Nepal Highlight Tour From India

The home of the world’s tallest mountain, Nepal is a maze of attractions. It’s a true charmer with beautiful nature, rich history, diverse culture, and great food. The country is inevitably beautiful, with spectacular mountain scenery, alpine landscapes, and charming lakesides.

Nepal is a subject of many adventures and treks. Whether you’re into canoeing, boating, food, or history, the country has it all, just like Nepal’s highlight tour. Designed to provide unlimited vacation possibilities and adventurous activities, the tour gives you a memorable experience.

It amps up the best of Nepal, providing you with a mix of fun and adventure. The tour will give you a taste of both Nepalese history and culture taking you to some of its finest tourist destinations.

The adventure starts in Kathmandu before it heads to Chitwan and Pokhara. There, you’ll visit several Hindu pilgrimages, stupas, and museums. The package also combines a full Kathmandu Tour with a visit to Bindhabasini and Muktinath. You’ll

The drive through Muktinath and Pokhara will offer you a glimpse of the Himalayas’ lush rolling hills and open pastures. It’ll also introduce you to nature, taking you through the mountains and hillsides, The tour will give you a taste of wild adventures like a jeep safari and boating.

Nepal Highlight Tour Itinerary

Arrival, then transfer to Bhaktapur on the way, visit Bhaktapur

bhaktapur durbar square

Upon your arrival at the Tribhuvan Airport, our officials will receive you and transport your luggage before driving you to Bhaktapur. It takes just about 30 minutes to arrive at the city and enjoy its delicacies.

On the way, we’ll visit some of Bhktapur’s iconic landmarks and soak in its beautiful history and culture. After reaching the hotel in the evening, you can freshen up and relax your mind, especially after a long day.

After breakfast, drive to Changunarayan, then drive to Janakpur On the way, visit Mahadev Temple Saga

After a nice breakfast at the hotel, we’ll leave for a side trip to Janakpur. First, we’ll drive to Changunarayan, then make our way to Janakpur to visit its sacred temples and shrines. This expedition will take us about six hours and provide us with a picturesque view all along the way.

On the journey, we’ll visit one of the fifth tallest Hindu deity statues in Mahadev Temple Sanga. This brief stop will provide us with impressive scenery and landscapes. From there, we’ll continue our drive until reaching Janakapur. We’ll spend the night in the town.

Puja in Janakpur Temple, then breakfast after a drive to Chitwan. Activities in Chitwan

Early in the morning, we’ll visit Janaki Mandir, a famous religious site among visitors. The highlight of the temple is its fine Hindu architecture and craftsmanship. After offering our prayer, we’ll enjoy a hearty breakfast, then continue our trip.

Following a long and scenic drive, we’ll arrive at Chitwan, a city full of life and vibrance. While here, we’ll cover much more of its beautiful landmarks and tourist attractions. We’ll visit Tharu village and meet with locals to delve into their culture.

The nightlife scene of Chitwan is equally fascinating and something you cannot miss. Visiting a Tharu cultural house is a special experience for any first-time visitors. Their performance and live shows, along with an array of community-based programs and arts, are complementary.

Chitwan full day

Chitwan National Park

Chitwan is a bustling city with an abundance of tourist attractions. It has a ton of unique places, sightseeing spots, and cultural venues to visit and explore. So, without further ado, we’ll embark on your expedition and go for an adventure like canoeing in the Budhi Rapti River.

We’ll spend almost 40 minutes canoeing and watching varied wild species and birds, including crocodiles. After lunch, we’ll go on a jeep safari through the Westland and forest of Chitwan, seeking wild animals and birds.

We’ll drill down rhinos, leopards, gharials, and tigers before visiting the elephant breeding center and a museum to learn more about the wild species. Next, we’ll drive to an elephant bathing place in Sauraha, where visitors can participate as well.

After spending much of the time exploring Chitwan National Park, we’ll head back to the hotel and rest. In the evening, we’ll have a full feast at the hotel so you can regain your energy.

Drive to Pokhara via Manakamana. Evening visit Pokhara


After a rewarding experience at Chitwan, we’ll proceed to our next destination, which is similar to the ones before. It’s also a tourist center with an electric atmosphere and a massive crowd. After breakfast, we’ll start our drive through mountains and rivers, and after one hour, we’ll arrive at Manakamana.

During the journey, we’ll make a quick stop at the temple and offer our prayers. In less than no time, we’ll leave Manakamana and drive to Pokhara, a beautiful city on the shores of Phewa Lake. Upon arrival, we’ll move you to your hotel so you can get some rest.

In the evening, we’ll hit the streets of Pokhara, exploring its charming lakeside town and walking by the shores. After visiting some of the best scenic spots and dining out, we’ll drive back to our hotel and call it a day.

Drive to Muktinath, and on the way, visit Baglung Kalika and the world second highest bridge

Jeep Hire to Muktinath/Mustang

We’ll drive to Muktinath today, a cultural hub and important religious shrine for Hindus. The road trip begins early in the day and takes almost 6 hours to finish. We’ll drive through the tiny remote villages and scenic valleys of Mustang before reaching the temple.

