Nepal Tour In March

Nepal Tour in March

In this article today, we are going to discuss Nepal Tour in March.

Who doesn’t fall for March, especially trekkers walking high altitude? It offers an eloquent vibe to the start of the month, making every passenger feel at home. The month formally ends the frosty winter and offers temperate weather with a gentle wind, keeping one fired up.

March marks the start of the spring season after months of biting cold and before the scorching heat. It provides the most appealing view in the woods with blooming wildflowers and Rhododendron.

It’s exciting to walk the trail in the Himalayas during March provided lovely weather and breathtaking scenery. Nature’s piece of artwork can be seen everywhere with forests getting alive back again after resting all winter.

The leaves start changing its color back to green while blossoming flowers embellish the entire forest. Likewise, birds and animals will have returned to the woods before you even know it. This will indeed refresh the mind of trekkers walking hills and mountains.

March provides extra hours of sunshine for hikers to go slow and easy on the steep trail. The weather will keep your energy level high no matter how hard the trip is. Running over the cliff while getting a dose of fresh air and magnetic scenery is a spring perk.

Given that March is a prime season for trekking in Nepal, it has a lot of places to offer visitors. In the Himalayas, you have snow-capped mountains to scramble while the lowlands have vast playgrounds with sanctuaries like Chitwan National Park and Bardiya.

There are all types of short and long hikes that hikers can walk during the Nepal Tour in March. The season will amaze them with the fascinating views and surrounding alpine meadows, cascading waterfalls, and landscapes.

Nepal Tour in March

Nepal Tour in March

March is the perfect time to visit Nepal with winter just passing by smearing the speck of dust in the air. Its morning pops up with the golden sky and chilly wind throughout the valley and mountain.

Unlike winter visitors, hikers won’t have to freeze up like a mannequin or stay indoors to avoid getting washed out in the snow. The delicate flowers bloom all across the country offering a sensational vista. You can feel the warmth and tenderness wherever you traverse during the Nepal Tour in March.

Trekkers won’t need to give a second thought to where to go as the weather is lovely anywhere and everywhere. Spring weather is a mood booster as it’s easy to get fresh air along with an unobstructed view of snow peaks. The wind blowing is mellowly and nostalgic in March.

Those who’ll ramble through the sanctuary will get to see a lot of adorable animals including baby red pandas, snow leopard, musk deer, and martens. In compliance with April, March experience fewer visitors which means the trails are less crowded.

If you’re trekking higher regions or even in the cities, you’ll get any piece of stuff at a fair deal of price. Accommodations including lodges and guest houses provide a discount in the early month due to fewer visitors. But as the crowd begins to flock to the region, they get rigid with the price and even accommodations are unavailable.

Travelers indeed struggle to find the dwelling and even their private space on the trail. But that’s usually at the end of March since most trekkers avoid traveling the region at the beginning of the month.

Weather and Temperature during Nepal Tour in March


Weather in March is arguably most likable compared to any other months in a year. Anywhere you travel within the country, there is serenity and calmness. The days are mild and relaxing with a clear blue sky while nights are slightly colder.

It brings mild temperature in lower valleys and hills but as you go high altitude, the weather remains to be frigid. Due to the winter effect, the early days of March are a bit cold. But as time passes, the temperature starts to soar and you can feel the heat.

In cities and lowlands, the temperature is as high as 28 Degree Celsius in the month. Meanwhile, the average temperature in the Himalayas is just about 17 Degree Celsius, making the region a bit inhospitable.

You’ll experience different temperatures in different places during March. But guaranteed, travelers will find the weather in March comfortable for roving around the city as well as mountains

In the light of the spring equinox, the night gets shorter and days become longer in March. As a result, trekkers will have enough time to finish any short and long hike without mental distress.

Best Places for Nepal Tour in March

1. Kathmandu Nagarkot Tour


Short trail, pleasant weather, and heart-warming view. This is what visitors of the Kathmandu Nagarkot Tour in March will retrieve. Without ascending mountains, they can taste life in the Himalayas and get a sense of unique culture and tradition.

The trip from Kathmandu to Nagarkot can be done in as little as 3 days with just 18 miles distance to cover. But, if the visitors want, they can choose to stay longer in the village and enjoy the warm hospitality offered by locals.

As expected, the sceneries are magical throughout the region in March with the earliest spring flowers all around and clean air. From the rooftop and cliff sitting at 2,200 meters height, they can easily snap the astonishing view of Annapurna massif and terrace farm.

On a clear day, travelers can scout the beautiful sunrise view from the hilltop if woke up before dawn. On return from the trip or before, travelers will get a tour of Kathmandu City. They’ll be visiting some of Nepal’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites including Pashupatinath Temple, Boudha Stupa, and Durbar Squares.

2. Annapurna Circuit Trek

Monsoon Packing List for Annapurna Circuit Trek

There is no better place than Annapurna Circuit Trek to visit during the Nepal Tour in March. It’s one of the most hiked destinations in Nepal and around the world with thousands of trekkers flocking to the region each year.

