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Ghandruk is a picturesque Gurung village in the northeast of Pokhara at Kaski. The town lies in the Modi Khola Valley in between Lumle and Dansing Village. It’s a common and most popular stop for trekkers during the Annapurna Circuit or Base Camp Trek.

The village also lures travelers’ seeking a quiet atmosphere away from the city amidst natural surroundings. It has hundreds of thousands of guests visiting throughout the year to relish the breathtaking view of glistening mountains and beautiful landscapes.

Between the rolling hills and turbulent rivers, Ghandruk is a village of deep heritage and culture. The locals here have a well-preserved ancient heritage, historical monuments, including old Tibetan monasteries and Chortens.

Any travelers wishing to visit Ghandruk have to walk miles of the long-distance full of twists and turns. They have to climb steep hills and walk through the forests filled with pine and rhododendron, which is quite strenuous.

Hence, more travelers have now started to use public and private vehicles to travel to Ghandruk. The Pokhara to Ghandruk jeep has been increasingly popular in recent years due to its fast and easy access. It allows visitors to finish the hours-long journey in no time, while they enjoy the magnificent view on their way to the village.

Off-road travel in a jeep is safe and convenient as they can ride on rocky terrain and provide better traction. They are more comfortable traveling in than the public buses following large and better seats with enough space for a maximum of six passengers.

You’ll also get more privacy on the private jeep with no disruption throughout the way. After reaching the village at 2,012 meters, travelers will have the privilege to watch the stunning view of Annapurna massif, Gangapurna, Machhapuchre, and Dhaulagiri. They’ll also be able to sight the rolling hills, green terrain, and vibrant valleys from the hilltop.

After the brief tour of the village, the team of Nepal Recreation Tour will help you get back to Pokhara. They’ll drive you from Ghandruk, providing a safe and easy ride, making the trip more adventurous.

Why hire a jeep to travel from Pokhara to Ghandruk?

1. Fast and Easy travel

Although there are different modes of transport available to trip from Pokhara to Ghandruk, taking a jeep is the best travel option. It’s the quickest and most convenient way to get to the village without any fuss. You won’t need to deal with the grueling airport transfers or lengthy paper works as the jeep leaves directly from the town.

The average journey time from Pokhara to Ghandruk is only one and a half hours, with a drive of 34 miles. The fares are inexpensive for a jeep ride, so it’s more affordable traveling this way. Additionally, they can ride over unpaved hilly terrain filled with rocks and gravel without stoppage, so you won’t grind to a halt in mid-way.

2. Majestic view

As a major holiday complex with quiet lakes, Pokhara brings a marvelous view to its visitors, and, so does its trail. Every travel route in the city offers a majestic view that’ll sweep you off your feet. It’ll take you through some of the most dramatic views in the central Himalayas up to the hill, where the white peaks smile upon the valley.

The two-hour drive from Pokhara to Ghanduk will provide you with the wonderful sight of lush green hills and clifftops. You’ll even see a lot of remote villages and bazaars, while on the journey.

3. Fair Price

Jeep rides are the best and easiest way to get around Ghandruk. They are fast, efficient, and most importantly, cheap than the other conveyance. The jeep rental can cost a person anywhere from US$60 to US$100 when traveling in a group.

4. Higher adaptability

Pokhara to Ghandruk Jeep is more adaptable and handy than any other ride. It provides you the flexibility to hop on and off the jeep anytime. You can even make some stops on the way to experience the moment and get a few beautiful shots.

Things to be considered during Pokhara to Ghandruk Jeep

1. Increased accessibility

Private jeeps are inherently designed for the convenience of travelers. Unlike public buses, they enable you to personalize the travel schedule without any trouble. They even provide the service of pickups and transfers, making travel fast and easy. However, these facilities can be off-limits in some rental jeeps therefore, you’ll have to be a bit careful while selecting the ride.

2. Road conditions

The road condition in Ghandruk is relatively poor than on the highway. The route to the village is rugged with gravel, making the travel difficult and ill at ease. Therefore, people prefer traveling in a jeep as they have great wheel placement that maintains the level of traction.

Jeeps, in general, are great for an off-road trip like Ghandruk. Unlike other vehicles, they are swift and offer enjoyable drive on-road. Moreover, they are safe even on a bumpy road with several ups and downs.

3. Comfort

You won’t be able to enjoy the road trip to Ghandruk if the vehicle isn’t comfortable or if it’s too noisy. The lack of sufficient rooms can be another big letdown on the rental jeep. Hence, make sure the one you have hired has comfortable seats with a large room. Poor maintenance and rough conditions of vehicles make the journey harder and tedious.

4. Inspect the exterior

If you don’t want to get charged for the damage you’ve never caused then check the exterior of the jeep before going on the ride. Make sure there are no scratches, dents, or marks on the vehicle. Apart from that, take safety measures, especially when driving on rough terrains as they might burst the tires.

5. Storage Space

Another major factor to be considered while renting a jeep to travel Ghandruk is its total storage capacity. If the vehicle has a tiny space or the seats are not comfortable, then it’ll be difficult for you to get around to and fro Pokhara. In that regard, the 4WD jeep is the best option as they have lots of room for passengers and it’s not congested. It’s a 6-seater jeep, so people can easily fit in the jeep without any trouble.

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Pokhara to Ghandruk Jeep