Vehicle Rental For Shivapuri Hiking

(Shivapuri Hiking) Shivapuri National Park, located in Nepal, is a beautiful protected area known for its rich biodiversity and stunning landscapes. It covers an area of approximately 159 square kilometers and is situated on the northern fringe of the Kathmandu Valley. The park is home to a variety of flora and fauna, including several species of orchids, rhododendrons, and wildlife such as leopards, Himalayan black bears, and numerous bird species.  The hike offers beautiful trails through dense forests, rich in biodiversity, including various bird species and wildlife. Hikers are rewarded with stunning panoramic views of the Kathmandu Valley and, on clear days, the distant Himalayas. The trails vary in difficulty, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced hikers. It’s a perfect getaway for nature enthusiasts and those seeking a peaceful retreat from the city.

The park also offers excellent trekking opportunities, with trails that provide breathtaking views of the Himalayas and the Kathmandu Valley. It’s a popular destination for nature lovers, hikers, and those seeking a peaceful retreat in nature. Shivapuri National Park plays a crucial role in conserving the region’s natural resources and biodiversity.

For renting a vehicle for a hiking trip to Shivapuri, you have a few options:
  1. Car Rentals: Many companies offer car rentals in Kathmandu, which is convenient for traveling to Shivapuri National Park. Ensure the vehicle is suitable for rough terrains if you plan to go deep into the park.
  2. Jeep Rentals: If you’re going with a group or need a vehicle that can handle rougher roads, renting a jeep is a good option.
  3. Motorbike Rentals: For solo travelers or couples, renting a motorbike can be an adventurous and economical way to reach Shivapuri.
  4. Tour Operators: Some local tour operators offer packages that include transportation, which can simplify logistics.

Make sure to check rental conditions, insurance coverage, and local driving regulations before renting a vehicle. It’s also a good idea to inquire about the best routes and road conditions to Shivapuri.


Shivapuri hike is the perfect destination for those who are looking for a destination that presents the panoramic views of the beautiful Kathmandu Valley. The trail passes through the beautiful lush forests and diverse terrains of the region. You will get a chance to explore the magnificent Shivapuri National Park, which is gifted with beautiful waterfalls and diverse flora and fauna.

Shivapuri is considered the best hiking spot near Kathmandu. On clear days, you can also witness the beautiful views of Ganesh Himal, Langtang Lirung, Langtang Ri, and many other snowy mountains from the top of Shivapuri Peak (2732m). The exhilarating 1-day hike which takes about 6 to 7 hours offers a unique and scenic journey allowing you to witness the grandeur of the nature.

Vehicle Rental for Shivapuri Hiking Per Day Price Details

Vehicle Per Day Rental Price
Eco Van  Ask Price
Luxury Car  Ask Price
Jeep  Ask Price
Hiace  Ask Price
Mini Bus  Ask Price
Car  Ask Price

About the Different Vehicles Available For Rental for Shivapuri Hiking

Renting a vehicle is a convenient way to reach the starting point of Shivapuri Hike. It helps you to have a delightful journey, and also have the freedom to travel at your own pace and make stops in the places as per your preference and interest. When you rent a vehicle, you don’t need to adjust your schedule according to the timing of the public vehicle and can have a personalized journey designed fully in accordance with your time and at your own pace. We offer many options for Vehicle Rentals, and you can choose it according to your preference, budget, and group size.

Eco Van

Eco Van offers an enjoyable ride and is also preferred by many travelers for rental. Eco Vans are environment friendly, and renting them is a good choice as it aligns with sustainable tourism practices and promotes eco friendly tourism. With enough space for storing the backpack and luggage, Eco Vans are well-equipped with modern amenities, and it ensures a peaceful journey. You will have a rewarding and immersive traveling experience while enjoying the beautiful views of the surroundings in a comfortable sitting arrangement. Renting an Eco Van can be a good choice for Shivapuri hiking as you can have an enjoyable and secure traveling experience


Hiace is the perfect choice for those who are traveling in groups. The seating arrangement is comfortable and suitable for families or groups of friends. The total number of 14 people who can adjust comfortably in Hiace. The journey through the Hiace is convenient and fascinating. It is spacious and ensures an enjoyable and smooth journey, letting you get immersed in the beautiful views of Kathmandu Valley.


Jeeps are usually preferred by people who want to experience an adventurous journey. The 7-seater Jeep can also travel through off-roads, which enhances the traveling experience. Many rent them as they are spacious and ensure a magnificent journey. They are a good choice if you are traveling with a small group of friends or family, and they offer a thrilling and convenient ride.


Renting a Car can be a good option for a solo tour, a small family, and a small group of friends. When you rent a car, it will be easier to take short breaks or to stop on the way for a quick purchase. The seating arrangements are very comfortable, and the ride is smooth and convenient. The car drive is joyful and also ensures a peaceful ambiance, which enriches your traveling experience. If you rent a car, you can have all the space that can be shared with your close groups only so you can have a more personalized and serene journey. So, if you are traveling alone or with 4 members in a group, then renting a car is the perfect choice to reach the starting point of Shivapuri Hike.

Mini Bus

Renting the Minibus is highly recommended if you are traveling in a large number of groups. The mini-bus is spacious and well equipped with air conditioning facilities and also has comfortable seats with enough space for walking in and out. It has 25- 30 seats and is also cost-efficient because the cost can be split among the people. Traveling with a group is extremely fun, and you can have an interactive and intriguing journey.

Luxury Car

If you want to travel in luxury then we also have the option of the luxury car for you. It is the ideal choice for a small family or small group of people. The seats are comfortable, and the journey will rejuvenate you. Luxury car ensures maximum comfort and a stable ride. The sound system is good, and renting it is a good way to enjoy the thrill of traveling in a high-end vehicle. You can enjoy the delightful journey of traveling by Luxury Car.


