Jeep Hire to Muktinath or Mustang

In this article, we are going to discuss Jeep Hire to Muktinath or Jeep Hire to Mustang.

Muktinath temple in Mustang is one of the sacred sites of Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims in the world. It is also a famous stop of the incredible Annapurna Circuit Trek. Muktinath is also known as the salvation temple where all your sins get washed away. Thousands of local and foreign tourists visit Muktinath and Mustang every year.

The spiritual and cultural site is quite significant for both Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims. They seek blessings from the Muktinath Temple for salvation and cleansing of their worldly sins. It is also considered among the eight important sites according to ancient Hindu mythological texts.

We can travel to Muktinath in Mustang through various means. Jeep Hire to Muktinath is one of the best ways to travel to this holy site. The jeep ride starts on the highway and then takes its course through rough unpaved gravel roads in remote regions of Nepal.

The dusty roads of the Mustang region prove to be a great adventure in the journey to Muktinath. The ride provides you with incredibly serene views of the Mustang region. On a journey of around 800km round trip, you will observe scenic mountain vista, lush green forests, and barren, desert-like landscape of the Mustang region.

Besides that, you will also get to view green hills, rivers, meadows, streams, waterfalls, and many others. Read on to know more about the Mustang/Muktinath Jeep ride and other relevant information in detail.

Muktinath: An Overview

Muktinath Temple is a religious site for both Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims. This incredible temple remains located in Muktinath Valley at the foot of the Thorong La pass with an elevation of 3,710 meters. It falls upon Mustang district, in western parts of Nepal.

The area around is also known as “Mukti Kshetra” which means place of salvation in the Nepalese language. This religious temple is the 105th Divya Desam out of 108 in total. The Buddhist pilgrims also call it Thiru Saligramam. Saligrama Sila on the premises of the temple is also available around the region. It is also among the 51 Sakthi Peethas in the world.

The Muktinath temple is also known as one of the eight most sacred shrines for Hindu pilgrims. Other seven sacred shrines include Srimushnam, Srirangam Naimisharanya, Tirupati, Badrinath, Pushkar, and Totadri. Muktinath temple has a gold murti which includes 108 water taps with bull faces.

The 108 water taps denote sacred Pushkarini waters. The pilgrims of all religions take bath in the water taps and dip in the pond. The water resources of Kaligandaki river nearby Muktinath are Silas or Shaligrams which are essential to building Vishnu temples. It is one of the most revered religious sites in Sanatan dharma.

Highlights of Jeep Hire to Muktinath

  • Crossing the famous Kali-Gandaki Gorge, which is the world’s deepest gorge
  • Traveling through the Serpentine roads of Prithvi Highway
  • Bathing in 108 stone taps and dipping in a holy pond
  • Pilgrimage of sacred Muktinath Temple (3800m)
  • Exploration of culture, tradition, and lifestyle of Thakali and Gurung community
  • Experiencing desert-like barren terrains of the Mustang region

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Final say – Jeep Hire to  Mustang

Muktinath temple in Mustang is an important pilgrimage site for both Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims in the world. It is also known as the salvation temple and worshiping in temples washes away all sins of past life. Muktinath Temple is one of the eight important sites according to ancient Hindu mythological texts.

Jeep Hire to Muktinath or Jeep Hire to Mustang is an ideal way to travel to this holy site. The jeep ride passes through rough unpaved gravel roads. It is a great adventure on the journey to Muktinath and you can observe beautiful views of the snow-capped mountains of the Mustang region.

This journey also passes through lush green forests, and barren, desert-like landscapes. There are various jeep rental services that help you get the best quality vehicle at a reasonable price. A driving license, proof of identity, and a valid credit card are generally required to get the best deals. We hope this article helped you learn about jeep hire to Muktinath in detail.


FAQs on Jeep Hire to Muktinath/Mustang

What types of vehicles can I rent in Nepal?

There are a variety of vehicles ranging from budget to luxury that you can rent in Nepal. It also has a wide variety of sizes including compact, sedans, SUVs, jeeps, trucks, electric, convertibles, and others.

Are there any additional costs on canceling a rental jeep or any vehicle?