It’s an otherworldly experience hiking Annapurna Circuit in March given its impressive weather and magnificent view. As the circuit soars above 17,000 feet above, the trek is extremely hard to navigate during winter.

March is the best time to walk the trail of Annapurna due to favorable climatic conditions and an idealistic backdrop. The most common route to Annapurna Circuit is from Bhulbhule which passes a lot of typical Nepali villages and forests with stunning spring colors.

It also has hikers walk over ridges and on a suspension bridge over the Marsyangdi River to reach the Thorong La Pass. The Annapurna Circuit trek route varies from 160-230 km based on where you start the trek.

3. Everest Base Camp Trek

Best time to travel in nepal

Another most popular destination that is best traveled in March is Everest Base Camp. It’s the most iconic hike all around the world with unprecedented views, rolling hills, and the most envious villages in the Khumbu Valley.

The trek runs on a classic trail that meanders above a terrace field and a densely forested area to arrive at the campsite. Trekkers will be walking past some famous villages including Namche Bazaar and Tengboche.

Exploring the unique culture and monasteries are of course freebies of Everest Base Camp Trek. Hikers are definitely getting to see a lot of animals while walking through the sanctuary as they wake up after months-long sleep.

The trail of Everest Base Camp provides trekkers with exquisite landscapes and Rhododendron in bloom giving a spring mood. The weather is at its best in the base camp during March so you can scrap all our woolen clothes.

At an elevation of 5,364 meters, you’ll get the finest and crystal-clear view of Mt. Everest the peaks scattered nearby. You’ll apparently witness the glistening Khumbu Icefall and glaciers from the campsite which is quite appealing.

You can also go on for an Everest Base Camp Heli Tour to cover this trip in short duration of time.

4. Tamang Village and Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang Circuit Trekking

There are many trek routes in the Himalayas that can be traversed during the Nepal tour in March. But the one that really stands out with its crude charm and exquisite view is Langtang Valley Trek. The site is fascinating anytime you visit it but March clearly gets the best out of this remote village.

The flowers sprouting, green lawns, affable weather, and vivacious valleys make the trek a lot exciting that it usually is. It’s true that you’ll have to beat the rugged trail to arrive at a height of 3,800 meters. However, the long day hours will buy you some time to scour through the valley and even steer the steep trail.

The path to Langtang Valley boasts unique landscapes, rolling hills, and cascading waterfalls to keep you busy and ease the pressure. During the trip, you’ll get to meet people of different cultural backgrounds, ancient monasteries, and mani walls.

You can even scramble the cliffs to get a close shot of Langtang Lirung and Yala Peak. It won’t take a lot of time as the trek will be done in a blink of an eye. Langtang Valley Trek is relatively shorter in length than other hikes in the Himalayas but the experience is still fabulous. The least amount of time you need to do the Langtang Valley trek is about a week or so.

5. Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park

If you’re an avid wildlife enthusiast who gets a kick out of nature then Chitwan National Park is the one for your Nepal Tour in March. A trip to this UNESCO World Heritage site is everything you can think of that makes an expedition unforgettable.

March is the right moment to be in the town as it lightens up the day. The weather is just balanced in the month with neither too hot nor cold. Thus, you’ll have an easier time going on a safari-like savannah and exploring the wildlife park.

Unlike summer, you won’t have to sweat like a pig in the blazing heat of lowland. Visitors can quietly creep into the forest and spot at least 700 wild animal species including striped hyenas, honey badgers, and Asian palm civets. They can also do some bird watching with the fish eye in the woods of Chitwan.

For a change, you can also make a quick tour of the famous landmarks in the city including Kasara Durbar and Upardanghari fort. Chitwan has ample villages to walk through including the one inhabited by the Tharu community for all their life.

They have such a precious culture and heritage followed for a long time. Thus, walking into the village means to better understand the people through their customs. Most of these people also run local shops and home-operated businesses in the village where you can buy souvenirs.

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6. Lumbini


Whether you’re a devotee or not, Lumbini always gets its visitor pumped up with the drop-dead gorgeous view. In case that didn’t work, the continuous hum coming from monasteries will surely knock you out.

Sited in Kapilvastu, Lumbini is a must-go destination for every Buddhist follower. But since the last few decades, it has become a prominent destination for visitors as well. More than a million people take a tour of the pilgrimage every year and take part in the rituals.

Almost 155 miles away from Kathmandu, Lumbini is the birthplace of Gautam Buddha. It’s a significant site for Buddhists as they frequently visit the monastery to offer prayers. Mayadevi Temple is the center of attraction for pilgrims as well as tourists visiting Lumbini.

It marks the exact site where Gautam Buddha was born. The surroundings of Lumbini is divine every which way. There are green meadows everywhere, plenty of monasteries, and pillars of Ashoka to explore.

