Bardia Jungle Safari 3 Nights

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Jungle Safaris are popular among the people who just love woods and live there. When such people get free time to spare, they get ready for the jungle adventure. Amid numerous beautiful countries, Nepal, the Himalayan country, has enough wilderness to please you. Bardia Jungle Safari is one of several ways to come across the wild side of Nepal.

Bardia Jungle Safari takes place in the Bardia National Park which is located some 560km west from Kathmandu. The park stretches over the area of 968 square km in the plainland of western Nepal. It has been a dwelling place for hundreds of mammals, reptiles, birds, and other wood lives. You’ll see many animals and birds once you enter deeper and deeper into the woods. However, the Bengal Tiger and One-Horned Rhino are the major yet rare watches of the trip. You’ll be lucky if you get to see one or both on the trip.

Every peak tourist time, a good number of people both local and foreigners flock inside the jungle to encounter the raw nature. Moreover, the edges of the park are inhabited by the locals showing their unique culture and lifestyle. Visitors also get chances to indulge there too. Unless you are a water adventure lover, you can do rafting and fishing inside the Bardia National Park. Babai and Karnali River, the famous water outing destinations flow through the park.

So, yeah, Bardia’s Jungle Safari is worth intaking as you will ride a jeep and an elephant along with walks to trace the beauty of the jungle. With the excuse of it, you’ll explore the unexplored western part of Nepal.

Up to now was a brief overview of the trip. If you would like to do the safari, the detailed itinerary of the Bardia National Park jungle safari with other important details are as below:

Highlights of Jungle Safari in Bardia National Park

  • Ride straight to leave the hustles and bustles of Kathmandu for the wild west of Nepal.
  • Indulge yourself in the various jungle activities like Elephant safari, jeep safari nature walks, bird watching, and fishing.
  • Explore the culture, lifestyle, and cultural dances of the near villages.
  • Encounter the never seen wilderness of the Badia National Park.
  • Possible add-ons like rafting and fishing in Karnali and Babai River.

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Detailed Itinerary of Bardia Jungle Safari - 3 nights 4 days

<strong>Flight Duration: </strong>30 minutes

<strong>Drive Duration: </strong>3 to 4 hours(80 k.m)

As soon as you meet the <a href="">Nepal Recreation</a> team, there will be necessary preparation and arrangements to leave Kathmandu. The park is stretched exactly <strong>560km away </strong>from the capital towards the west of Nepal. You’ll fly towards the western lands of Nepal over the hills of Kathmandu enjoying the scenic view of Nepal.

In about half an hour, you’ll reach the nearest Nepalgunj airport. From there, you’ll drive out for the Bardia national park which is still <strong>80 km away</strong> <strong>from the airport.</strong> Upon your reach to the hotel near the park, you’ll get refreshed before heading out again to make entry into the national park area. You’ll do not much today except touring around the visitor center of the park and near villages for cultural programs and exploration. There will be a short tour and lunch after the tour and before bedtime. Overnight at lodge.

The true adventure starts on the second day. After breakfast is done, you’ll join a jeep ride to get deep into the woods. The morning time is a great time to encounter the animals along the ride. As you head into the jungle, there will be possibilities of encountering tigers, rhinos, elephants, deers, blackbuck, swamp deer, etc. Bird watching will also be done on this day. Yet, don't keep a high expectation of seeing the Bengal Tiger. It's never a sure thing that might or might not happen. As said earlier, only the lucky ones get to see the jungle’s mightiest daredevil.

But, you’ll be impressed by the denseness of the jungle and varieties of animals roaming around there. It’s a peaceful jungle safari day through the woods of Bardia national park. There are<strong> elephant rides/safaris also available </strong>which you can opt instead of the jeep. Throughout the day, you’ll be at the optimum wood level enjoying the surrounding. After a naturalistic day in the jungle, you’ll head back to your hotel for night rest.

The second day is fully dedicated to remaining jungle activities from the first day. After breakfast, you’ll join a jeep ride to reach the bank of Karnali River for some <strong>water excursions</strong>. This is more fun because of canoe riding on the Karnali river. As you pass ahead on the river, you’ll come across crocodiles and alligators on the bank of the river and fishes in the water.

If you have a fishing reel with you on the trip, you can hook some fish too. This will make your day a more exciting one. Then leaving the bank of the river, you’ll make a visit to the elephant breeding center of the park. If there is still time left, you’ll try to get as much as from Jungle safari in Bardia national park before you leave the place to return. Overnight at Lodge in Bardia.