Yes, most rental companies do charge around 10% if you cancel the trip after booking. Canceling on the same day will set your around 40% of the advance. However, these depend upon companies and their subjective policies. Hence, it’s important to know about your car rental’s cancellation policy in advance before making any bookings.

Is there vehicle rental insurance in Nepal?

Yes, you can get rental insurance with collision damage protection in Nepal.

How to find the best vehicle rental deals in Nepal?

You can search for the best deals online. You can enter your trip and the pick-up and drop-off date and time. Then, you can also select the best car type along with exclusive offers and members’ prices.

Can I rent a vehicle for a long duration like a month in Nepal?

Yes, there are long-term car rental deals as well.

Can you cross the national border in a rented vehicle?

You are only allowed to drive in and around Nepal. You should not cross the border unless written in the rental contract and made prior proper arrangements.

Can you pay later after booking in advance?

Yes, you can book now and pay later in most online services. You can pay in advance and then will pay the cost in full. Ahold will get placed on your credit card in the deposited amount. However, cheaper rental services are mostly prepaid and hence you need to read the rental agreement in advance before booking.

Can you spot wildlife while driving in Nepal?

Yes, you will spot wildlife on the road while in Nepal including sheep, deers, moose, goats, and even rhinos. Wait for them to cross and give them the space they deserve by driving slowly around these wild animals. You should be extra careful at night.

Why should you rent a vehicle in Nepal?

Renting a vehicle is a safe, comfortable, and effective way of traveling. You can pick up a vehicle in Kathmandu and then drive around the country. It’s ideal for a business trip, or a casual road trip, or a weekend getaway.

Best Time for the Jeep Hire to Mustang

Muktinath Helicopter Tour

Muktinath/ Mustang Jeep ride is an ideal all-around year. Spring and Autumn are the two best times for this trip. But, seasons like Summer and Winter may hinder the journey. There are unfavorable weather conditions like heavy rainfall and snowfall in these seasons.

Autumn is the peak season for travel and tour around Nepal. The season comes after the monsoon and the climate is also quite moderate for trips. The average daytime temperature of 14 to 16°C in Autumn is also another advantage. Autumn also provides unobstructed views of snow-capped mountains and the hilly terrains and peaks. Nature will inspire you on your trip to Muktinath.

Spring is another best time for jeep hire to Muktinath. The temperature ranges around 18 to 6°C in Spring. This forested area around Muktinath and its surroundings will enchant you. The snow-capped mountains look incredibly beautiful in the Spring season. Muktinath area is one of the driest regions in Nepal. The rainfall in the monsoon season is lower in the Mustang area in comparison.

There is not much rain but the road till Beni can get blocked with landslides due to heavy rainfall. So, the jeep hire to Mustang is risky in summer monsoons. Winter makes the environment around Muktinath extremely cold as temperatures drop below -8°C. There are thick levels of white snow in Early December but it gets quite slippery which is a challenge.

How To Reach Muktinath/Mustang From Kathmandu? – The Route

mustang tour in january

From Kathmandu, you will take a jeep drive that will pass through the settlement of Muglin, Pokhara, and Beni, to arrive at Tatopani. We will then take a break at Tatopani before heading back to Muktinath. We will then pass through Ghasa, Marpha, Kagbeni, Jomsom, to arrive at Muktinath.

It takes around 3 hours to reach Beni. After crossing Beni, the highway becomes bumpy and rugged. There are a lot of waterfalls along the tour and you can also observe snow-capped mountains. It then takes 2 hours to reach Tatopani. We can stop and take a bath at the Natural hot spring. Another 3 hours drive later, we reach Muktinath through a rough road.

Why Go For Jeep Hire To Mustang?

Religious and Cultural Importance

Muktinath is the sacred site for both Hindus and Buddhist pilgrims. It is also believed that people who visit Muktinath get rid of all the sins he/she has committed. Buddhist pilgrims also believe that Muktinath is the manifestation of Avalokitesvara. Muktinath is one of the eight holy sites of Sanatan dharma.