Visitors to Lumbini would be delighted to witness the unrivaled artwork in the pre-medieval monastery. They immerse themself in the ubiquitous Buddhist mantras that can be heard far and wide.

The effect of spring can be seen in the weather that turns lovely after months-long chilly winter. You can also enjoy the season following pleasant weather, unobstructed view, and natural charm.

7. Rara Lake Tour

Best time to visit Rara Lake

No place is as magical as Rara Lake in March with bright sunshine all day long. The course is indeed filled with adventure and marvelous sceneries which amazes passengers so often. But the start of spring has a different impact with vibrant green trees, beautiful weather, and clear views.

The warm temperature will lighten up the atmosphere throughout the visitor’s journey to Rara Lake. With every gust of wind, you can totally smell the scent of pine and birch on the trail. The surrounding of the lake is incredibly gorgeous but so is its path that walks above the valley and into the forest.

You’ll lead the way through some renowned villages including Chere Chaur and Sinja Valley which are breathtakingly stunning. People here are the kindest and most welcoming to guests from all around the world.

You can simply notice the influence of Tamang culture in villages with people preaching the religion. There are wooden crafted bridges and monasteries along the path to Rara Lake which is fantastic to explore

There are quite a few species of animals in the national park which you can witness when you walk into the forests. Trekkers can also give a shot to some adventurous activities including horse riding and boating in the lake.

The trail part may be a little tougher to overcome before arriving at the lake. However, it’s really easy to get access to the serene lake that rests inside Rara National Park in northwestern Nepal. You’ll be just taking a flight to and fro Jumla from where the trek officially starts.

8. Island Peak Climbing

Island Peak Climbing

Mountaineers stand a no better chance than March to climb mountains by which I mean Island Peak. It’s one of the most popular destinations to traverse during the month as the weather gets better and so does the backdrop.

Something different from the winter and for the better, the trails are no longer covered in snow. Trekkers won’t have to deal with frostbite or extreme hypothermia right from the foot of the mountain.

The spring colors burst out along the trail in the month which makes the excursion a whole lot better. It’s intriguing to see the forests get back to their old kind and bedecked with eye-popping wildflowers and rhododendron.

Nestled in Khumbu, Island Peak Climbing kicks off with a flight to Lukla and as usual, you trek from there. The trail passes off many quaint villages including the famous Sherpa town Namche, Dingboche, and Lobuche.

Hikers of Island Peak have plenty of suspension bridges to come across, ascend ridges, and get around rocky sand dunes. Travelers do make an effort to cut corners and catch the glimpse of rare wild species and flora.

Before arriving at an altitude of 6,189 meters, you’ll have to scramble ice slopes, open gully, and Imja glacier. Upon getting to the top, you’ll get the stunning views of Lhotse Shar, Baruntse, and Nuptse.

9. Mohare Danda Trek

Mohare Danda Trek

Mohare Danda is another wondrous destination that you can visit on the Nepal Tour in March. Although not as famous as other hikes in Annapurna, the trek is pretty amazing with some impressive geological features and landscapes.

The walk is right up beginner’s alley with a short and well-marked trail that scrambles up to 3,300 meters. It circumnavigates from Pokhara and meets a few villages including Nagi. The trail will be climbing up to the hilltop which offers an astonishing vista of snow-capped mountains and valleys.

You’re to have great fun even while navigating the trail given fabulous scenes.

It provides quite a sight with a zoomed view of Annapurna South, Neel Giri, and Machhapuchhre. If you get up before dawn, the ridge offers you a beautiful sunrise view and green hills.

The trip is short but let’s be frank if you give yourself a week then it’ll be a lot easier to explore the places. You can interact with people of different ethnic groups, walk the subalpine meadows, and into forests to see dozens of wild species.

10. Upper Mustang Valley Trek

Upper Mustang Trek

Another trek spot that visitors of the Nepal Tour in March mustn’t miss is Upper Mustang Valley. If not only, it’s one of the most spectacular destinations in Nepal to visit. Unlike other places in the mountains, Upper Mustang is dry with gorges and plateaus but vivacious.

The journey is a bit strenuous and nerve-wracking with the vivid rock formation. Most of the trails walking to Upper Mustang Valley are zigzagged, climbing highs and low. The steep trails are quite stressful to surmount but the reward is absolutely worth it.

The month accompanies the trail pretty well, offering the nicest setting and satisfying atmosphere. Since the trek commences right after winter, the weather is sheer and slightly colder. The walking gets a lot easier on the rugged trail as you won’t have to endure the heat waves.

There are brightly colored old buildings and mud walls that rise quite high. You’ll also happen to see some beautiful terrains, Tibetan-style local villages, and Chortens. There are primeval royal palaces and monasteries in Lo Manthang which will turn back the clock.

The place has got some lovely villages with white mud-brick walls, temples, and gompas which tells so much about the history and people living there. Mustang is also known to have a rich flora and fauna which includes more than 105 species of birds and about 29 mammal species.

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