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Dhampus is a beautiful village settlement located at a close distance from Pokhara. The incredibly gorgeous place is famous for its scenic mountain vista of the Annapurna range. This small village of Gurung people is quite an attraction amongst travelers.

Located at 1650m, just 35 km north of Pokhara, Dhampus is perfect for short vacations. The travelers also get to explore the lovely culture and heritage of the community. Besides that, you will learn about their tradition and experience the rural lifestyle up close.

The trip has other incredible viewpoints, including the green valleys, hills, meadows, etc. The best way to reach Dhampus is through the jeep drive from Pokhara. This jeep drive is a straightforward and ideal way to reach a wonderful place. The golden Himalayan sunrise is another attraction of this scenic place.

Since there are roads with rugged conditions, small vehicles like cars are not ideal for traversing these terrains. They have small storage space and little legroom for comfortable travel. Hence, a 4WD jeep is perfect for these off-road conditions.

We at Nepal Recreation Tour provide this Pokhara to Dhampus Jeep at an ideal cost. You will have a safe trip to Dhampus with us. Read the details regarding this trip in this article. Happy Traveling!

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Why Take Pokhara to Dhampus Jeep?

Short tour

The destination of Dhampus is only an hour away from Pokhara. The beautiful tour would take you through the scenic hilly off-road landscapes. Besides that, you will observe the numerous natural landmarks along the trail. Hence, it is one of the best ways to arrive at your destination.

Awe-inspiring vista

The Pokhara to Dhampus jeep passes through the beautiful trails of the region. Some of the most significant scenic viewpoints make the trip worthwhile. Besides that, you will also get to observe the settlements of the local people along the way. There are many small shops and settlements along the road. These unique aspects make the trip quite enchanting for all travelers.

Fair and Reasonable price

The jeep drive from Pokhara to Dhampus is a reasonably priced tour. Since it is a short-duration tour, you can complete it quickly and without hassle.

Essential Factors For Pokhara to Dhampus Jeep

The various factors that demand consideration for the Pokhara to Dhampus jeep are as follows:

Road condition

Another essential factor for consideration is the road condition during the trip. Our journey to Dhampus passes through rugged terrains with gravel roads. Hence, the jeep must be suitable for road conditions.

Comfort and reliability are two major factors that you should look for in these travels. Travelers will traverse through the 4WD jeeps. The bumpy, narrow roads are not a challenge for these heavy vehicles. Hence, the Pokhara to Dhampus jeep drive is ideal for these roads in the remote region.

Jeep condition

There is also a necessity to check the jeep’s condition. These trails in the remote landscapes are a challenge. Hence, the condition of the jeep is essential. Therefore, considering these challenges is essential in these terrains. In the case of poorly conditioned jeeps, there are high chances of breakdowns.

Hence, the jeep’s condition must be excellent for a comfortable travel experience. Travelers should check the scratches and dents in the jeeps in advance. They should also get a complete overview of the jeep and seek any damages. The functionality of the jeep, including the accelerators, brakes, etc., should also get checked in advance. The safety protocols should get followed during this trip as well.

Overall Cost

The Pokhara to Dhampus jeep is ideal as the cost for the tour is quite reasonable. You can contact us at Nepal Recreation Tour to book this tour for fair and affordable pricing.

Storage Space

The storage space is another essential factor for the Pokhara to Dhampus jeep. The vehicle must have enough space to carry all your stuff. Ample legroom space is critical as well.

You can stretch your legs in these conditions to travel comfortably. Small cars and vehicles are not ideal because they are compact with little space. Hence, a 4WD jeep provides a safe and comfortable trip.

The Route

The route of this Pokhara to Dhampus Jeep passes through the settlements of Achalbot, Hemja, and Dhikur Pokhari to finally arrive at the destination of Dhamous. The journey passes through beautiful highways and off the roads, observing the natural vista. This short journey only takes around 1 hr and a half to arrive at Dhampus. You will have a safe trip to Dhampus with us.

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