Mukti Dhara (108 waterspouts)

Muktinath premises also has 108 waterspouts (Dhara) known as “Muktidhara”. The waterspouts are in the shape of bulls heads. Pilgrims take a holy bath in 108 spouts after visiting the Muktinath temple. Similarly, Hindu pilgrims also believe that it will bring them salvation. There is a Mela in Muktinath during the Hindu festival of Janai Purnima, and the Buddhist festival of Yar tang.

Various Kundas (Ponds)

Muktinath temple premises also includes various ponds including Laxmi Saraswati Kunda and Mukti Kunda. People also believe that dipping in these ponds also relieves them of all sins. After completing bathing in 108 stone water taps, people generally dip in a pond which is a sigh of completion of their pilgrimage.


The Shaligram from River Kali Gandaki is another fascinating aspect of the Muktinath temple. You can find Shaligram in riverbanks or also buy from the local shops. A black stone Shaligram is generally considered sacred and used for prayers.

Mharme Lha Khang Gompa

There is a Mharme Lha Khang Gomba in the North of Muktinath Temple. Mharme Lha Khang is a monastery dedicated to Guru Rimpoche (Padmasambhava) which means a thousand holy lamps. There is a huge clay image at the center of the altar in the monastery situated alongside many deities. Hindu worship deities as Narasimha and also name the monastery “Narsingh Gompa”.

Factors You Should Consider For Hiring a Vehicle in Nepal

Jeep Hire to Muktinath/Mustang

You should get a safe, comfortable, and easy to drive vehicle for your jeep drive to Muktinath in Mustang. There are various factors that you should consider for vehicle travel. Read on to know more about them:

Fuel Economy

The fuel economy is another important aspect that you need while traveling a long distance. Having a good fuel economy will also help you to control running out of fuel which will eventually reduce your overall cost.

Some companies provide fuel facilities while some don’t. Hence, you should ask them about these factors including refilling the tank. Many company policies also include refilling the tank before returning the vehicle.

Good Drivability

It’s best to hire an automatic over a standard with extra safety like cameras, sensors which make it safer and comfortable. The jeep also needs to get well-maintained for driving. Hence, these factors ensure good drivability of the vehicle which is quite an advantage in the long run.

Great Storage Space

The jeep must also have enough storage space so that you can store all your luggage and stuff. It will also allow you to keep all your food and camping material if you intend to camp along the journey.

Plenty of Legroom

Comfort should be of utmost priority while hiring a jeep for long travel. You should make sure that the seats of the jeep are spacious with enough legroom. This way your fellow travelers won’t feel cramped and can enjoy the trip comfortably.

Extra Safety Services

Extra Safety Features you might want to invest in include airbags, clean seat covers, Comfortable back seats, Dash camera, Navigation system or GPS, and others. These features make it easy to drive in tough rugged roads and remote areas.

Guideline for Hiring a Vehicle in Nepal

Jeep Hire to Muktinath Mustang 1

Here are some of the guidelines or the tips for hiring a jeep to Muktinath/ Mustang:

Book in Advance

Advance Booking vehicles at least 3 days ahead of the trek is essential. Checking the vehicle and its condition requires time as well hence booking it a few days from the trip is a must. This will give you enough time to examine the vehicle condition and choose a vehicle as per your wish.

Credit Card or Mobile Banking Payment

Paying with a Credit Card or Mobile Banking is always the best option. Some credit cards will also provide insurance cover which is quite an advantage. It’s the easiest and time-saving method.

Inspect the Vehicle

Inspecting the Vehicle will save you from various problems midway of the road trip. The inspection must also include checking for breakdown or scratches in the jeep and then note it. This will allow you to be safe from any kind of hassles.

Tips for Driving in Nepal

  • The vehicles in Nepal drive on the left-hand side of Nepal.
  • Drivers need to wear a seatbelt belt at all times while driving the car.
  • You should allow pedestrians to pass alongside roads in major cities.
  • The use of a cell phone is not permitted while driving.
  • You should not drive without a proper driving license. In case of regular checking at various stops along the highway, you must show your license.
  • Drivers can also face fines when they do not put on seat belts.
  • You can dial 100 for Emergency situations which are equivalent to 911 in Nepal.

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