Kathmandu to Sukute Beach Vehicle Rental

Sukute Beach is a popular destination among family, friends, colleagues, and youngsters to spend a quality vacation or weekend. About 70 kilometers of overland drive from Kathmandu takes you to Sukute Beach in Sindhupalchwok district. The driving time is only 2 – 3 hours, which takes you through the important cities along the Arniko Highway. You will make a way out of the wider roads of Koteshwor and Bhaktapur and meet the single-lane roads from Banepa to finally reach Sukute Beach.

According to the size of your group, you can rent various modes of transportation, like a car, Jeep, Hiace, minibus, micro, van, etc., for a Sukute Beach trip. You can also select the vehicle as per your preferences and convenience. You can rent a desirable vehicle from Nepal Recreation for a smooth trip that goes uninterrupted and without any mishaps.

Our rental vehicles come with clean seats, proper seat belts, USB charging ports, and a First Aid Kit. Also, with enough space for luggage and proper seat arrangements, you can have a comfortable and convenient drive. All interested travelers ready to head out towards the Sukute Beach with us are picked up from within the ring road and around the Arniko Highway of Bhaktapur.

Kathmandu to Sukute Beach Vehicles on Rent

Hiace: 14 seater

Jeep: 7 seater

Car: 4 seater

Minibus: 25-30 seater

Note: The seat count includes a driver’s seat.

Rental Price

Vehicle Types Per Day Rental Price (in rupees) Extra Cost Per Night
Hiace 12,000 – 16,000 5,000
Jeep 10,000 – 12,000 4,000
Car 7,000 – 8,000 3,000
Minibus 18,000 8,000

About Sukute Beach

About Sukute Beach

Sukute Beach is in the east of Kathmandu city and is a popular vacation destination. Sukute Beach is not a typical coastal beach, but it is an incredible river beach. This beach along the Sun Koshi/Bhote Koshi River offers enchanting settings in between the lush greenery and rocky landscapes. The beach is surrounded by natural beauty in a peaceful environment and is popular for overnight stays. The key attraction of this pristine beach is the sandy coast, which is a perfect spot for outdoor activities and relaxation. The river flowing alongside the beach with crystal clear water adds a picturesque setting to the fun and rejuvenation.

At Sukute Beach, you can unwind by the riverside and sunbathe on sandy and smooth pebble banks. Enjoy a leisurely vacation to the fullest while experiencing a serene retreat away from the busy city life and immersing in the magnificent ambiance of Sukute Beach. Moreover, this beach is a bustling hub for adventure enthusiasts. The rushing Bhote Koshi River is ideal for thrilling activities like rafting, canyoning, boating, etc. In addition, the beach serves as a photography paradise with no lack of theme to capture. During your stay in Sukute Beach, you can photograph the scenic beauty of the river, surrounding landscapes, and beautiful moments with loved ones.

Sukute Beach has a range of accommodation options, from riverside cottages to luxurious resorts and tented campsites. Riverside cottages allow you to spend the night beneath the stars listening to the soothing river sounds and wake up to the awe-inspiring surrounding landscapes. Likewise, the resorts are equipped with all the required facilities to address the comfort and convenience of the visitors. Also, the campsites in Sukute Beach are well-arranged, with toilets, shower facilities, and picnic spots.

Sukute Beach Journey in Different Rental Vehicles

Sukute Beach Journey in Different Rental Vehicles

Planning a trip to Sukute Beach from Kathmandu in a rental vehicle is a convenient and flexible approach to the journey. While thinking of rental options for this amazing excursion, several options may pop into your mind, each with its own set of advantages and comfortability.

You can travel from Kathmandu to Sukute Beach, driving in several modes of transportation like a bus, van, micro, car, jeep, etc. But, while deciding on renting a particular vehicle, you should consider your budget, preferences, and the number of people accompanying you on the journey. A short overview of different vehicle options that you can rent from us for the Sukute Beach travel is provided below –

Hiace Rental

Hiace rental is suitable for a group of people who are opting to travel together. With enough seating space and legroom, it is a popular vehicle option for groups or families traveling with children. It also offers the convenience of designated stops to take a snack break and enjoy the views between the journeys. Our experienced driver seamlessly navigates the routes to Sukute Beach while you are enjoying the ride in the comfortable seating arrangements of Hiace.

Jeep Rental

Jeep rental is a good choice for anyone looking for an adventurous experience on the planned journey. A jeep ride from Kathmandu to Sukute Beach offers a convenient and adventurous way to explore the scenic route of lush countryside. Jeeps are perfect for navigating rough and rugged terrains of off-road travels. A drive in a Jeep to Sukute Beach offers you a thrilling journey experience by tackling the hilly terrains and some challenging road sections along the way.

