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Mustang is a beautiful region in the remote western Himalayas of Nepal. The gorgeous topography of the place is quite different from other parts of the country. The dusty barren desert landscapes are the prime attractions of Mustang.

There are different travel ways to this beautiful place in the mountains’ foothills. However, among them all, jeep travel is more comfortable and less expensive. The Pokhara to Mustang Jeep tour is quite an adventure for thrill-seekers.

The jeep passes through diverse natural landscapes and local settlements. The journey on the bumpy roads and narrow highways are perfect on a jeep. A 4wd Jeep that can handle road conditions is the best option for traveling to Mustang.

Travelers will have a little discomfort in a jeep to tackle rugged terrains. It is also quite spacious so that you will get plenty of legroom. A maximum number of passengers can take the ride together in the jeep.

Another exciting aspect is the beautiful view of the mountain vista from the Jeep window. Moreover, you will also have an opportunity to experience the small shops and settlements along the highway.

It is also an excellent alternative for trekking, as it will take you more than two to three days to arrive at Mustang. A Jeep drive will take you to the destination quickly, around four to five hours. Overall, Pokhara to Mustang jeep is a perfect adventure trip for all.

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Pokhara to Mustang Jeep Drive Route

Our jeep tour starts as we pick you up from Pokhara. The jeep then passes through the stunning landscapes of the region. You will pass through the settlements of Hemja, Dhikur Pokhari, and Khaireni Taar to finally arrive at Mustang.

It takes around 6-7 hours to arrive at Mustang. You can also take rests and breaks in the middle for lunch or to stretch your legs. You can observe the snow-clad Himalayas and other natural vistas of the region.

Why Go On Pokhara to Mustang Jeep Ride?

Quick travel

This jeep drive from Pokhara to Mustang is a short-duration tour of only four to five hours. If you trek the same route, arriving at the same destination will take two to three days. Therefore you will save time and effort while reaching Mustang from Pokhara on a jeep. Thus, traveling from Pokhara to Mustang is ideal for all travelers.

Awe-inspiring vista

The Pokhara to Mustang jeep journey passes through beautiful landscapes. There is an awe-inspiring snow-clad mountain vista, which makes the trip quite enchanting. Besides that, you can observe the region’s natural scenery as well. You can stop your jeep at any time and explore during breaks. Therefore, this aspect of the journey makes it quite ideal.

Exploration opportunities

The Pokhara to Mustang jeep trip also allows you to explore the region. The route of this trip passes through various settlements on the highway. Exploring the diverse cultural settlements is pretty enthralling. Hence, these are the various reasons to take the jeep drive from Pokhara to Mustang.

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Factors To Consider for A Jeep Tour

There are different things that travelers need to consider for jeep rides. Some factors include storage space, road conditions, jeep conditions, etc. Read for the detailed description of the Pokhara to Mustang jeep drive factors.

Total Cost

The various factors that need consideration also include the cost of the trip. Ensure that you will not get overcharged when you book these jeep rides in advance. We assure you of high-quality service at a reasonable price if you book the journey from us.

Road condition

The road condition is another factor to consider. The region has rugged terrains, making the journey uncomfortable in an average vehicle. Hence, a 4WD jeep is ideal in this regard. Besides, you will get your best adventure on this trip. However, you must endure some discomfort since the road conditions are imperfect.

Even on the highway, the roads are pretty narrow. Therefore, the two-way passing of vehicles is difficult, especially on turns. Therefore, a jeep drive is more favorable and comfortable when compared to heavy buses.

Storage Capacity

The storage area is another essential aspect since traveling with all your luggage. You should ensure that the jeep has enough storage for your stuff so that you can travel comfortably.

Jeep condition

The condition of the jeep is probably the most crucial factor to consider. The jeep condition will ensure a safe and comfortable travel experience. Moreover, a poor-condition vehicle also means a high chance of breaking down and other problems. Hence, you should get an excellent well-conditioned jeep for the trip.

Well, you might wonder how to inspect the condition of the jeep. You should first check for all the scratches and dents, if there are any, in the jeep. There are other signs you should look after as well, including damage. The functionality should also get included in your check, including the brakes.

The safety factor is integral to consider before the tour. Hence, you should check that the jeep ticks all the safety protocols boxes. You must ensure that it satisfies all the safety measures as well. Therefore, these precautionary measures will help you in case of any damage or loss to the jeep.

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Pokhara to Mustang jeep