this highway that you are going to Jeep Drive for Arughat is quite challenging. You will pass through rugged landscapes that make the trip worthwhile for all travelers. There are various difficult roads from Pokhara.

However, the 4WD jeeps you will travel on provide everything you can ask for in this tour. It can tackle quite challenging conditions. Hence, you must consider the path and its conditions before taking this jeep drive to Arughat.

Jeep condition

The jeep condition is another essential factor in this incredible jeep drive. During this short trek, the Jeep Drive for Arughat must be ideal for a safe and comfortable trip. Various fantastic trails during the journey provide you with challenging terrains.

There is a comfortable travel experience in a perfectly conditioned jeep. A well-conditioned jeep must verify certain conditions. There are high chances of breakage in a poorly-conditioned jeep.

Therefore, you should check for damage, scratches, or dents in the jeep before. Overall, you should also check the functionality of the trip. The functionality should include various accelerators, brakes, and others.

There are various ways of preparation that you can use. The safety protocols will help you comfort and ensure a great trip. Hence, this way, you will remain calm and safe along the trail. This way, you will stay safe from all the external factors along the route.

Storage Space/Legroom

There are various factors of space that you should consider in this tour. The jeep drive must have proper storage space along the trail. There are various other reasons you should have storage space. You will need to pack a lot of stuff, especially if you are going on a trekking adventure.

Besides that, you will also need the best legroom as the journey takes around 5-6 hours at the minimum. Therefore, for these reasons, you should get ample space for your trekking adventures. Besides that, you will also get comfortable and refreshed for your next adventure.

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Jeep Hire for Arughat
  • Private 4W jeep.
  • 1 to 7 person