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A Nepal tour is never complete without visiting Pokhara. Yes, Pokhara, the tourism capital of Nepal, should be on your list if you traverse Nepal. It is a city on the shore of big Fewa Lake and the foothills of the Annapurna Ranges. Alongside that, there is so much to see and encounter in Pokhara. That is why you should jeep hire in Pokhara if you ever come to this scenic city.

A jeep hire in Pokhara is a great option. This option will help you explore most of the city in quite a short time. If you choose to do the tour of Pokhara by wayfaring or via cycle, that will require much time and energy.

There are several must-visit places in the city scattered all over the place: World Peace Stupa, Fewa Lake Side, Davis Fall, Tal Barahi Temple, Mahendra Cave, Sarangkot, Shiva Statue Pumdikot, and many more. Walking on foot, taking a public vehicle, and hiring a bike are possible options, but they require a lot of time and energy, as said earlier.

But if you have a good car with you, you can tick all the places in a day. Early in the morning, you will drive to Sarangkot, the Annapurna Ranges and Pokhara Valley visitation. Then you can go around Pokhara’s worthwhile sites like Bat Cave, Tal Barahi Temple, and World Peace Stupa. With the help of a car, you will have a fantastic experience in Pokhara. That is for sure.

That is why Jeep Hire in Pokhara is your best choice if you want to traverse Pokhara smartly. And it’s no big deal too. Just reach us, and we’ll provide you with the best car rental in Pokhara. We offer a wide range of cars ranging from economical to luxurious ones. You will find a suitable model for yourself to hit the roads in Pokhara.

Best Things to do in Pokhara

You have chosen to hire a jeep in Pokhara but do not know what to do. We will discuss the best things you can do in Pokhara with your close ones. Let’s begin.

Sarangkot Sunrise and View

Sarangkot(1,592m), a hill station on the western part of Pokhara, offers awe-inspiring mountain vistas and sunrise sights. The entire Pokhara Valley and its lakes, the Annapurna Ranges, Machhapuchre, and other peaks are observable from the top. Yet, the best part is the chilly sunrise view in the morning.

David’s Falls and Cave Visits

David’s falls is a mysterious waterfall in the middle of the city. The water arrives from Dam built on Fewa Lake and disappears deep into the Gupteshwor Mahadev cave. It is such an exciting place to visit. Similarly, there are significant natural caves such as Gupteshwor Cave, Mahendra Cave, and Bat Cave. You can walk through these caves.

Cultural Sightseeing

Pokhara is a natural spot for tourists and a cultural one. Cultural sites like Tal Barahi Temple are in the heart of Fewa Lake, and Bindhabasani Temple is on a hillock. If you like exploring cultural places, you have that option too in Pokhara.

Handmade Souvenirs

The Lakeside of Fewa Lake is a happening place in Pokhara. Here you will find shops selling handmade gifts and souvenirs. You have a wide range of options. So visit the shops to buy the souvenirs for back home.

Boat Ride on Fewa Lake

Pokhara and Boat Ride are two parallel things. You need to revisit the place if you do not ride a boat on Fewa Lake when in Pokhara. The boat rides on the lake are the best things to do in Pokhara. The rides will take you to the lake's center to present you with glorious mountain views from there.

Visit World Peace Stupa and Pumdikot Shiva Statue

World Peace Stupa is a Buddhist stupa on a hilllock above the lake dedicated to spreading a message of peace and happiness. A visit to this stupa will greet you with stunning views of Pokhara and peaks and hills. Likewise, Pumdikot Shiva Statue is a recently erected statue of lord shiva on a hill station. The enormous statue has breathtaking views in its backdrop.

Adventure Sports

If you are an adventure lover, you surely need to visit Pokhara. Cycling, paragliding, ultralight flight, ziplining, kayaking, canyoning, and bungee jumping are the popular adventure activities you can select in Pokhara. Jeep Hire in Pokhara makes these sites accessible as they are not far from the city. See also:

Things to look at before hiring a jeep

A Thorough Inspection

You need to know the car before you can drive. Without knowing the car’s conditions and future, it can be difficult. Check whether it is in sound condition or not. Also, look for the spaces, storage, and comfort you need. The lights, breaks, tire conditions, etc., are also important. A sheer inspection will help you get the right jeep for your trip.

Car’s Mileage

It is good to save money. You can save some bucks by hiring a car that gives good mileage. The saved money can be used to do other things. So saving money by choosing an economical vehicle is not a bad idea at all.

Driving Laws and Policies

To drive a car in Nepal, you should look at the driving laws and policies. You should be informed about the legal driving age, dos, and don'ts while driving, and legal steps for any unprecedented events. We’ll communicate all of this to you.

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Jeep hire in Pokhara with Nepal Recreation is a worth-doing deal. We’ll provide you with the right car for your fantastic tour in Pokhara. Don’t think twice; it is alright to choose us.

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