Mini Bus Rental

Minibus rental is the perfect choice for people traveling in a larger group or for organized travel like a school trip, group outings, or corporate events. There are enough seats in the minibus that can accommodate numerous travelers. Mini-buses are well equipped with modern amenities like air conditioning and television for entertainment during the journey. You can have a comfortable and enjoyable journey to Sukute Beach in a hassle-free minibus drive with our experienced drivers.

Car Rental

Renting a car is the best option for your journey to Sukute Beach. A car drive from Kathmandu to Sukute Beach is a fantastic journey as they can maneuver seamlessly over the winding hillside roads, offering a smooth and joyful drive. The car offers more comfort, convenience, and private space compared to the Hiace, Jeep, or Minibus. They are the compact option for smaller groups or families seeking an economical option.

With a car rental, you have the freedom to choose your departure time and place and make stops as needed during the journey. A car offers a personalized journey with easy accessibility to food and drinks along the way. You are more free to explore the picturesque landscapes at your own desired time, space, and pace. As such, you can have greater flexibility and control over your travel itinerary.

Considerations for Renting a Vehicle

Considerations for Renting a Vehicle

Vehicle Type

You need to be aware of the type of vehicle you choose for a particular journey before renting. Rent a vehicle as per your comfort, preferences, and the place that you are going to explore. If your destination is a high-altitude mountainous region with rugged and remote terrains, you need to consider renting SUVs like Jeep Wrangler, Toyota Land Cruiser, Land Rover Defender, etc. But for a Sukute Beach trip, as the roads are mostly pitched and smooth, you can choose from vehicles like a car, bus, minibus, van, jeep, etc. More importantly, you can select a vehicle type depending on the number of people in your group and the amount of luggage carried.

Vehicle Condition

Vehicle condition plays a necessary role in defining a safe and successful travel. A vehicle that is in good condition ensures a harmless, smooth, and comfortable journey. With no trouble or interruption, you can have an enriching and fulfilling travel experience in a properly conditioned vehicle. So, before renting a vehicle, you need to ensure that the vehicle is well-maintained and also suitable for the journey that you are heading for. Also, check that the vehicle has well-functioning seatbelts, airbags, adaptive cruise control, and other safety features.

Driver Experience

Before hiring a driver for the trip, you need to be confident regarding his experience in the related field. You can confirm whether or not the driver assigned for the tour is qualified with a driving license and expertise. It is also important to know if he is familiar with the route and road conditions leading to the destination.

Insurance of Vehicle and Passenger

Inquire if the rental includes insurance coverage for the vehicle and passengers. Insurance is crucial for the financial protection of both the passengers and the rental company. Sometimes, the journey may unfortunately encounter accidents where the passengers may get hurt. In such cases, insurance helps to get through by covering the medical expenses and several other costs related to the injuries of a driver and passengers. It also takes care of the losses of vehicles, compensating the rental offices.

Duration of Rental

It is important to know and confirm the duration of the vehicle rental period to calculate and estimate the total rental cost. During the peak travel seasons, rental agencies may have only limited rental vehicles. So, being fixed on the rental duration enables you to make reservations in advance for the particular date you require the vehicle. This helps to ensure the vehicle’s availability for a smooth carry of your trip plan.

Knowing the rental duration gives you more flexibility to adjust your plans. You can either extend the rental period if you decide to stay longer in Sukute Beach or shorten it if your plans change. Also, do not forget to inquire if any extra charge is applied in case of extension periods.

How to Make a Rental Vehicle Reservation?

You can book any of the pre-mentioned vehicles from us online. You can check our website and fill out a form to book a desired rental vehicle. In the form, you need to provide the details on the type of vehicle that you want to rent. Also, include the total number of travelers and duration of rental. Alternatively, you can call our customer service number and book the vehicle by phone. Also, you can email us mentioning the vehicle you want to rent for the Sukute Beach travel.

Our vehicle rental service includes a fair and standard rate with the expertise of experienced drivers that guarantee your safety and comfort throughout the journey. Our drivers will gladly assist you in finding the perfect accommodation in Sukute Beach. If you have already made a reservation, rest assured that they will again seamlessly transfer you to your designated hotel/resort. Kathmandu to Sukute Beach vehicle rental from us also covers the insurance of our rented vehicles and all the traveling passengers so that you can enjoy the drive with peace of mind.

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Final Say:

We offer various best rental options for the Sukute Beach trip, whether you are traveling independently or with a group of friends and family members. With our experienced drivers at the steering wheel, you can rest assured of a safe and comfortable drive. You can immerse yourself in the allure of the enchanting surrounding landscapes and create an unforgettable memory while traveling in our comfortable rental vehicles. Also, grab an opportunity to stop and take in the scenery along the trip of winding roads and rolling hillsides.

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Kathmandu to Sukute Beach Vehicle Rental