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Here, you can find a detailed Guide for Jeep Hire Kathmandu to Chame or to Manang.

Chame is a beautiful settlement located at an altitude of 3,519 meters in the Manang district of Nepal. The town lies in the broad valley of Marshyangdi River that flows to the east. The Thorong La pass on North leads to the Muktinath shrine and the Gandaki River valley. Chulu East peak (6,584 m) is an enchanting natural beauty you can observe from Chame.

Manang is also an acclimatization spot during the Annapurna circuit trek before crossing Thorong La pass. The village on the northern slope receives the most sunlight and the least snow in the winter and there are terrace farming cultivations as well. There are motorable roads that are ideal for jeeps along with trekking trails.

While there is a small airport, this motorable road linking Manang to the Annapurna Conservation Area has been quite beneficial to local people. Jeep Hire Kathmandu to Chame or Manang is a great way to travel to this beautiful place. The jeep ride passes through rough unpaved gravel roads of the region. People also start their trek to Muktinath temple in Mustang from Chame.

The dusty roads provide you a great adventure along with beautiful views of the region. You will pass through alpine forests, highway settlements, and desert-like barren landscapes. Besides that, you can observe rivers, waterfalls, water streams, terraced farmed hills, and many others. Read further for the detailed description about Jeep ride Kathmandu to Manang or Chame and other relevant information in detail.

Highlights of Jeep Hire Kathmandu to Chame/Manang

  • Traveling through the winding zig-zag roads of Prithvi Highway
  • Exploration of culture, heritage, and lifestyle of Manange people
  • Experiencing barren desert-like landscapes of the region
  • Opportunity to visit pilgrimage site of “Muktinath” temple
  • Tasting delicious cuisine of local people
  • Experience various settlements, and markets along Highway
  • Spotting rare and endangered wildlife of the region

Chame/Manang: An Overview

Gangapurna glacier and lake Manang

Chame is a village in the Manang District of Gandaki Pradesh, Nepal. Chame is the district headquarter and has an area of 2,246 km2 (867 sq mi) with a population of 6,538 as of the 2011 census. The Thorung La at 5415 meters connects the Manang district to Mustang District by creating a route from Manang and Muktinath.

Manang district is also known for being the district with the least amount of rainfall in Nepal as the Himalayas in the north block monsoon air creating a rain shadow region. The Manang Valley, near the Nepal-Tibet border, is also known for its rich natural flora and fauna. You can explore its landscapes and cultures with a Jeep Ride Kathmandu to Chame or Manang.

The people from Manang are also known as “Mananges” and are the best-known traders of Nepal. They have traditionally traveled and traded in South East Asia, and abroad with precious stones and metals, herbs, musk, and others. They also trade in garments, electronic goods, watches.

“Mananges” spend six months away from trading and only come back home in the summer. Since the area opened in the late 1970s, many people have changed their occupation from agriculture to tourism, hospitality, and hotel business. The Manang to Muktinath trail was a traditional route for transporting sheep and yak to Manang and is quite important to locals.

The Manang Valley is dry, desolate that resembles deserts. Muktinath is a temple with great spiritual and religious significance also known as the salvation temple. It is a pilgrimage site for both Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims. Pilgrims believe that seeking blessings from the temple leads to salvation and cleansing of sins.

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Final Say – Jeep Hire Kathmandu to Manang or Chame

Chame (3,519 meters) is a scenic Himalayan town in the Manang district of Nepal. The Marshyangdi River flows to the east and there is the Thorong La pass on the North that leads to the Muktinath shrine. There are jeep travelers’ roads along with trekking trails.

This motorable road also links to the Annapurna Conservation Area and is a great trading way for local people. Jeep Hire Kathmandu to Chame or Manang is an ideal way to pass through rough unpaved gravel roads. You can observe snow-capped Himalayan mountains and other green and diverse landscapes of the region.

Moreover, this journey also passes barren, desert-like landscapes. There are rental services that provide the best quality jeeps and other vehicles for hire at a reasonable price. A driving license and a valid credit card are generally required to book this rental service. We hope you learned about jeep hire Kathmandu to Manang in detail.


Service includes

  • 4W jeep with professional Driver.
  • Travel insurance for all member who are travelling in Jeep.
  • Mineral water during drive.
  • Road tax and necessary road permit.

