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Hile is a quiet, scenic-small town in the east of Nepal. It’s only 13 km north of Dhankuta Bazaar and 65km south of Dharan. The town serves as a main route between Bhojpur and Sankhuwasaba for trade.

Nestled at an elevation of 6,391 ft, Hile Bazaar is a prime marketplace for locals and visitors. It’s also a major tourist attraction, drawing a number of visitors with its breathtaking natural scenery, rich culture, and great hospitality.

This old town has a mix of cultural and historical landmarks, including Tongba statue and Hile monastery. There are many shops and restaurants here, where you can visit and buy local goods.

Access to Hile from Pokhara is fairly easy as it lies just 587.7 km from the town. There are different ways to get to the town, but the best way to get there is to take a jeep ride. They are fast, taking the least amount of time to travel the journey.

They are extremely comfortable as compared to public transport. They have easy pick-up and drop, making the ride incredibly smooth and adventurous. You can enjoy the breathtaking view of rolling hills, deep valleys, and forests throughout the journey.

These jeeps are capable of traveling any rugged terrains. They also have better interiors as compared to public bus with large rooms. Travelers will experience no discomfort during the ride and will be able to relish the adventure.

However, choosing a jeep for rent can be incredibly stressful, especially when you’ve to pay big bucks. Hence, to make the decision easy for you, we in Nepal Recreation Tour can provide you with the best options at an affordable price.

Why take Pokhara to Hile Jeep?

1. Time Saver

Getting around with a rental jeep is a lot faster than public transport. You don’t have to keep changing buses or wait for your travel passenger to start the trip. In fact, you can have customized travel planning with the rental jeep, which makes travel quicker and easier. Less time on transportation also means that you will have more time to enjoy the scenic views and discover new places.

2. Low Cost and Affordability

Even though it seems that public transport is cheaper, it can actually cost you a lot of money. The frequent change of coach and its ticket price requires you to pay more money than renting a jeep. Therefore, it’s wiser to hire a jeep as it will make travel more affordable. Pre-book the jeep, and you might even get big discounts and offers that will reduce the cost of hiring a jeep.

3. Convenient

Renting a car is more convenient than riding a bus when traveling to Hile. They are comfier and spacious with a quiet cabin, making it easier to ride in. Traveling in a rental jeep reduces the stress of changing coaches or missing one. It also ensures that your travel is hassle-free and restful.

4. Reliability and Adaptability

Rental jeeps are more reliable than any other transport system. They can drive you to your destination on any day without causing trouble. These four-wheel drives can handle any toughest off-roads or narrow trails without breaking down. Whether you’re climbing rocky hills or deep mud, these jeeps can get you across any road condition. A private jeep also provides more privacy, which is quite amazing. You can enjoy the scenic views throughout the way without getting disturbed.

5. Access to remote areas

Renting a jeep is a wise move to travel to a remote place like Hile. They can ride smoothly on any mixed terrain filled with rocks and mud. In fact, the four-wheel drive can easily get past any trails without getting stuck. Their strong off-road tires with large wheels can ascend any steep terrain. Hence, the off-road jeeps can be relied on during the trip to Hile.

Factors to be considered for Pokhara to Hile Jeep

1. Road conditions

Traveling an off-road track may seem fun and adventurous, but it’s actually quite challenging. The loose terrain with gravel, mud, and boulder can make the ride unpleasant and nerve-wracking. However, if you have the best 4wd in the market, the drive will be smooth and pleasing.

It makes travel easy, even on the narrow path with small turns. This wagon will also take care of your safety by improving tractions in bad weather conditions and mixed terrains. Similarly, the wheels of 4wd have better control on the slippery trails, making it the ultimate choice of travelers.

2. Make the final inspection

Riding the jeep in rocky terrain can cause severe damage to the wagon. But, not all of the jeeps available for rent have dents and scratches on them. Therefore, you’ll have to look at all the parts and even the inside of the jeep. By doing so, you’ll avoid the extra costs that the rental company can charge you later.

3. Total cost

Renting a jeep has been quite expensive these days, especially the ones that are designed for off-road. Therefore, you’ll have to take into consideration of various factors that affect the rental charges. The cost to rent a car varies depending on the travel course and the model you need.

It’s also based on the total duration of the journey, which means the longer you rent the jeep, the higher the cost will be. Booking the jeep at the tail end can also see a massive increase in cost. But, there’s nothing to worry about as we can help you find the best rental jeep at an affordable price.

4. Storage Space

If you’re to hire a rental jeep, consider the number of people you’re traveling with. The size of the passenger will help you decide the type of jeep you need for rent. If you’re traveling in a large group then better get a four-door jeep as they can accommodate more than five passengers. However, the two-door jeep has a seating of only four passengers, so if you’re taking the Pokhara to Hile trip in a small group then the jeep will be super handy.

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Pokhara to Hille Jeep