Day 1 :
Is there parking available at Shivapuri?

Yes, there are designated parking areas near the Shivapuri hiking trails. Our driver will assist you in finding a suitable spot.

What should I bring on the hiking trip?

It is recommended to bring comfortable hiking shoes, water, snacks, a first aid kit, and appropriate clothing for the weather.

Useful Info


You can reach Budhanilkantha typically in about 25 to 40 minutes, depending on the traffic. It is 11km from Kathmandu (Thamel). The distance of the hike is 18 to 20 km from the starting point, where you will drive after exploring Budhanilkantha. You will hike for 6 to 7 hours, passing through the lush forests and diverse terrains. You will spend a full day making it to the top of the peak and enjoy the beautiful view of the surroundings.

Gain Insights On:


There are many routes for Shivapuri Hiking and the most popular route is driving to the Budhanilkantha Temple and continuing the drive further to reach the starting point of the trail. Many hikers take the route of Budhanilkantha to check posts, visit the beautiful Nagi monastery, and then hike up to the top of Shivapuri. Similarly, another popular route that hikers usually go on is starting from the Budhanilkantha and hiking to Dada Gaun and Bhanjyang with beautiful views of the valley. However, it is longer, and it doesn’t take you to the top of Shivapuri Peak. Following the most popular route, starting from Pani Muhan and then hiking to Nagi Monastery and Shivapuri, rewards you with the beautiful scenery of verdant hills as well as beautiful mountains. Some other popular hiking routes are:

Shivapuri Bishnudwar

Bishnudwar is one of the popular destinations within the Shivapuri National Park. You will begin the hike rom the entrance of the national park, and you will walk up through steep terrains to reach Bishnudwar. The trails are well marked and you can walk while feeling the tranquil atmosphere. You will witness beautiful waterfalls and diverse landscapes during this incredible journey which elevates your traveling experience.

Shivapuri Bagdwar

Another beautiful spot that hikers visit the most is Bagdwar. The hike starts from the entrance gate of Shivapuri National Park, and you will pass through the lush forest and finally arrive at Nagi monastery. You will hike through the stairs and reach Bagdwar in about 4 hours. This hiking route rewards you with a sense of accomplishment and showcases the beauty of nature, which has made it a popular destination within the national park.


  • It is highly recommended to hike through the designated routes.
  • You should follow the no-trace principles during the Shivapuri hiking.
  • Make sure to receive an entry park permit.

Enroute Facilities

You will travel to the starting point of the hike in a comfortable vehicle that you have chosen to rent, but it is important to note that you won’t find the restaurant or stores throughout the trail, so to enjoy a secure journey, you need to bring along the foods, snacks, and water with you. You will be walking for a whole day through the diverse terrains and you need the water and food for hydration and energy. There are many shops available in the city area, so you can buy snacks and food along the way. As it is difficult to find the restaurants along the trail it is advisable to buy the items in city areas or the starting point of the hike.

What Factors Should You Consider When Renting a Vehicle for Shivapuri Hiking?

Your Budget

The first and most important thing that you should consider while renting a vehicle is budget. You should inquire about the different prices of the vehicles and make a decision that comes closest to your estimated budget. You should make the reservation only after being clear about the rental cost and your budget. You can rent the vehicle after analyzing your budget and selecting an option that is the most cost efficient option considering your group size.

If you are looking for luxury travel, then we also have the option of luxury cars for rent which will allow you to have a smooth and comfortable journey.

Vehicle Condition

It is advisable to check the vehicle’s condition before confirming the reservation. You should be sure that the vehicle is in good condition and the seats are comfortable. When you check the condition of the vehicle, then you will be aware if there is any pre-existing damage in the vehicle, which will help you make an informed decision about the rental. When you rent a vehicle that is in good condition, you can have an untroubled and immersive journey. So, make sure to check the condition of the vehicle and only rent it after confirming that the vehicle is well-maintained.

No of Passengers Travelling (Your Group Size)

You should only select the vehicle while considering group size. Inquiring about the vehicles and how many people will fit in them is crucial before renting a vehicle. Everyone wishes for a comfortable journey without any difficulties, so renting the vehicle, considering the group size, is a wise choice. If you are traveling with a group with many members, then you can rent a minibus, it is a very economical option. The seating arrangements are comfortable, and you can have an enjoyable journey. Similarly, you rent a hiace too, especially if your team is composed of 14 people. Eco Van and Jeep can also be rented if you are traveling in a small group. Renting a car can be a good choice for traveling with the family. So, you should decide which vehicle to choose on the basis of your group size.


It is important to inquire with the rental company about the insurance of the vehicle. Make sure to only rent the vehicle after being sure that the vehicle you are renting has insurance, which provides coverage against risks such as accidents or possible injuries that are caused because of it. So, inquire if the rental company has done the insurance of the passenger and vehicle and rent it after only confirming that it has done it.

Some Tips for Shivapuri Hiking

  • Start the hike early in the morning.
  • It is advisable to wear hiking boots or comfortable shoes during the journey.
  • Carry rain jackets and windproof jackets.
  • Packing a first aid box is recommended.
  • Make sure to carry a comfortable backpack.
  • Carry water bottles and high-energy snacks and bars for refreshment as well as maintaining hydration.
  • Take short breaks to avoid over-exhaustion.

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Vehicle Rental For Shivapuri Hiking

Trip Info

  • Private Vehicle
  • 2 - 20 Pax Max
  • Spring and Autumn
  • 2,732 m