Service excludes

  • Personal expenses during drive.
  • Lunch and others drinks during drive.

FAQs on Jeep Hire Kathmandu to Chame or Manang

What kind of vehicles can you rent in Nepal?

There are various budgets for luxury vehicles that you can rent in Nepal. It includes SUVs, sedans, trucks, jeeps, electric, compacts, convertibles, and others.

Is rental insurance available in Nepal?

Yes, rental insurance is available in Nepal.

How long can I rent a vehicle in Nepal?

Yes, you can rent a car long-term for around a month in Nepal.

Can you cancel a rental vehicle and what does it cost?

Yes, you can cancel and you will get charged around 10%, if you cancel the trip after booking. You will have to pay around 40% of the advance if you cancel your booking on the same day. However, this depends upon rental companies and their policies. Hence, the car rental policy is important and you should read them before going on this trip.

Is there wildlife that you can observe while driving in Nepal?

Yes, there is wildlife along the journey and you can spot animals like sheep, moose, deers, goats, and others. Wait for the animals to cross the road driving slowly especially at night.

Why should you rent a vehicle in Nepal?

Renting a vehicle is safe, and comfortable for traveling around remote rural regions of Nepal. You can get a rented vehicle in Kathmandu and drive around the country. It is a great way to travel for a business trip, weekend getaway, or a casual trip.

Can you book in advance and pay later?

Yes, you can book in advance and then pay later in most online rental services. You can pay some advance fee and then pay the full cost later. The rental company will place a hold on your credit card in the deposited amount.

However, if you want cheaper rental services most of them are prepaid. Hence, you can read the rental agreement before booking a jeep or any other vehicle for your travel.

Can you cross the international border in a rented jeep or any other vehicle?

You can only travel around Nepal and should not cross the border unless you have a rental contract that allows you to do so.

How to get the best rental deals in Nepal?

You can google or search in any search engine on the internet to get the best rental deals online. You can enter your date and time of the trip and then pick-up and drop-off points. You can select the best car type and get the best deals with exclusive offers.

Best Time for the Jeep Hire Kathmandu to Chame/Manang

Chame/Manang Jeep ride is available all year round. However, Autumn and Spring are the best times to travel around the country. Summer and Winter are offseasons as they bring heavy rainfall in the region with chances of avalanches and landslides. This makes traveling in these off-seasons unfavorable.

Autumn comes after the completion of the wet monsoon season and there are stable weather conditions that are ideal for traveling. The temperatures range from around 14 to 16°C in the daytime in this season. Autumn also provides beautiful views of snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas and the green hilly landscapes of the region. The natural landscapes of the region will enchant you along your journey.

Spring is ideal for the jeep to hire Kathmandu to Chame/Manang. The Spring has temperatures of around 18 to 6°C. This forest gets covered in colorful rhododendron trees making it look beautiful. The view of snow-capped mountains looks quite beautiful in the Spring season. The driest regions have less rainfall even in the monsoon season.

The road can get blocked with landslides due to heavy rainfall in summer monsoons hence, the jeep hires Kathmandu to Chame/Manang is risky. The temperatures can drop below -8°C in winters. Hence, you should be careful as roads can get slippery due to thick levels of white snow.

How To Reach Chame/Manang From Kathmandu? – The Route

Our Jeep drive starts from Kathmandu as it moves towards the Mugling bazaar before arriving at Nalang. From Nalang, we make our way to Bandipur and arrive at Besisahar. We will stop at Besisahar for a short break and then head back to Chame. We pass through Tal, and Dharapani to arrive at Chame.

Moreover, the highway turns rugged and remote after some point. You can observe a lot of natural beauty including waterfalls and snow-capped mountains along the journey. It then takes 2 hours to reach Chame. We can take a break in the middle or arrive at Chame at a stretch. After a drive of around 6-7 hours, along with beautiful natural and cultural landscapes, we arrive at Chame in Manang.

Why Go For Jeep Hire To Chame/Manang?

Scenic natural vista

Nepal is a beautiful country with diverse natural landscapes that range from the lush forests of Terai to the snow-capped Himalayas. There are green forests and lush flora and fauna that you can observe in some parts along the journey to Chame/Manang. However, as you move along trails you can find that vegetation gets less sprawling.