You’ll not fly straight back to <a href="">Kathmandu</a> on the last day of the trip. Until half-day, you’ll perform some remaining jungle activities. The best thing to do on the last day will be an elephant riding. You’ll get a much better view of the jungle than from the jeep safari. The elephant will take you very close to the wild animals to let you have a close-range view.

After the ride, you’ll make a return to the lodge and eat lunch before leaving the park for the Nepalgunj airport. And in about<strong> 30 minutes of air time</strong>, you’ll be back in Kathmandu.

Best time for Bardia National Park Safari

Bardiya Jungle Safari - 3 nights 4 days

Well, there are two times when the conditions are better than ever for Bardia Jungle safari: mid-September to mid-December (Autumn) and February to June(Spring). During these seasons, the weather of the Bardia region remains driest of all and you can enjoy the trip entirely. You’ll have a bright sunny day to observe every detail of the park clearly.

But, if you opt for Monsoon season then the rain halts everything. The park becomes totally wet and muddy during the rainy(monsoon) and there are low chances of seeing wild animals during the season. Similarly, the winter i.e. from late December to January is also not the right time for the jungle safari. Fog is everywhere and it is cold also throughout the days. With dense fog on, there is no point in doing a jungle safari.

So, the best time for your Bardia National Park’s escape would be the Autumn and Spring season. During those times, you’ll not need any heavy clothes, a simple sun-avoiding and cool one can work.

About Bardia National Park

Bardiya Jungle Safari - 3 nights 4 days

Bardia National Park is one of the most important and popular protected sites in Nepal. In the distance of 560km from Kathmandu, the park has conserved a huge wilderness. It has a total area of 968 square kilometers(374 sq mi) and is not too far from the India-Nepal border. Established in the year 1988, Bardia National Park has now become the prominent destination for wildlife exploration and jungle safari. Long back from now, some areas of the park were occupied by the locals. Later the people were relocated to other areas to preserve the wildlife.

Talking about its flora and fauna, the park has 70% dotted with forest and inside a live range of wild animals. The green area of the park is decorated with a fusion of grassland, riverine forest, and savannah. Altogether 839 species of flora and 642 fauna species can be found inside the park.

Likewise, the park is drawn by the Karnali and Babai River which are home for more than 125 fish species. Reptiles like Mugger Crocodiles, Alligator can be easily found on the bank of the river. The most popular species of the park are the one-horned rhino, Bengal tiger, wild elephants, swamp deer, and Gangetic dolphin. All in all, Bardia national park is a place to encounter numerous wild lives and dense vegetations.

Things to do in Bardia Jungle Safari

Jungle Walks

The jungle walks are the best thing to do in the Bardia Jungle Safari tour. This way you get to explore the park more extensively than other ways. Though the jungle walks can take longer than other options, the learnings are worthwhile. Park walks are better especially in the riverbank areas where you can see the wildlife more than elsewhere.

Jeep Safaris

This is why most of the people arrive in Bardia National park. The jungle safari of the park is Nepal’s famous as the safari lets you explore much of the park. Jeep Safaris take you very deep inside the park to make you encounter varied wildlife. The deeper you are in the park, the more chances of seeing varieties of species. Therefore, if you want to explore the park thoroughly, make sure you book a jeep safari in the Bardia Jungle tour.

Rafting and Canoe riding

As mentioned earlier, the park accompanies two rivers: the Babai River and Karnali River. Babai river is known as one of the best places for fishing and Karnali the best place for rafting and water adventure. If you call yourself an adventurer, you can ask your guide to arrange rafting, fishing, and canoe riding inside the park. While doing those activities, the chances of seeing rare animals like the One-horned Rhino and Bengal Tiger are more. The water animals like crocodiles, alligators, and various fish species can be seen quite easily.


Birdwatching is another best thing to do while in Bardia National Park Jungle Safari. As the park is a shelter for more than 407 bird species, it will be the biggest mistake not to do birdwatching there. There are watch centers to observe birds in the park or else you can just bring your binocular and start looking. Some of the popular flying species of the park are Bengal Florican, peafowl, bar-headed geese, white-rumped vulture.

Elephant and Crocodile Breeding Center

There are not too big Elephant and Crocodile breeding centers for better reproduction of the species. If you want to explore and learn about the breeding process of those animals, you can manage the time for breeding center visits. For the Elephant center be there either early in the morning or after 4 pm. The rest of the time elephants are around the jungle for patrolling.

Tharu Villages Tour

Tharu are the locals of the Bardia area who display unique culture and lifestyles. The villages of those are not too far from the Bardia park area. Tharu communities provide the most warming hospitality by performing cultural dances for visitors. If you love foreign culture other than wildlife, you can opt for the Tharu villages tour.

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