While tripping down to the southwest of Baglung, we’ll stop at the town and visit Baglung Kalika. It’s a prominent Hindu Temple on the banks of the Kali Gandaki River, surrounded by dark forest. The temple is the abode of the Hindu’s fiercest deity Kali, so many devotees visit it every year and especially in the month of Chaitra.

After worshipping the goddess, we’ll head toward the world’s second-highest suspension bridge over Kaligandaki. It’s famous as a launching pad for a sprawling adventure like bungee jumping. Crossing the bridge, we’ll finish our last ride of the day and finally arrive at Muktinath. Overnight stay in the town.

Puja and visiting, then drive back to Pokhara

We’ll continue exploring Mustang, visiting Muktinath Temple, and performing puja. As usual, we’ll carry out the rituals after taking a quick stroll around the pilgrimage and cleansing ourselves in the 108 water sprouts.

You can enjoy a magnificent view of Dhaulagiri and Thorong La Pass outside the pilgrimage. After the sightseeing, we’ll get ready to leave Muktinath and head back to Pokhara. We’ll continue on the highway, passing through beautiful rivers, mountains, and hillsides. After a four-hour drive from the pilgrimage, we’ll finally arrive at Pokhara.

Visit Shiva Mandir and Bindabasini Temple, Mountain Museum, Boating, and relax

shiva statue pokhara

Time for a day trip to Pokhara, and our first stop is at Shiva Mandir in a hill station near Pokhara. Famous for its gigantic Shiva statue and an incredible view, Shiva Mandir is a favorite tourist destination and a great viewpoint to watch the stunning Pokhara Valley and Fewa Lake.

You can also climb the pilgrimage to observe Machhapuchre without breaking a sweat. Our next stop is Bindabasini Temple, located in the east of the city. Nestled atop a hill, the pilgrimage is an abode of Bhagwati with temples of many other goddesses.

It’s also a great spot to see the expanse of Pokhara city from the south. After wayfaring, we’ll leave the sight behind and make our way to the mountain museum to watch a fine collection of art and artifacts.

At the People Gallery, you can see an impressive display of records held by mountaineers and photographs of numerous mountain expeditions. You can also visit its library to read more about the great expedition that mountaineers have made.

After viewing the museum, we’ll take you boating on Phewa Lake. The adventure will last about an hour as we take a couple of laps. After the boating, we’ll return to our hotel and get rest before having dinner.

Early Morning drive to Kathmandu. After refreshments, visit Arati and the old market

Pashupatinath temple kathmandu Nepal

After our morning breakfast and tea, we’ll hop on the wheel driving back to Kathmandu. We have a 7-hour drive from Pokhara, which is undoubtedly arduous but exciting. The scenic views of lofty mountains and picturesque landscapes will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the ride.

After reaching the valley, we’ll transfer you to your hotel so you can freshen up. Get some food before we take you to Pashupatinath for evening prayers and arati. It’s a Hindu ritual where everyone gathers, plays instruments, and chants mantras.

You can also partake in the event and sing hymns while around. Once the prayer is done, we’ll wander the old market, where you can find antiques, clothing, and gift shops. After taking the stroll, you’ll be taken back to your hotel.

Full-day Kathmandu Tour (Budhanilkantha, Monkey Temple, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Narayahiti Temple, and shopping)

Budhanilkantha temple nagarjun shivapuri national park

On our last day of the Nepal tour, we’ll explore Kathmandu’s best-kept secrets and iconic sites. We’ll kick off the tour with a visit to Budhanilkantha, an emblematic Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It’s known for its recycling statue of lord Mahavishnu, which barely goes unnoticed.

From here, we’ll take a 15-minute drive to Monkey Temple, which is in the west of Kathmandu City. It’s a religious complex and a scenic viewpoint to watch the entire valley. We’ll spend about an hour here, then move to Kathmandu Durbar Square, an epic landmark that secretes Nepalese-aged history and culture.

The palace and its keepsakes can help you learn about medieval art and architecture in Nepal. It’ll also give you a glimpse of Newari craftsmen with old temples, courtyards, and palaces. After the exploration, we’ll take another 15-minute short drive to Narayanhiti Temple, located east of the Kaiser Mahal.

A former royal palace, Narayanhiti, was opened to the public just about a decade ago. It is now a popular tourist attraction with an impressive set of courtyards, gardens, and buildings. While we’re here, you can take your time to explore the temple and its art and artifacts.

Once the sightseeing is over, we’ll transfer you to your hotel so you can have a rest. In the afternoon, you can go shopping to get souvenirs for friends and family. Overnight stay and dinner in the hotel.

Final Departure

Your 10 days Nepal Tour has finally come to an end. You can now fly back to India or extend your trip to Bhutan and Tibet.

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Final Say

Nepal Highlight Tour from India is a complete tour package with a planned itinerary. It’ll see you traveling to major tourist sites and exploring several iconic places in Nepal with easy pickup and drop. The tour will provide you with unlimited access to explore and experience popular tourist attractions in a short period.

With Nepal Highlight Tour from India, you can expect to see loads of historical and religious sites. It’s also no short of adventure, as you’ll get to try boating, Jungle Safari, and others. Hence, the tour is excellent for both families and individuals who like to relax, discover new places, and enjoy beautiful sightings. It provides you with a great deal of amazing services and an unforgettable experience.

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Nepal Highlight Tour From India