Moreover, you can find more barren desert-like landscapes that are equally enticing. You will also enjoy scenic mountain vista from various points. A view of gorgeous sunrise and sunsets will make you fall in love with the place. Hence, this journey is a great opportunity to observe the scenic beauty of Nepal.

Great adventure

It is a great adventure to take a jeep ride in the rugged and rural terrains of Nepal. It will take you away from your comfort zone and you can enjoy this adventure with friends or family. There is various natural vista including waterfalls, streams, hot water ponds, and others where you can take a break and relax.

It is also a great opportunity to learn about the local heritage of the region. You can enjoy yourself with locals which will provide you with a unique cultural and natural adventure. Hence, this jeep drive to Chame is a great adventure opportunity for tourists and travelers.

Religious aspects

Many trekkers also take this jeep drive Kathmandu to Chame and then trek their way to Muktinath. Muktinath is a religious place that is quite important both culturally and religiously. There are various temples, shrines, and ponds in Manang which will provide you with incredible spiritual adventure and peace.

Besides that, there are various monasteries and Buddhist gompas that reflect the influence of Tibetan culture and heritage of the place. You can find nuns and monks observing their daily activities and performing their prayers in these ancient monasteries.

Factors You Should Consider Before Hiring A Vehicle In Nepal

A jeep hire Kathmandu to Manang or Chame should be safe and comfortable. Read on to know more about various factors you should consider before hiring a vehicle in Nepal:

Good Drivability

Good drivability is another important part of any vehicle. It must have extra safety features like sensors, cameras, and others if it is automatic. A well-maintained vehicle is also essential for driving as it will not get broken down in the middle of the journey. Hence, good drivability is quite important in the long run.

Fuel Economy

The travelers should ensure that the fuel economy of the vehicle is great since that you will be traveling long distances. A good fuel economy will significantly reduce your overall cost. Some companies provide fuel facilities as well.

Some also require returning the vehicle with full fuel. Hence, you should check in advance about the fuel economy of a vehicle before deciding to hire a vehicle in Nepal.

Plenty of Legroom

Comfort should be of utmost priority while hiring a jeep for long travel. You should make sure that the seats of the jeep are spacious with enough legroom. This way your fellow travelers won’t feel cramped and can enjoy the trip comfortably.

Great Storage Space

The jeep or any vehicle you hire must have great storage space. You might need to store all your luggage which might include food and camping material if you want to camp along the journey. Hence, you should get a vehicle with proper storage space if you want to travel for a long distance.

Extra Safety Services

Extra Safety Features like airbags, Comfortable back seats, clean covers, GPS Navigation system, Dash camera, and others will help you immensely along the journey. These safety features are especially useful on rugged and remote roads where you might not find any tracking maps, mobile connection, or vehicle repair service centers.

Guideline for Hiring a Vehicle in Nepal

Some of the guidelines you should consider before hiring a vehicle in Nepal are as follows:

Book in Advance

You should book at least 3 days ahead of your trip. The vehicle conditions are an important factor and hence you need time to inspect these vehicle conditions. We need to book in advance to examine the vehicle condition and then choose the best vehicle of your choice.

Credit Card or Mobile Banking Payment

Credit card payment or Mobile Banking is always the best option. Some credit card companies will also provide insurance cover which is quite an advantage. It’s the easiest and time-saving method that will prove to be a great help in the journey.

Inspect the Vehicle

Inspecting the vehicle is quite important as a jeep drive from Kathmandu to Chame/Manang is a long journey. You don’t want your vehicle to get broken down in the middle of the journey. You should check for breakdown or scratches or any other aspects that you might think is necessary.

Tips for Driving in Nepal

  • Wearing a seatbelt is a must at all times while driving.
  • Driving on the left-hand side is the rule in Nepal.
  • Talking on a cell phone is not allowed while driving.
  • Drivers should let pedestrians walk and crossroads while driving.
  • Drivers also need to pay fines in case they break some rules like drink driving or not put on seat belts.
  • There are regular checks at various checkpoints. Hence, you should show your license at these points.
  • You should get a proper driving license before getting on this journey.
  • You can dial 100 for police and other emergencies which is equivalent to 911 in Nepal.

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